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Jobs as a mechatronics engineer at ARTS

Mechatronics Technician - Profession and Jobs

Mechatronics engineers are interdisciplinary experts at the interface between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. Are you looking for a new job as a mechatronics engineer? ARTS offers numerous job opportunities as a mechatronics engineer throughout Germany. Apply now for one of our jobs as mechatronics engineer!

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Mechatronics Technician as Technical Administrator (m/f/x)

MunichAdministrationSalesDirect entry at our customer

Mechatronics Technician Maintenance (m/f/x)

DresdenOtherElectrics / Electrical EngineeringMechanicsHandcraftProject based work

Mechatronics Technician as Service Technician (m/f/x)

ReutlingElectrics / Electrical EngineeringMechanicsBuilding and Facility ManagementDirect entry at our customer

Mechatronics Technician as Service Technician (m/f/x)

MunichElectrics / Electrical EngineeringMechanicsBuilding and Facility ManagementDirect entry at our customer

Mechatronics Technician as Service Technician (m/f/x)

DresdenElectrics / Electrical EngineeringMechanicsDirect entry at our customer

Mechatronics Technician as Assembler (m/f/x)

MunichMechanicsHandcraftTemporary employment

Industrial Mechanic as Assembler (m/f/x)

MunichMechanicsHandcraftTemporary employment

Production Worker Assembly (m/f/x)

MunichMechanicsHandcraftTemporary employment

Assembler for Electrical Assemblies and Systems (m/f/x)

MunichMechanicsHandcraftTemporary employment
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Start as a mechatronics engineer at ARTS

Job opportunities

Mechatronic Technicians are classically involved in the creation and maintenance of industrial machines and systems and also work independently and safely with complex electronic and hydraulic systems. They take on tasks in planning, production, assembly, commissioning and maintenance. Due to the increasing automation of almost all branches of industry, mechatronics engineers can be found in almost all sectors, classic examples being mechanical and plant engineering, the electronics industry and vehicle construction.

Mechatronics technician is a recognized industrial training occupation with a training period of three and a half years. In addition, numerous universities offer courses of study or dual studies in the field of mechatronics. In addition to general mechatronics training, there are also specialized training programs, such as automotive mechatronics technician or mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology. In addition to training, it is important for mechatronics engineers to keep their knowledge up to date and to expand it with relevant industry knowledge.

The work of a mechatronics technician involves practical, planning and organizational activities. Accordingly, mechatronics engineers should have a wide range of interests and skills. For the physical work, a certain degree of physical resilience and manual dexterity are necessary. In addition, mechatronics engineers need a sufficient understanding of mathematics and technology, an interest in information technology, and the ability to think analytically. They should also be able to work independently and carefully, and be flexible in responding to changing tasks and unforeseen problems and malfunctions.


ARTS mechatronics engineers work for us and our partners in industries such as aerospace, agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles, metalworking, and mechanical and plant engineering. ARTS mechatronics technicians are responsible for the proper operation of all systems. For example, they take on tasks relating to the maintenance, commissioning and repair of machines and systems, participate in on-call duty and, accordingly, are responsible for troubleshooting in the event of problems. They also assist with planning activities, the preparation of quotations and actively participate in the execution of projects. In addition, ARTS mechatronics engineers are involved in strategic processes and carry out, for example, energy assessments of systems in operation or work out measures to increase efficiency. 


Are you interested in one of our job offers? You should have the following requirements for a job as a mechatronics technician at ARTS or one of our customers: 

  • Completed training as a mechatronics technician:in or comparable.
  • Driving license (class B) required
  • Hygiene training A or B desirable
  • Experienced handling of MS Office
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Knowledge in the field of electrical, control, refrigeration and air technology


share of women in the industrial mechatronics sector.


Euro average salary per year.

2,1 bil.

Euro turnover in industry and manufacturing.


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