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Outplacement counselling with ARTS

In outplacement support, employees affected by staff reductions work out new perspectives together with neutral, external experts and coaches. This is also a protected space for processing the various emotions in the separation process. Especially if the requirements of the previous job have changed considerably, it may not be enough to diligently write applications for a new job. In this case, outplacement counselling helps to develop a new career perspective including an application strategy.

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How does Outplacement Coaching work at ARTS?

The earlier you involve outplacement counselling, the more calmly and in partnership the difficult time for all involved can be mastered. This is what an ideal separation process could look like:

  • Upstream: Identifying the key positions between employee retention and outplacement.
  • Step 1: Preparing the manager to conduct the interview
  • Step 2: Emotionally catching the employee after the exit interview
  • Step 3: Potential analysis, career planning, target definition
  • Step 4: Application strategy/training, support in the application process
  • Step 5: Identification of suitable vacancies (additional service of active recruitment)


Outplacement counselling at ARTS - Your advantages 

  • From the employee's point of view, you can soon look forward again after the separation process - with a new orientation.
  • Outplacement is an opportunity for both sides in terms of a socially acceptable separation.
  • Employers show a fair face with this form of separation management, which has a positive effect on the workforce and business partners.
  • Outplacement is more effective than severance pay, dismissal protection proceedings or long remaining terms of employment contracts.
  • Outplacement is a much more sustainable support for the start of a new phase in life than the payment of a severance package.

Outplacement Consulting - Our Qualifications


Which we do just like other outplacement consultancies:

  • Emotional catching of employees in the context of individual counselling
  • Career coaching
  • Advice on termination agreements and development of transfer measures
  • Optimisation of application documents
  • Support with application strategy (newplacement)

What our outplacement consultants also offer as a special strength:

  • Orientation on the job market thanks to our many years of recruiting activities
  • Preparation of the executive for upcoming interviews
  • Fair moderation in the separation process
  • Training for job interviews and assessment centres in our company's own training academy


What solutions do we offer in the area
of outplacement counselling?

What solutions do we offer in the area of outplacement counselling?

#short-term solutions:

If you are already in the middle of the separation process, we support your employees with career counselling and application strategy. Both individual and group outplacements are possible with us.

#medium-term solutions

Within the framework of coaching outplacement, i.e. with targeted training, we prepare executives and management for upcoming separation interviews.

#long-term solutions:

If it becomes apparent that staff reductions are unavoidable, we advise you on the design of the outplacement and the structure of your workforce.

Frequently asked questions about outplacement coaching and counselling at a glance


What distinguishes us from other outplacement companies?

Due to our activity as a personnel service provider, we bring thorough market expertise and a large customer network as well as good industry knowledge. This means that we can not only help those concerned to improve their profile of strengths and their application documents, but also provide targeted advice on which sector or field of activity is currently looking for skilled workers - or possibly establish direct contact with one of our client companies.

How is the success of an outplacement measured?

In general, the goal of outplacement counselling is an "end without horror", so that after a professional separation all parties involved can look forward with renewed strength. One criterion for success is therefore the avoidance of protracted and exhausting legal disputes. For employees, the most important success is, of course, finding a new job as soon as possible - which may even be more fulfilling than the previous job? Ideally, the separation is perceived as so fair by all sides that the evaluation on employer rating portals such as kununu or Glassdoor is positive.


Do you guarantee a job?

One of our greatest competences is to create the perfect match between candidates and companies. We cannot provide a classical guarantee for this perfect fit, as we are dealing with human relationships. However, our success rate speaks for itself that our competent team has a very good feeling for this.

In addition, the individual agreement between the company and ARTS on the duration and extent of the support as well as other parameters of the search can come very close to a kind of job guarantee. We offer our clients flexible options and various contractual solutions to successfully and satisfactorily resolve the challenging situation of outplacement for all parties involved.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

We have been advising SMEs and large companies on the complete HR process for over two decades. Our clients appreciate our 360° expertise and always feel that they receive competent advice, even on sensitive issues such as outplacement. With us you will find a trustworthy, long-term partner.

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