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1st ARTS order: Installation of cargo door


At the turn of the millennium I founded ARTS in order to be able to work flexibly as a project manager for structural mechanics in aviation. Shortly after the company was founded, I received my first order. For the second ever carried out freighter conversion of an Airbus A310 MRT I was responsible for the installation of the cargo door and travelled with the first two ARTS employees to Hamburg.

Project description

Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg was faced with the challenge of converting the civil aircraft Airbus A310 into a Multi Role Transporter (MRT). At that time, this aircraft type was converted for the first time into a multi-role aircraft with the possibility of using a flying military hospital. The first prototype for this Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) order was taken over by Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH in Dresden, where I was employed before my self-employment and I supported exactly this project. As team leader of 20 aircraft mechanics, I was already responsible for the section 13/14, i.e. the structural modification of the front fuselage segment, in the field of structural mechanics. Structural reinforcement is essential for the cargo aircraft, especially in this area, so that the load of the cargo door can also be lifted. The installation of the cargo door should not be underestimated, especially if the conversion of a used machine has not yet been carried out frequently. In addition, a freighter conversion is usually unique, as there are always individual construction stages or older design changes in civil aircraft that a designer is usually not knowing during the conception phase. The experience gained with the first P2F A310 MRT, my ability as a team leader and my individual solution concepts for the initial construction qualified me for a new assignment in this position.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Aerospace
  • Customer: Lufthansa Technik
  • Jobtitle: Aircraft Mechanic, Structural Mechanic, Project Manager, Team Leader
  • Location: Hamburg
  • Service:

Job preparation

There was already a freighter conversion for this aircraft type, but there was no stone carved procedure and still too little experience, so that we could also speak of a prototype for this P2F order. As I was able to contribute my project experience from the first retrofit, I supported the work and project planning in advance and structured all necessary activities in such a way that all modifications could be safely completed within the planned six-month layover period. In the early planning phase I could already see that additional structural mechanics were needed in order to be able to finish the conversion in section 13/14 in time. I knew exactly who would be the right candidates for ARTS and I was able to win them over as employees for this project.

We expanded our service portfolio, gained more and more customers within the industry and are now a major player in the aviation segment.

Project workaday

The Lufthansa Technik hangars where the P2F was installed were impressive for me. Lufthansa Technik (LHT) is a service provider for maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft. At its location in Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel, LHT normally took care of the individual VIP equipment/conversion of aircraft. These are insights into processes that are of great value to every aviation enthusiast.

My daily project workaday was very varied: in my function as supervisor, team and sub-project manager, I led the ARTS colleagues, also former Blue-Collar colleagues from Dresden and experienced employees of Lufthansa Technik and directly coordinated the activities on the aircraft. The design specifications proved to be impracticable in some places, so that we developed individual solution concepts for these cases as a team. There were also many coordination meetings with production managers and specialists from Lufthansa Technik and of course also with the P2F project manager. Finally, we documented all work steps of the individual production orders so that they could be used for future freighter conversions to the Airbus A310-MRT.

Lufthansa Technik was stoked that we were able to ensure completion within the sporty laytime planning and that it had experienced experts from the first freighter conversion on board.

The ARTS journey began

When I founded my company at that time, my goal was to be able to plan projects independently and flexibly and to complete my studies at the same time. However, the customer requirements showed me the potential behind the project business, so that the development of the company came to the fore for me. This assignment was the kick-off of an exciting journey for ARTS that is still going on. This was followed by many other projects within the aviation industry. After the P2F A310 MRT project, my team and I moved on to Airbus in Hamburg, Manching and finally to Toulouse. More and more colleagues came on board. Together as a team we supported our customers in exciting projects of new developments and prototypes. From the Airbus A340-500, -600, A330NEO, A320NEO to the challenges of the A380 production up to the support during the prototyping of the A350; these are only a few projects in which we actively participated.

We expanded our service portfolio, gained more and more customers within the industry and are now a major player in the aviation segment.

My vision has always been to drive innovation with technical sophistication and a strong team. We have conquered the aviation industry and have now extended our success to many other high-tech industries. Even 20 years after the first order, we still have the mission: Extending Your Success.

facts and figures

3 3 ARTS experts were involved in the first ARTS project.
  Extending your Success
500 More than 500 experts are enthusiastic about our vision today.

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