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Jobs as Junior Project Manager in Hamburg at ARTS

Your career as Junior Project Manager in Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the most exciting cities in Germany and has a varied cultural and working landscape. Between tourism, industry, commerce and the service sector, many exciting projects await you in a wide variety of fields. Are you a junior project manager? Hamburg offers many opportunities. At ARTS and numerous customers you will find jobs for Junior Project Managers in Hamburg. Apply now.

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Your new job as Junior Project Manager in Hamburg

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Start as Junior Project Manager Hamburg at ARTS

The diversity of Hamburg as a business location is largely due to the Port of Hamburg, which is one of the most important seaports in the world. A varied trade, industry and service landscape has formed around this logistics center, offering the chance to work on numerous exciting projects.

Possible applications

Project managers assume a central position within a project and are independently responsible for the success of the entire project or individual sub-projects. Consequently, they must have detailed knowledge of the project, company and industry in order to be able to make well-founded decisions.

While many project managers have an academic degree, professional experience and project-relevant knowledge are often more decisive, even in jobs as junior project managers. Junior project managers can also gain concrete experience as those responsible for sub-projects or under the mentoring of experienced project managers.


As a Junior Project Manager Hamburg, you will accompany exciting projects at ARTS and our customers in Hamburg and take on responsible tasks right from the start. For example, you support the management with your professional expertise and are their representative in selected working groups. In addition, you will manage change projects and create targeted action plans based on your knowledge and observations. You will then support your colleagues in managing organizational and process adjustments and, where appropriate, also carry out these steps independently.

In day-to-day business, Junior Project Managers at ARTS also support the progress of projects by taking on and coordinating administrative tasks, such as organizing appointments and business trips or preparing presentations, minutes, etc. They also prepare reports and prepare existing documents in the form of presentations. In particular, following relevant events, they create and analyze reports and prepare available documents in the form of presentations in a meaningful way.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for a job as Junior Project Manager Hamburg at ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Completed studies in technical or commercial field, e.g. shipbuilding, supply engineering or mechanical engineering
  • Several years of professional experience, ideally in a corporate environment
  • Proficient in the use of MS Office, especially Excel, PowerPoint and common IT tools
  • Fluent German as well as English, knowledge of French is desirable
  • Knowledge in project business or plant engineering as well as special mechanical engineering is an advantage


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