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To understand the current situation as an opportunity, to address specific issues and to make the difference between success or failure for you, that is our goal. We have derived procedures from past crises and focused on topics that are important now. In case of existing challenges, our experts are at your disposal directly or online.

ReStart - Future planning after the crisis

In the crisis experience there is entrepreneurial potential that should be used. Learning from crises is important and valuable, but it needs to be processed in a targeted manner in order to highlight positive cost and efficiency effects and to use them for the future corporate strategy.

  • Analysis of positive/negative experiences and effects of the crisis situation in order to exploit potentials for a re-start
  • Adaptation and continuation of measures that were successful during the crisis
  • Reviving productivity
  • Re-Onboarding after short-time work or home office

Outplacement - career change as a new start

An outplacement consultation can decide whether there is a consensual separation with a learning on both sides or whether the two sides will part in a legal dispute. We accompany companies and employees holistically from the beginning of a separation process and help to achieve a professional and fair division.

  • Helping the employee to cope after the separation interview
  • Potential analysis of personality traits, experience and expertise
  • Career planning and definition of goals
  • Development of the application strategy
  • Determination of suitable vacancies


The current situation is challenging in many ways. It shows how individually people deal with crisis situations and how different the cases of each individual are. Our coaches can support you and your employees in the following topics to successfully overcome the crisis: 

  • Bundling personal resources to get off to a flying start in an uncertain economic situation
  • Processing worries about the professional future
  • Discover unexpected personal resources
  • Reflection of changes in working conditions and other areas of life
  • Use the new beginning mood to tackle things that you have been planning for a long time
  • more coaching topics

Risk Management

Many companies are economically affected by the crisis and need to question strategies, structures and services. Decisions in this unpredictable situation can not be postponed and have to be well-founded at the same time so that no negative effects on liquidity occur.

  • Scenario creation for worst case, real case and best case as decision templates
  • Identification of key persons and substitution arrangements by means of an algorithm-based competence and team planning tool
  • Competence-based team design for restructuring or reorganization projects
  • Support in the selection and application for funding programs, liquidity support and short-time working




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