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Service Packages

Services tailored to your needs

Stay flexible and secure with the service packages from ARTS. Thanks to the high flexibility, the different terms and service offers, we create cost and service transparency for you. Book the services you need conveniently online.


Service Package Recruitment

Recruitment is a key function and one of the biggest challenges in companies. We support you with our know-how in recruitment and offer you our services in various service scopes. 

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Service Package Top rankings for your vacancies

We take over a job-individual multiposting of your job offers, and we make sure that your job offers are highly ranked in our and other job exchanges. 

Book our service to strengthen the reach of your job offers conveniently online

Service Package HR administration

We support you in all your HR administrative tasks. Our HR specialists are available to you at any time for 10, 25 or 40 hours per week.

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Service Package Optimization of vacancies 

With our service package to optimize your job advertisement, we not only help you to achieve a higher reach, but also position you as an attractive employer. 

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Service Package 360° HR generalist

We support you in all your HR management needs with our 360° HR generalists. Our highly qualified HR experts are available to you at any time for 10, 25 or 40 hours per week.

Book our service 360° HR supporte

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