A journey to Kathmandu - ARTS France supports ATR

An ARTS project team has been supporting the turboprob manufacturer ATR in France since March 2018. A colleague now had a special order and travelled for this especially to Nepal.


ATR (Avions de Transport Régional) was founded in 1981 as an Italian-French joint venture between Airbus and Leonardo and is headquartered in Toulouse, France. The Southern French turboprop aircraft manufacturer is the world leader in the regional aircraft market with up to 90 seats and has sold almost 1,700 aircraft to date. With more than 200 operators in over 100 countries, an ATR turboprop takes off or lands every eight seconds. The company manufactures two sizes of this aircraft: the 70-seater ATR 72 and the 50-seater ATR 42. The special feature of the turboprop aircraft is that they require only a short runway for take-offs and landings and can therefore also serve smaller airports.

In February 2019, ATR received EASA certification to extend the interval between Type A maintenance inspections from 500 to 750 hours for all its aircraft series. The A-Check is a routine maintenance appointment during which technical systems necessary for flight operations are checked and the cabin maintained. Depending on the aircraft type, an A-Check is due every 200-650 flight hours.

A special event last year was the final flight of the first prototype of the ATR 72 in Blagnac, Toulouse. 20 years after its maiden flight, the pioneer of an entire series was dignifiedly bid farewell by the Patrouille de France, the official aerobatic squadron of the French Air Force.

ARTS France supports ATR in Line Maintenance

ARTS has been supporting the French-Italian company since March 2018 with a team of 16 people consisting of Certified Engineers B1 and B2, Aircraft Mechanics and Electrics, Sheet Metal workers as well as Quality Inspectors. Among other things, a team is active in line maintenance for the prototype of the new ATR 72 and is responsible for inspection and testing before and after the test flights. Another team is responsible for the maintenance and installation of mechanical systems as well as primary and secondary structure work on ATR's own aircraft and those of customers still under guarantee.

Trouble Shooter ARTS - fast use at Buddha Air

In April 2019 ARTS received a request from ATR for assistance in troubleshooting an ATR42-300 of the Buddha Air-Airline. The aircraft had come to a standstill on the ground of Kathmandu Airport in Nepal for a previously unknown reason. Pierre Puissegur, the responsible ARTS colleague, already checked the aircraft documentation during the travel preparations in order to obtain a picture of the situation on site. During normal operation, Puissegur is part of the four-man team involved in the maintenance of the ATR prototypes. As an ATR aircraft specialist, he travelled to Kathmandu, together with a colleague from ATR, to support the troubleshooting on site.

In Kathmandu, numerous measures were taken to identify the cause of the error. However, after multiple tests on electrical cables, the source of the error remained hidden. For this reason, the team of experts decided to replace some parts and equipment of the aircraft and to test others for functionality in order to find and eliminate the cause of the fault. After almost a week of root cause research, numerous tests and renewals, the team was able to identify and correct the cause. Together with the ARTS expert, a final and successful flight test was carried out and our ARTS colleague was able to travel home.

After the deployment of our colleague on site, Buddha Airlines was very grateful and especially emphasized the responsiveness of ARTS. At the end the whole team was offered a special flight - Mountain Flight - to the highest Everest summits, which the colleagues liked to use.

At Kathmandu Airport in Nepal, the ATR42-300 was tested extensively by our ARTS expert and the ATR colleague to find the cause of the error.

Buddha Air's ATR42-300 aircraft had come to a standstill in Nepal - but our ARTS expert and an ATR colleague were able to solve the problem.

ARTS in France

Since 2017, ARTS aero SARL, a service provider for engineering and manufacturing services, has been managed by Managing Director Marc Bouzaid. The French subsidiary of ARTS Holding SE in Germany specializes in business process outsourcing and offers its French customers work and service contracts in the areas of manufacturing engineering, production and maintenance, logistics and supply chain as well as quality management and assurance.

ARTS project teams are deployed worldwide and involved in numerous other customer projects. Among others, they are involved in the Door Modification for the Airbus A380, in the area of industrial maintenance for Premium Aerotec or in the creation of an internal logistics system for the Airbus A350 wing section.

In order to be able to implement the customer's requirements and performance targets 100 percent, the ARTS project teams are put together individually for each order. They thus meet the highest quality standards. We support our customers in efficiently optimizing their processes and reducing process costs. We are happy to advise you and support you in the daily process so that you can focus on your core competencies.

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