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No return for aviation?

23/11/2020 2021/02

Compared to other industries, aviation is considered to be less dynamic - in aircraft construction, the realization of technical innovations usually takes many years, sometimes even decades. In addition, the current crisis is an unexpected event for many and presents numerous companies with major, previously unknown problems. Against this background, the question is pressing:

Quo vadis, aviation?

We are already in the New Normal of aviation, which is in no way comparable to what we perceived as normal before the pandemic, nor even possible. Corona acts as a catalyst for the need for change in the industry. Especially for the challenges regarding climate, sustainability and environmental issues, adequate answers have to be found through technological innovations and new mobility concepts. These issues, which were already the subject of intense social discourse before the crisis, must now be answered together with questions of pandemic management. I clearly see three areas that offer the potential to emerge stronger from the corona crisis.

Eco-friendly technologies

Innovations and future-proof technologies to improve the climate and environmental balance and to enhance the social acceptance of flying are crucial for the future. The need to transform the aviation industry was already apparent before the corona pandemic. Now the existing challenges of conventional aviation are increasingly coming under critical scrutiny. Regardless of whether it is a question of improving lightweight construction concepts through design optimization and additive manufacturing processes, hybridizing drive concepts or using alternative energy sources such as biofuel or hydrogen - the technical answers to these challenges can already be realized today and must be integrated into conventional technology without delay.

New concepts of mobility

Furthermore, new mobility concepts that still seem futuristic today will answer open questions about flying. Lilium, Volocopter and Uber Air Taxis are just a few examples that question the principle of aviation-as-usual and try to realize other solution concepts. These start-ups are hardly affected by the crisis. Air Taxis and Co. have the potential to describe and pioneer the New Normal of decentralized and individualized flying in the future. Not only the participation in such trends, but also the active shaping of such visions offer enormous opportunities.

Gerald Unger - CEO of ARTS
Gerald Unger - CEO of ARTS
Gerald Unger - CEO of ARTS


The prerequisite for shaping these two topics or even being able to occupy them entrepreneurially will be the ability to adapt one's own structure, organization and thus the company. Innovation culture, transformation ability, adaptation of work and redesign of value creation as well as division of labor are important aspects for crisis management and, more importantly, for active use of opportunities. Whoever rethinks and adapts his core competencies in aviation now and is able to adapt his business model, will also be successful in the future!

I continue to believe in people's need for mobility and that we will continue to fly in the future. In addition, we have come to appreciate the advantages of getting from A to B as quickly, easily and affordably as possible - but certainly in a different form. Even if the New Normal is difficult to describe at the present time, it is important to actively shape the way into the future. One thing is certain: There will be no return to pre-pandemic status. Success in the future will be determined by the ability of each individual organization to change and innovate.

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Gerald Unger

Gerald Unger, CEO of the ARTS Holding SE, has been professionally connected with aviation for 25 years. Coming from aviation himself, he founded his first company in the early 2000s and has been developing innovative concepts in industrial and technical environments ever since. Today, more than 500 consultants and experts of the ARTS group are engaged in projects worldwide to provide their customers from various high-tech sectors with a decisive competitive advantage through individual and innovative solutions.

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