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Leadership development with ARTS

Today, leadership is much more than delegating tasks. Employees expect their managers to have a wide range of different competencies, understand their roles and respond to the individuality of each team member. Many training courses fall short in this regard. They focus on tools and measures that managers should integrate into their day-to-day work. With our approach to leadership development, we take a broader approach. Our goal is to look beneath the surface of the water and offer managers the opportunity to find their individual leadership style. 

Success through Leadership Development with ARTS

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Individually bookable as well as modular trainings for your leadership development

Managers face a variety of challenges in their everyday business. We have developed individual training courses that focus on specific topics. All training courses can be booked individually as part of our leadership development program, or in combination with each other as a modular package tailored to the individual needs of your managers.

From your own leadership style to resilient self-leadership to communication and conflict skills, as well as team building, we offer interactive seminars as in-house trainings for your executives or teams. The combination of fundamental, personality-building approaches, the inner attitude as a leader and implementable leadership tools prepares you for the leadership challenges of the future.

Individual Modules from €1.400

  • plus VAT
  • Prices depend on the venue as well as the number of participants and possible specifications
  • We will gladly provide you with an individual offer for your team.


Vision, values & leadership understanding

Every good corporate culture includes a coherent leadership culture. Your managers are the first multipliers for the corporate objectives and the corporate values that are lived out.
In their actions, they embody the company's understanding of leadership. In this seminar, they grow together as a management team with a uniform understanding.

Distance Leading

Consciously dealing with the challenges of leadership at a distance or in virtual interaction ensures security for the manager.

With our methods and tools, we overcome distances so that leadership is still personal, appreciative and goal-oriented.

Leadership basics

Leading employees "by instinct" quickly reaches its limits. In this seminar, your managers will learn everything about leadership styles, leadership situations and leadership tools. The aim is for your managers to be able to use the suitable leadership tools appropriately and confidently in various situations.

Conflict Management

How do you deal with conflicts so far, what is your image of humanity and what is your inner approach? 

These questions form the basis for successfully mastering conflicts and are the cornerstone of this workshop.

Teambuilding as a leader

With this workshop, your managers will be able to successfully control the dynamics in the team as well as to use the individual strengths of the team members in a targeted manner.

This enables you to form a motivated and high-performance team with completely different characters.

Own understanding of leadership

In order to fulfill the leadership role without doubt, one needs a clear understanding of one's own leadership image, leadership tasks, leadership role and responsibility, but also of values in leadership.


Appreciative communication is the basis for the achieving goals together. The workshop helps managers to assess themselves realistically and to deal appropriately with their own expectations and those of others involved.
Their own empathy thus puts them in a position to shape conversations in a goal-oriented and appreciative manner.

Modular executive development

All seminars and workshops can be conducted within the framework of modular programs developed individually for your executives.

In addition, we offer preparatory, follow-up and accompanying sessions by our trainers and coaches.

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How does leadership development work at ARTS?

Our approach to leadership development is always close to the people. With the appropriate attitude, openness and consistency, you will meet future challenges in a solid manner. 

  • Step 1: First we want to understand. We want to understand where you stand with your leadership culture. Are there guidelines or principles? Is there feedback or feedback from the workforce? How do the managers assess themselves and where are the areas for development?
  • Step 2: With this understanding, we can design exactly the development steps that are needed. We put together a program that accompanies your managers on individual topics or a modular structure over 3, 6 or 12 months that covers various topics. 
  • Step 3: In parallel, we offer regular Q&A sessions. These serve to support transfer to everyday life and directly address challenges in everyday work. In individual cases, we also offer accompanying leadership coaching
  • Step 4: After the seminars, we continue to be available at any time and offer another half- or full-day reflection session after 6 or 12 months. 

Executive development with ARTS - Your advantages 

  • In addition to new specialist knowledge, your managers receive the basis for mastering their responsible job with performance, success and satisfaction.
  • You increase the satisfaction and well-being of your executives through an intensive examination of the current and future challenges in everyday leadership. 
  • Your managers are involved in the co-creative process of developing and shaping the leadership culture they experience in the company. In this way, you promote the self-efficacy of your employees.

What solutions do we offer for leadership development?

#short-term solutions:

  • You know the challenges your executives face and are looking for a 1-2 day seminar to address them. We bring your individual challenges together with our training modules.

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#mid-term solutions:

  • Do you want to find out where your leaders stand, what development steps are needed next? Then let us dive into your leadership world together and create the program your leaders need.

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#long-term solutions:

Do you want to establish "New Leadership" on a solid basis in your company and give your managers everything they need to do so? Together with you, we create HR development strategies, competency models, career models, and much more as part of our HR consulting services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Leadership Development

My managers have already been through many trainings, why another one?

Most training courses and seminars are designed to impart specialist knowledge that facilitates day-to-day management. In addition to these topics, however, managers are required to have an authentic leadership profile with an approachable leadership personality. However, there is often not enough time for this in such trainings. In addition to technical seminars, we offer exactly this focus. Because with the shorter half-life of specialist knowledge, it is all the more important that the foundations for sustainable, healthy leadership in a company are laid with the managers. They are the central mouthpiece and important ambassadors of the corporate culture in every company. 

What are the benefits of modular leadership development for the company?

The individualized program, which we adapt to the wealth of experience and maturity of your managers, delivers in the end result a uniform understanding of leadership with managers who have found their own leadership personality in the existing or newly defined leadership culture. Therefore, we accompany you from the description of the status quo through the modular development steps to the sustainable transfer into your company.  

Leadership Development or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

New leadership demands a variety of different professional skills from managers, but with decreasing hierarchy and more self-responsibility on the part of employees, it also increasingly requires social skills. The manager as a coach is a trend-setting development in this context. If your managers are just starting to get to grips with these issues, then our modular training for management development is the best accompanying solution. If your colleagues have already reached this stage, they can work intensively on existing challenges through individual leadership coaching or team coaching within the leadership circle. We are also happy to accompany you on the way to a tangible leadership culture. 

How may we support you in leadership development?

Are you looking for a development program that imparts a new understanding of leadership, ensures a people-oriented attitude and potential-promoting empowerment for your team members? An advanced training that has an impact beyond the program and brings New Leadership to life and work in your company, then let us set up exactly that for your managers. Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. 

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