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Onboarding Consulting with ARTS

Recruiting processes are often lengthy and costly until the perfect match is found. During the recruitment process, most companies today place a lot of emphasis on the Candidate Experience, but once the new team member has signed on, in many companies the special commitment ends. In order to ensure long-term employee retention through an excellent Employee Experience and thereby save on high post-hire costs, it is advisable to have a well thought-out and dedicated onboarding process. Onboarding means more than having all the necessary documents and desk chair ready on the start date. With good preparation, your new hires will find their way around and quickly become productive.

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Success through Onboarding Services

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How does onboarding consulting work at ARTS?

We help you professionalize your entire onboarding process by analyzing your current processes and requirements, your corporate culture and communication, and opening our toolbox of tools for you. Together, we can deliver the ideal onboarding service for your company.

Each onboarding process has three phases and brings with it different requirements:

  • Preparation phase: the preparation phase of onboarding is as much about finding suitable means to stay in contact with the future team member until the start of work and to establish a first bond, as it is about many organizational tasks. 
  • Start-up phase: The start-up phase includes the actual onboarding on the first day of work, getting to know the company and the teams, and the well-organized induction that will quickly enable the new colleague to work productively.
  • Integration phase: The integration phase comprises the first 12 months of the employment relationship, during which it is important to strengthen the personal bond by means of an individually tailored perspective within the framework of personnel development.


Onboarding Outsourcing with ARTS - Your Benefits

  • With our onboarding services, we increase the employee experience and thus employee retention.
  • Through our professional onboarding support, you avoid re-staffing costs.
  • With our onboarding consulting, you get more effective onboarding, meaning you get productive results from the new team member faster.
  • Our onboarding support gives you a clear, transparent process for all supervisors and colleagues.
  • Our onboarding measures have a positive effect on the corporate culture.

Onboarding Services

  • Ensuring administrative and organizational processes
  • Fast productive start through well thought-out onboarding plans
  • Promoting networking within the company and with stakeholder

Onboarding Services

  • Communicating processes and expectations to all onboarding stakeholders
  • Familiarization with the corporate culture
  • Positive employee experience from the moment the contract is signed


What solutions do we offer in the area of onboarding consulting?

What solutions do we offer in the area of onboarding consulting?

#Short-term solutions:

Facilitation of your onboarding event or creation of an onboarding checklist

#medium-term solutions:

Optimization of your current onboarding process

#long-term solutions:

Complete consulting to redesign an onboarding process that is aligned with your company culture


Onboarding consulting for Airbus

The onboarding of young talent is a major effort for Airbus Hamburg Vocational Training every year, and at the same time an important adjusting screw for the successful course of the training.


A separate framework program must be provided for the dual students every year, where they get to know the company and the location, are introduced to safety regulations and corporate culture, receive basic basics for your apprenticeship profession and can begin to build your corporate network.


We at ARTS, supported with our HR specialist over several years in the design, planning and preparation of the onboarding with our expertise as well as actively contributed in the implementation to a warm and at the same time goal-oriented "welcome".


We realized that junior talent quickly found their way around the company. Employee experience was positively influenced by good organization of standard processes, a wide range of orientation offers and an appreciative welcome to the company.


Frequently asked questions about onboarding (consulting) at a glance

Why do we need onboarding support if we have done the to-do's of onboarding well so far?

Long-term employee retention in the VUKA world requires more than the smooth implementation of organizational challenges and a "warm welcome" on Day One. A positive employee experience comes from a serious and holistic approach that combines onboarding, networking, corporate culture, communication, personal development plans and the organizational issues.

Does the onboarding concept fit my company?

Companies in different industries and fields of activity naturally have different requirements for onboarding, and the needs of professional groups must also be addressed in a differentiated manner in order to achieve satisfaction in the new job. We do not offer you a universal standard solution, but open our toolbox with different tools and put together a concept that is tailored to your company and your corporate culture.

Onboarding consulting or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

Our onboarding consulting represents a holistic view of the ideal "coming on board" and includes, in addition to the organizational tasks, above all the transfer of the corporate culture and the networking within the company to quickly establish the ability to work and productivity. The purely administrative handling of the high volume of administrative activities surrounding the hiring of new employees can be taken over for you by our HR Shared Service Center at a high professional level.

How is success measured in onboarding?

There are two ways to track the success of successful onboarding. On the one hand, the ability to work and thus productivity emerge more quickly. Second, it can be tracked that the number of required replacements is very low, even though the trend toward frequent job changes in the labor market is on the rise.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

With our individual onboarding concepts, we also pay you for sustainable success. If there are still unanswered questions or if you would like to get a first expert opinion, please do not hesitate to arrange a non-binding initial meeting.

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