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Foreign workers at ARTS and in Germany © Pixabay, abendani

Foreign workers at ARTS and in Germany

Bureaucratic hurdles are a great challenge for foreign employees. But qualified personnel, especially in the high-tech industries is rare. The path to an employment involves a number of special features.

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Electromobility in the air © Florian Wagner,

Electromobility in the air

Electric aircraft - an alternative for the aviation industry? The elimination of environmental factors such as noise levels and air pollution is one of the biggest advantages of electric engines.

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ILA 2016 – A day at the Berlin Air Show © BananaGuerilla

ILA 2016 – A day at the Berlin Air Show

The best, the latest and the most advanced in international aerospace. From 3 and 4 June, the ILA will open its doors to the public.

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Modern employee development - Part 1 © Tim Gouw, pexels

Modern employee development - Part 1

In the race for the best minds, an innovative strategy for employee development is essential for the positioning of employers. However, the road to profitably incorporating incentive measures into a company is not an easy one. In addition to interdepartmental cooperation, it also requires tactfulness for the employees. In my recent blog post, you can learn how to gain the long-term loyalty of your employees using modern means and procedures.