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Your satisfaction is our success

ARTS has been successful in highly innovative industries for more than 20 years. The key for this success is the satisfaction and motivation of our employees. We are constantly working to individually support our professionals and managerial staff. They deliver innovative and high-quality services on a daily basis and thus deserve apart from a pleasant working environment comprehensive employee benefits.

Our employee benefits

The best way to guarantee innovation and outstanding services is by taking care of your own employees first. We take employee satisfaction and motivation very seriously, offering our people extensive benefits in order to meet that high quality standard.

The benefits listed here are self-evident to us as a company, and they apply to every one of our employees. For details about specific add-on benefits, please consult the respective job description in our job portal.

  • Competitive salary with performance payment bonuses
  • Employer-supplemented company pension scheme
  • Regular vacation and paid leave for special events
  • Partially flexible working hours with a work time account and trust-based working hours
  • "Employees recruit Employees" program
  • Personal and competent support by the HR Service Center
  • Extensive training and further education possibilities as needed, and the opportunities to get training leave
  • ARTS-spirit and regular team events

Additional benefits abroad

Assignments abroad come with additional challenges and require comprehensive planning and preparation. To ensure that you can focus on your work without worrying about administrative barriers and the like, we support you with the following added benefits:

  • Personal support and as needed support on-site (search for accommodation and relocation, registration and bureaucracy, etc.)
  • International health insurance 
  • Partially additional relocation sum (rent, relocation, mobility allowance, etc.)
  • Return journeys, including special occasions


Up to 30 days vacation/year – for compensation and relaxation.


was yesterday. You have a lot of flexibility – thanks to a work account or trusted working hours.


The familiar contact is important to us, which is why all ARTSers are on first-name terms with each other.


Design your career with ARTS just the way you want

As an ARTS employee, you may be engaged as an expert directly at one of our customer sites via loan employment or as an ARTS team member working on a project delivery contract. Naturally, experts are also engaged within ARTS’ internal operations at one of our sites in Europe. In addition, there is an option for you to be offered a permanent position with one of our customers.

We’ll find the perfect entrance route for you: ask one of our career advisers!

Work-Life-Balance – Our responsibility as employer

If you are happy and confident in your role, and therefore not obliged to neglect your personal life, you’re in a position to provide performance that exceeds the standards. As such, long-term business success is based on ensuring that each individual employee is satisfied with his or her role.

Among other things, this involves being able to combine professional and family lives. For ARTS, a family-friendly approach and sustainable career progression and workload are essential components in providing innovative, high-quality services.

Our understanding of work-life balance strengthens employees’ feeling of belonging within the business, and their motivation, on a lasting basis. This is a benefit for employees, customers, and ARTS as a business. In high-tech industries in particular, it is not always easy to combine work and family commitments; we are aware of the issues and understand that package solutions often fall short. As such, we work with our employees to seek out ways to meet individuals‘ needs and to anticipate problems before they occur.

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