ARTS exhibits at the Absolvent Talent Days in Krakow

ARTS is regularly represented at various job fairs throughout Germany. In 2019 we also want to present ourselves beyond national borders and were represented for the first time at Poland's largest career fair: the Absolvent Talent Days in Krakow. In our blog we describe the fair and the target group ARTS reached.

Shortage of skilled workers requires creativity in companies

Due to the current labour market situation, companies must become more and more creative in order to fill their vacancies. This is based, among other things, on the demographic change that is leaving its mark especially in rural areas. Here in particular, young talents are becoming scarce and this development is expected to continue in the future. Many employers have therefore recognised that an advertised vacancy in a trade journal or on their own website is no longer sufficient. Jobs must be published where the target group is located. In the best case they are placed in parallel on different online channels and are shared, liked and reposted several times on social media. All with the intention of filling as many positions as possible with suitable specialists through the widest possible reach. Furthermore, companies are increasingly relying on their own employees and try to attract highly qualified candidates through "Employee Recruitment" programs and, at best, recruit them. A decisive success factor here is the employer-branding strategy, which is designed to help employees stay with the company in long-term and thereby grow together. Another way to prevent a shortage of skilled workers is to introduce flexible working time models that make it easier to combine work and family life. In addition to the classic part-time offers, job sharing can also make a positive contribution. The option of teleworking or a home office can also help to attract skilled workers and to advertise them.

In addition to all the necessary digitalisation, however, the analog recruitment of new employees, such as in the form of trade fairs, is also necessary and is still not old fashioned. Every year, ARTS takes part in career, job and university fairs in order to get in touch with potential candidates. On March 19, ARTS therefore exhibited for the first time in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre and presented itself to the 8,300 visitors of the Absolvent Talent Days 2019. Where, if not here? Krakow has the second oldest university in Central Europe and is still an extremely renowned place to study, not only in Poland. Almost one third of the 760,000 inhabitants are students. Especially IT and engineering students, who will soon complete their studies, but also graduates and young professionals took this fair as an opportunity to find out about current entry opportunities. In addition to ARTS, a further 62 companies from a wide variety of sectors such as HR, IT, logistics, production and finance presented themselves to an audience mainly from Poland.

Krakow and surroundings with traditional aviation experience

The southern polish city Krakow and its surroundings are regarded as an important industrial, scientific and cultural centre and are characterized by their strong presence of aerospace industries, scientific research institutes as well as educational and training institutions. The region has a long tradition of aircraft construction. The Aviation Valley region, located near Rzeszów, is one of the most suitable places in Central Europe for the development and implementation of aerospace projects.

It is therefore not surprising that the Polytechnic University of Rzeszów supervises a large number of aeronautical engineers who find employment in the surrounding companies after graduation. Due to the variety of aviation-specific jobs that ARTS offers its applicants, the region was perfectly suited to attract attention and suitable candidates for vacancies.

The German labour market is very popular for Polish professionals, not least because of the better wages.

Our trade fair team talked to many graduates from various fields, such as system administration and quality management.

Polish professionals in Germany

In the past, the proximity to Germany and the cultural similarities between German and Polish professionals repeatedly favoured the decision of Polish workers to work in Germany. Poland is a country of emigration, last but not least because of the higher wages in Germany. Therefore it is not absurd for most Poles to emigrate to their western neighbours in order to gain a career there.

Our ARTS colleagues had many interesting discussions with students from the fields of software development and system administration, but also with specialists in quality management and NDT examiners. At the end of the day, we received numerous applications.

We are already looking forward to getting to know new high-flyers next year!

ARTS is where the target group is

After the fair is before the fair. ARTS is again right in the middle of preparations for the upcoming job and university fairs, where we will be exhibiting in April and May. On our events page we inform you about all fairs and events where we are represented. We are looking forward to numerous visitors with whom we can hold technical discussions on development opportunities at ARTS.

All interested participants, who cannot meet us at our exhibition booths, still have the possibility to inform themselves about current job offers and to apply in our job exchange. Furthermore, unsolicited applications are also welcome at any time.

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