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High-tech cubes in space © TU Berlin

High-tech cubes in space

The days of disposable goods are over - even above our heads. Modular block cube satellites provide flexible application possibilities in space, because cost reduction and increased efficiency are also of paramount importance.

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  • Christoph Lehmann
Supply chain management in aerospace © Unsplash, pixabay

Supply chain management in aerospace

More and more companies are purchasing individual parts, components or complete modules from suppliers. In order to be able to work as efficiently as possible, the job of supply manager is becoming more and more important.

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  • Aileen Kreibich
Burnout at work © gerd Altmann, pixabay

Burnout at work

There is much discussion about the recognition of mental illness. The impairment of mental performance usually also causes a disturbed self-perception and leads to a psychological downward spiral both in private and at work.