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ARTS supports customers in Bremen with its expertise i.e. in the areas of wing equipment and landing flaps. Our experts in Bremen have manufactured as well as assembled components for almost all Airbus programs over the last few years. In addition to civil aviation, aerospace plays a primary role for ARTS in Bremen.

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Bremen is one of the German locations of AAA GmbH, a subsidiary of the French supplier firm Assistance Aéronautique & Aérospatiale. The company is headquartered in Hamburg and is known mainly for providing technical assistance in the final assembly, maintenance, and cabin production of aircraft. In various fields of application ARTS provides support for AAA in both Bremen and Hamburg.

Airbus Operations GmbH

After Hamburg, Bremen is the second largest German location of the Airbus Group. ARTS supports Airbus Operations in its Wing & Pylon Competence Centre in Bremen with the development and manufacture of high lift devices for the entire Airbus group. ARTS also puts its expertise to use in the wing equipment for the Airbus A330 and A350 XWB.

OHB System AG

ARTS supports OHB System AG with the implementation of a wide range of aerospace projects and therefore helps to secure OHBs status as one of the most successful aerospace companies in the world. OHB System AG is part of the OHB SE, the first stock-indexed aerospace company in Germany. The company's primary business is in low-orbiting and geostationary satellites. This includes the development and production of the Galileo navigation satellites and the MTG weather satellites as well as OHB System AG projects such as concepts and systems for exploring the solar system. In addition, OHB builds and outfits research equipment for the International Space Station.


ARTS has been working with Premium AEROTEC for years on a number of projects. We help secure Premium AEROTEC's position as a Tier 1 supplier for civil and military aerostructures. Aircraft components are manufactured by Premium AEROTEC in Bremen from the initial design meetings to prototyping and getting the component ready for serial production. Bremen is home to the competence centre for sheet metal and thermoplastic parts. In addition, the assembly of components from thermoplastic CFRP and the manufacture of special wear-and-tear and hard chromium parts are made at the Bremen Premium AEROTEC plant.

STTS Germany GmbH

STTS is a specialist in paint and surface coating. More than 1,000 employees at 50 locations worldwide and 14 paint shops finished more than 400 aircraft in 2015. Products range from Learjets to helicopters and even up to the Airbus A380. To support STTS in Bremen, ARTS seeks experts in paint and surface coating for components of the Airbus A400M.

Ariane Group GmbH

ARTS not only offers expertise in the aviation industry, but also extensive competencies for the European space industry. In addition to other customers, the Ariane Group GmbH joint venture joins the forces of Airbus and Safran to work on launch rockets. In addition to the Ariane 5 launch system, Ariane Group GmbH is also working on the development and production of the new Ariane 6 launch rocket.

Airbus Defence and Space

Thanks to experts and solutions devised by ARTS, Airbus Defence and Space has improved its performance in Bremen, especially in the field of military aviation. Together with colleagues from Airbus Defence and Space, ARTS is working on the fuselage of the A400M military transport. At a total of eight stations, 120 km cable and several 100 metres of conduit are laid in each fuselage. Compared to a civilian Airbus machine, the A400M requires about 30 per cent more technology.

In addition to military aviation, aerospace also plays an important role at Airbus Defence and Space in Bremen. This is where the European competence centre for human spaceflight, launchers and space robotics is located and where Airbus Defence and Space runs the European part of the International Space Station. Other projects are also completed in Bremen, including the development and construction of the upper stage of the Ariane 5 launcher, automatic spacecraft landings, microgravity research, and mission planning.


In Bremen, components for 4 Airbus models
(A330, A350, A380, A400M)


employees work in the
aerospace industry in Bremen.


million Euro GDP was
created in Bremen in


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