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ARTS helps industrial companies in a number of sites in Bavaria to become faster, better and one step ahead. We enable our customers to overcome their bottlenecks and to concentrate on the core tasks in their business. Whether with Airbus Helicopters in Donauwörth, Airbus Defence and Space in Manching or Premium AEROTEC in Augsburg - experts from ARTS are involved in the most diverse and challenging projects in Bavaria.

Career opportunities in Bavaria at ARTS

Since 2013

ARTS has been a member of BavAIRia e.V.

350 Billion Euros

in turnover was achieved by the Bavarian industry sector in 2016.

170 individuals

per company, on average, are employed in Bavaria.


The ARTS expert network at our Augsburg site includes aircraft mechanics, aircraft electronics engineers, calculation engineers, project engineers and project managers. Most of our employees in Augsburg work with our customer Premium AEROTEC. At its site in Bavaria the company predominantly develops and produces fuselages for a variety of civil and military aircraft, including the A380 and the A350 XWB. In the divisions development, engineering and production versatile jobs are on offer.


In Donauwörth, experts from ARTS deal with the development and production of a wide variety of helicopters on a daily basis. We support our customer Airbus Helicopters Deutschland with staff for the production of civil helicopters such as the H145, and also for the construction of military aircraft such as the Tiger and NATO’s NH90 helicopter. We offer jobs as experts with ARTS in Donauwörth for all helicopter production phases, from development to manufacturing and maintenance.


Airbus Defence and Space in collaboration with ARTS in Manching are dedicated specifically to the development and manufacturing of military aircraft, both manned and unmanned. It is here where, for example, final assembly, system testing and flight testing of the Eurofighter take place, as well as the development, integration and testing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The areas of work are as varied as the career profiles of the experts from ARTS.


In Munich, ARTS primarily helps Lufthansa Technik to achieve a seamless maintenance process for the Lufthansa fleet. In the 30,000 square metre area of the maintenance centre at Munich airport, Boeing 747s are serviced alongside Airbus A340s and other smaller jets. In addition to aircraft maintenance experts, we are always looking for professionals with expertise in warehousing and logistics for the Munich site.


With our customer Airbus Defence and Space in Ottobrunn, ARTS focuses on the development and construction of aerospace components. From thrust chambers for rocket propulsion to satellite sub-systems such as telecommunication, the experts from ARTS in Ottobrunn collaborate on space technologies which make a significant contribution to paving the way to sending man into space and to space exploration.

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ARTS supports the global competitiveness of Bavarian companies to ensure that current regional production and research facilities are maintained and developed. It is part of our vision that pioneering technologies and products should continue to find their way from Bavaria to the whole world. If you have any questions about our work in Bavaria, your personal career opportunities as an expert with ARTS or about a specific job, you are welcome to contact us:

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