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ARTS Coaching - Accompanying professionals through change

Coaching basically means temporary support in working on oneself. While coaching is intended to help managers become better bosses, individual coaching for professionals in change processes is less well known. In vocational training for skilled workers, the focus is usually on content-related knowledge, but due to the changes in the world of work, the requirements for so-called soft skills are also becoming greater. Possible topics could therefore be conflict management, customer orientation, self-organisation, empathy / teamwork, innovation skills, agility + collaboration, assertiveness or strengthening self-responsibility.

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How does ARTS professional coaching work?

Our coaching offers for professionals can be applied on many levels. The following is an example of further development through coaching.

  • Step 1: Based on the competence matrix of your company, which skills and competences need to develop which job profiles, we identify the challenges for your professionals.
  • Step 2: Either for entire teams, departments or individuals, we assess the current situation and define the goals together with the coachees.
  • Step 3: In individual coaching for professionals, we train them to better control their own behaviour and to bring their strengths to bear.
  • Step 4: Coach and coachee discuss progress towards the set goals at regular intervals.
  • Step 5: The final reflection serves all participants to anchor the new standard.


Professional coaching at ARTS - your advantages with us

  • Targeted, selective support with your key issues
  • Soft skills in particular are difficult to learn through training, but are better developed through coaching.
  • greater acceptance of ARTS as an independent outsider compared to coaching by one's own manager
  • broad experience of our coaches in industry and business
  • time flexibility through online sessions


Coaching for professionals - Our qualifications

Practical experience:

  • Our coaches have gained insights into different corporate cultures and industries.
  • Experience with various coaching topics such as conflict management, customer orientation, self-organisation, empathy / team skills, innovation skills, agility + collaboration, assertiveness or empowerment.

Theoretical background:

  • Our coaches have undergone training with different focuses, such as systemic coaching, psychological coaching or as an Agile Business Coach.
  • Additional qualifications as mediator, trainer, personnel developer
  • Regular peer coaching and supervision
  • Our understanding of coaching is open-minded, people-oriented and appreciative.

What solutions do we offer in the area

of coaching for professionals?

#Short-term solutions:

  • Intervention in currently challenging situations 
  • Short impulses through 3 sessions

#medium-term solutions:

For sustainable coaching success we recommend 

  • Individual coaching over 5-8 sessions
  • Work on individual focal points

#long-term solutions:

  • In-house development of a competence matrix
  • Coaching of entire teams or departments


Frequently asked questions about coaching for professionals at a glance

In which situations is coaching for professionals appropriate?

In training and studies, the focus is usually on teaching technical knowledge. The actual requirements in the job often also include so-called soft skills, which many people try to fulfil rather intuitively. Especially when changing jobs or due to additional demands, a person can reach his or her limits, for example when it comes to increased customer orientation, dealing with stress or conflict management. In coaching, the intuitive ways of reacting are looked at and further behavioural options are worked out.

What can I NOT expect from coaching?

In coaching, no one tells you what to do. We are convinced that you know the best solutions for your own situation; we simply support you in developing a wider scope of behaviour through reflection and questions. Coaching for professionals also takes place within the framework of business coaching and touches on private issues only indirectly at most.

How do I know that the coaching is working?

Admittedly, coaching can sometimes also be exhausting when you approach your own limits and have to get out of the famous comfort zone in order to grow further. These 'growing pains' are a good indicator that something is changing. For all the challenge from your coach, you should feel accepted and supported as a person at all times. Another clue is the behaviour of the people around you: if you react differently than usual because of the coaching, the reaction of those around you will also change. Even if it may be unusual for colleagues to hear you say 'no' more often...

Coaching for professionals or another ARTS service? What do I really need?

Some topics can easily be dealt with in the context of a training course. For example, our Remote Work Champion is a good choice for the topics of time management, self-organisation and stress resilience. If you would like more individual support or have specific soft skills issues, it is better to arrange a trial session with one of our coaches. If it turns out that an entire department could use stress management coaching, it may be worth taking a look at the structures in the company in terms of organisational consulting - perhaps the employees are already quite stress resilient and just have too much to do?


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

We accompany you! With our executive coaching we work together with you on your goals. In a first non-binding meeting we discuss your current challenges. We look forward to your inquiry!

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