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Industrial Mechanics Jobs at ARTS

Job description of Industrial Mechanics

All the things that surround us every day in our daily lives have one thing in common. They only exist thanks to industrial mechanics. From construction, maintenance and repair to the operation of machines and production facilities - industrial mechanic jobs can be found in small and large production halls in almost all industries.

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Industrial Mechanic (m/f/x)

IsmaningMechanicsMetal ProfessionsDirect entry at our customer

Fitter (m/f/x)

IsmaningMechanicsDirect entry at our customer

Plant Mechanic (m/f/x)

MunichMechanicsMetal ProfessionsDirect entry at our customer

Assembly Mechanic (m/f/x)

IsmaningMechanicsTemporary employment

Assembly Employee (m/f/x)

IsmaningMechanicsMetal ProfessionsDirect entry at our customer
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Start as an industrial mechanic with ARTS

Possible applications

Depending on vocational training and existing expertise, ARTS industrial mechanics are responsible for performing repair, maintenance and overhaul work on various systems and machines. This may also include carrying out work on fuel, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Furthermore, our industrial mechanics perform troubleshooting during ongoing production and carry out assembly activities and metalwork. 


At our locations throughout Germany, such as Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, or Cologne, our industrial mechanics work in the mechanical engineering, automotive, energy, communications, research and development, and aviation industries, among others. Exciting projects await you in the maintenance and repair of plants and equipment, as well as assembly and inspection.

In addition to industrial mechanics, we are also looking for industrial mechatronics engineers, metalworkers, machinists, fitters and plant mechanics as well as aircraft mechanics.


You should bring that with you:

  • Completed training in industrial mechanics, industrial mechatronics or mechatronics engineering
  • Alternatively, a degree in a metalworking profession with job-relevant experience
  • Initial practical work experience and manual dexterity
  • Willingness to work shifts
  • Fluent in German and fundamental knowledge of English


the industrial mechanic was introduced as an apprenticeship occupation

5 million

Employees in industry in Germany 


new entrants per year in Germany


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