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The (industrial) gateway to the world


Last year, the logistics industry experienced a real boom. As a logical consequence, more storage capacity is needed to meet the demands of customers. This necessitates, among other things, the construction of new industrial facilities, but also entire halls. Doors and loading platforms are essential parts of the plants, without which a smooth process cannot take place. This is where our ARTS assembly teams come into play, ensuring on our customers' construction sites that the site can be commissioned on schedule.

However, our assembly teams are also on site away from logistics in other sectors, such as where gates need to be replaced or loading platforms need to be renewed. In our assembly projects, we act on the one hand as a service provider for individual special tasks, such as the installation of OEM industrial and process equipment, and on the other hand we are at the same time able to take on recurring tasks, such as the installation of industrial gates, anywhere in the world on our own responsibility.

Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Mechanical Engineering
  • Jobtitle: Managing Director ARTS Solutions GmbH
  • Location: all over Germany
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Business process outsourcing in industry

The outsourcing of industrial services has increased in recent years. In addition to the advantage of cost savings, this also brings with it a focus on the company's own core business. As a process expert along the entire industrial value chain, ARTS is a leading provider of business process outsourcing solutions in various business areas and industries. 

Currently, our installation teams, consisting of up to nine industrial fitters, industrial electricians and industrial welders, are looking after four construction sites across Germany in parallel. There, our main activity is the assembly and installation of loading systems, loading houses as well as industrial sectional doors, which are operated both manually and mechanically. Thus, we ensure that the operation of the corresponding plant can start on time and smoothly.

By opening up industrial assembly, we have taken a logical next step in the development of our services. We have already gained some experience in the field of Industrial Maintenance Services in the past. We have already been able to successfully implement projects in industrial maintenance. We can now draw on this experience in the current projects and further deepen our expertise in the Industrial Services sector. 

With the development of our Industrial Assembly Services (installation, assembly, relocation, dismantling), we have entered a new segment for us and have already achieved success in a short time. Our target is therefore: the assembly and installation of 500 gates and 500 platforms in 2021.

Projects are planned in a perfect world that sometimes deviates considerably from the actual situation on site. In these situations, we then have to find creative approaches and sometimes take unconventional paths to get to the goal.

ARTS Industrial Assembly across Germany

Even if the schedule and the resulting tasks are very stringent, the daily routine on the construction site cannot always be planned 100 percent in advance. Projects are planned in a perfect world, which sometimes deviates considerably from the actual situation on site. In these situations, we then have to find creative solutions and sometimes take unconventional paths in order to reach our goal. In our work, we are also exposed to environmental influences on a daily basis, which of course cannot be predicted and additionally influence the schedule. Some days the weather is great, but on other days, especially in the winter months, when it's minus 18 degrees, the situation is naturally quite different. But that's what makes the industry so appealing. No two days are the same. 

Compared to other sectors in which we have implemented projects, the construction industry is less innovative, but no less exciting. This is because coordination with other trades on the construction site, be it façade construction, civil engineering, sewer construction or even electrics, affects accessibility to the individual work stations on a daily basis and must of course be a perfectly interlocking structure so that everything can proceed smoothly and the various players do not interfere with each other's work. 

The decisive component for success are our teams. Industrial assembly is characterized by the highest safety standards. Well-trained employees are therefore the basis for a successful project.

Glimpse into the future

For example, in the case of internal moves or relocations, we can fall back on our know-how in industrial assembly, because everything we can assemble and install, we can also dismantle again. We are therefore also a competent and reliable partner for our customers in the field of dismantling. 

Enrico Kabbe is Managing Director of ARTS Solutions GmbH. He has been working on projects for our customers worldwide since 2015.

facts and figures

500 gates to be installed and assembled in 2021
  Extending your Success
600kg weigh elevating platforms on average