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HR Marketing targeting students and graduates

With our HR marketing services, you can generate targeted attention among students and graduates for entry-level positions in your company. 

We combine both online and offline measures within the scope of HR marketing so that you can sustainably inspire, attract and retain students for your company. We design measures to suit your young applicant target groups, e.g. for selected degree programmes or universities. Benefit from our large network of universities, technical colleges and dual universities – both private and public. ARTS can also take care of the direct contact with suitable candidates by means of social recruiting.

The cornerstone of HR marketing for students and graduates is an employer branding strategy that is also geared towards young talent. 

Contact us today and let us find out together which measures are recommended for your applicant target group. As a 360° HR agency, we are able to advise and support you along the entire candidate journey of young talent.


HR marketing for students and graduates with ARTS

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Our HR marketing services targeted at students and graduates

Employer Branding

Young applicant target groups

We help you define your young target applicant groups to find out which courses of study, degrees, locations and, for example, interests are important to you.

Target Group Young Talents

Career websites

Specialised landing pages

Together with you, we develop, optimise and edit landing pages to specifically address junior personnel. We also advise you on your existing career site.


Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

We will take over the design and management of your social media as well as the automated placement of online ads to suit your young target groups.

Social Media Recruitment


Targeted E-Mail Marketing

Addressing students of selected degree programmes is no problem with ARTS. We enable target group-specific mailings to increase your applicant intake.

E-Mail Marketing

Job Multiposting


With us you automatically spread your entry level positions in general and target group specific online job portals, job search engines and social media.


Active Sourcing

Active sourcing of young talents

In addition to traditional HR marketing, we also take care of directly contacting suitable candidates from the generations Y and Z for you.

Social Recruiting

Print HR Marketing

Effective print media

Flyers, brochures and posters are a useful supplement to online measures. ARTS creates and distributes them directly to the selected universities.

Print Media

Marketing for students and graduates

Career fairs for students

We evaluate suitable trade fairs and events at technical colleges and universities and are happy to assist with the organisation of these.

Career Fairs


Do you know who could be a suitable young talent for you?

Employer Branding Target Groups

Defining your target applicant group for junior staff

Let us guide you to a better understanding of your junior candidate target group. Let us analyse together which courses of study, degrees, majors, locations, interests and non-university commitments etc. your future employees have. These insights form the basis for successful HR marketing strategies.

  • Consulting about and analysis and definition of your applicant target groups
  • Development of dedicated HR marketing strategies and measures
  • Determining channel recommendations for job publication
  • Formulation of targeting strategies in social media and programmatic recruiting



Your career site does not attract students and graduates?

Dedicated landing pages that work

In close cooperation with you, we develop and design customised as well as search engine-optimised landing pages that are specifically targeted at young professionals. We can also advise you on how to improve your existing career site to make it more appealing to students and graduates.

  • Development of landing pages for junior target groups
  • SEO analysis
  • Content creation including texts, images and video content
  • Programming of landing pages
  • We offer all these services accordingly for the implementation of complete career pages



You have no resources for social media marketing?

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing by and with ARTS

ARTS takes care of the design and management of your social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other channels relevant to your target group. We take care of the automatic placement of online advertisements in social media as well as in the Google advertising network in order to specifically address your target group of young talents.

  • Development of target group-specific social media strategies and custom-fit campaigns
  • Advice on channel selection and targeting for online ads
  • Set-up and management of your social media channels
  • Channel-specific content creation such as texts, images and videos
  • Conversion-optimised playout of ads
  • Monitoring and analysis of your social media performance



Would you like to send targeted emails to junior talents?

Targeted email marketing to students and graduates

With ARTS, it's easy to target students from specific degree programmes or faculties with individual emails (stand-alone emails). We create image and text content for you and take care of sending out the e-mails to increase your number of incoming applications.

  • Identification of relevant degree programmes or faculties as well as communication with corresponding universities
  • Creation of mass emails including texts, images and conversion-optimised subject lines and call-to-actions
  • Personalisation of your messages and sending schedules, for increased relevance and attention among recipients
  • Sending and monitoring mass mailings for your young target groups


Newsletter Marketing


Do you need too much time to publish your junior job ads?

Multiposting across

Multiposting - place job ads fast and easy

With our support, you can automatically post your junior jobs in a variety of online job boards, job search engines and selected target group-relevant offline channels. This way, your junior positions will be noticed by the target group – with minimal effort.

  • Job optimisation with regard to relevant search terms for job titles, etc.
  • Job posting on generalist online job boards such as StepStone and Jobware
  • Job posting on specialised job boards for young professionals such as Absolventa, Jobteaser or Connecticum
  • Job posting on wide-reach job search engines such as Indeed
  • Alternative channels such as Ebay and print ads

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You have little experience in directly approaching young talents?

Active sourcing for young professionals

Generations Y and Z are not on traditional active sourcing channels such as LinkedIn and Xing. ARTS knows where a direct approach to young national and international talents is worthwhile and gives you a helping hand.

  • Definition of search profiles together with you
  • Addressing young talents using search algorithms and Boolean operators in various social media channels
  • Addressing national and international student bodies, student associations, university clubs and other university groups
  • Applicant management and initial selection of suitable candidates
  • Further trainings in the field of active sourcing

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Active Sourcing of Talents


Print media for junior staff? Does that make sense?

Print media jop postings

Print media that convince applicants

Yes, because the direct distribution of flyers and brochures to target-group-specific universities and colleges has a lasting effect. ARTS creates and distributes print media such as flyers, brochures and posters for you as a supplement to online HR marketing measures in order to precisely reach junior talents.

  • Design, text and printing of your print media according to your design specifications
  • Distribution and positioning of materials in selected educational institutions



Which career fair fits your target group?

Career fairs for students

We can help you address your target group at career fairs and other events at universities and colleges. ARTS will work with you to evaluate suitable fairs and events and will be happy to assist you in planning and implementing them.

  • Selection of events and fairs suitable for your target group of young professionals
  • Development and implementation of trade fair stands and accompanying materials as well as advertising media
  • Booth support for the presentation of your employer brand and vacant junior staff positions
  • Follow-up to fairs, e.g. sending out information material or organising job interviews


HR Marketing students graduates

CASE STUDY: HR marketing and active sourcing for the trainee programme of Amadeus Data Processing GmbH

Amadeus Data Processing GmbH is one of the 10 largest software companies in the world. Its 16,000 employees from more than 190 countries specialise in rethinking travel. This requires motivated young talents, which ARTS has been able to source.


The aim was to enable a cloud engineering trainee programme with 10 suitable graduates. Our ARTS experts supported the customer mainly through HR marketing and social recruiting.


ARTS drew attention to the trainee programme in target group-relevant social media channels. In addition, we contacted universities nationally and internationally and supported Amadeus Data Processing GmbH in directly approaching students and graduates.


With the help of ARTS' pre-selection of applicants, the client's HR department was able to design an efficient interview process and finally successfully launch the trainee programme. A total of 27 trainees were hired within 14 months.

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Frequently asked questions about HR marketing for students and graduates

How do I reach Generation Z? How does their attitude to the world of work differ from previous generations?

In addition to job profiles that are to the point and offer insights into the employer, benefits are currently the most important thing for Generation Z, because potential applicants have precise ideas. Generation Z (born around 2000) needs familiar structures, security through permanent employment contracts and appreciative communication. They are "digital natives", familiar with digital work, instant feedback, formats that culminate in dialogue and love videos in story format. By means of mobile-optimised services, such as applicant apps or messenger platforms, jobs can be communicated via pop-up message and automatic application status messages.

HR marketing for students or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

As a 360° HR agency, we offer you the full portfolio in HR marketing, but also services in the areas of employer branding, recruiting and personnel development. To put together the right service mix for you and your target applicant groups, please contact us for a no-obligation initial chat!

Do you want to target students and graduates?

Our goal is to help you succeed in HR marketing for students and graduates! With many years of experience, we can assist you in the planning and implementation of your young talent campaigns. Contact us for a non-binding initial meeting!

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