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ARTS Workshop
Hybrid Working

We offer you a self-management training, seminar work organization and a further education Home Office in one training.

The intensive workshop is aimed at all managers and employees with an interest in long-term well-being, serenity and simultaneous productivity in the home office. As a basis for the entry into the work of the future, for individual self-management, goal-oriented work organization and as a basis for collaborative work. work. The competencies that you may promote on the way to resilience in the home office await you in our workshops.

Doing things the same way over and over again and expecting a different result was already described by Albert Einstein as madness. It is similar in the home office or mobile work. If we do things the same way we did in the office or continue to do things the same way we did last year, change will not happen. In preparation for a hybrid working world or "fully remote work", we need tools that will accompany us in the future. After all, the first step to being able to work effectively virtually, even in a team, is to deal with yourself and your own resources in a familiar, planned and secure manner.

Qualification and partners


Key facts about the Hybrid Working Champion workshop

€ 1.199

  • per participant
  • plus VAT
  • incl. certificate
  • single booking module for 349 €

Learning objectives

You know exactly which tools and strategies you need on your way to resilience in the home office. At the same time, you know the development areas that still exist for you for productive and healthy mobile working, because this is a process and not a sprint.

Organization & format

  • ARTS is AZAV-certified and offers interactive trainings with high quality standards.
  • Contents are developed in 4 workshops of 3.5 hours each.
  • Location: Remote 
  • Target group: Anyone who wants to sustainably expand their skills for the hybrid working world
  • Maximum number of participants: 10



Speaker for Module 2, 3 and 4

For several years, I have been working as a consultant and coach at ARTS, working with our clients to design the working world of the future that is right for them. With our workshop for hybrid working we want to strengthen important competencies for remote work among managers and employees.

Nadia Döhler

Transformation Consultant at ARTS


Speaker of Module 1

In the future, the home office will remain part of a hybrid way of working, because every 4th employee wants exactly that. As an expert in personal development and the new world of work, I train entire teams as well as individual managers and employees in productive composure, self-organization and stress prevention.

Christopher Buschor

Owner and managing director of Persönlichkeit 2.0



Module overview for your Hybrid Working Training

Self management training

Module 1: Productive Serenity - The Conscious Way to Self-Organization

  • Do you do the job or does the job do you - learning individual effectiveness
  • Introduction to stress-free productivity
  • Principles of self-organization and attitude

Communication and Cooperation Training

Module 2: Communication and cooperation as a tool for productivity and against lone warriors

  • Organize communication
  • Active listening - conscious communication beyond the stimulus-response pattern
  • Components of appreciative communication - how to formulate a request instead of a demand

Stress Prevention Seminar

Module 3: Stress prevention and dealing with challenging situations

  • Recognizing own stressors - self-reflection
  • The situation as a coach - stress management
  • Exercises that get you out of the stress trap

Remote Work Training

Module 4: The interplay of strategies and new habits in the hybrid world of work

  • Successful routines
  • Virtual communication hacks
  • Productivity atmosphere and expectation management
  • Tips for preparing collaborative work


Frequently asked Questions about the ARTS Workshop Hybrid Working

What are the technical requirements for online workshop participation?

We use both Zoom and Google Meets. For both video conferencing systems, you need a laptop or fixed computer with a current browser (Google Chrome recommended). You can easily get into the virtual seminar rooms via an invitation link that we will provide before the workshop. You will also need a headset or loudspeakers on your end device as well as a webcam, as we design the workshops interactively, each participant is allowed to actively contribute to the result.

Can I watch the workshops later?

Recordings of the workshops are currently not planned. Since we also work in small groups, it is necessary to attend the booked workshop in order to see all the content. However, if something comes up and there are still places available in another workshop date, we will be happy to rebook you for that date.

Are online workshops the right format for me?

Last year's experience has shown us that many things work just as well or even better in a virtual setting than in a classroom training. Our experts are trained in the use of various tools, such as virtual whiteboards or the technical uncertainties of online training, so they can provide you with advice and support in any situation. We are also happy to arrange an appointment in advance for a brief technology checkup. The easy access to our online workshop also allows you to easily exchange ideas with participants from all over Germany without additional travel and accommodation costs.

What do I get in the online course?

In addition to the 4 workshops, each of which is 3.5h long, you will receive an accompanying workbook. Each topic is self-contained This helps you to reflect on the content and transfer it into everyday life. In addition, you will have the opportunity to complete a self-assessment before the workshops begin and to repeat this after 3 or 6 months to see how individual competencies have changed. In this context, we also offer individual coaching sessions so that you can work even more intensively on obstacles to success.

Feel free to ask us your questions!

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