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Temporary employment agency ARTS

Employee leasing

With ARTS you get a flexible possibility to cover seasonal or project-related order peaks and thus your short-term personnel requirements. Through this support you can guarantee delivery dates or project deadlines. In addition, you do not have to worry about all the administrative work. ARTS always provides you with suitable experts whose deployment can be planned and calculated for you right from the start.


Success through Employee leasing

Satisfied Customers

How does Employee leasing work at ARTS?

You send us your short- or medium-term requirements and we provide you with the suitable employee. You only have a contractual relationship with ARTS.

  • Step 1: You send us your job requirement. We revise it to suit the target group and publish it on all suitable platforms.
  • Step 2: We actively enter the candidate market, contact your potential employee directly and, at the same time, check with our current temporary employees to see when and where project assignments are due to end.
  • Step 3: We select application documents, take over all administrative steps and conduct pre-interviews to find out the basic fit with your company.
  • Step 4: We attend the interview, make hiring recommendations and clarify all contractual documents. We make sure all health screenings are in place.
  • Step 5: We accompany you and the employee throughout the entire assignment.


Advantages of temporary employment - ARTS specialists support your team:

  • With us you have access to a large market of applicants
  • You have a low recruitment effort
  • You do not have any follow-up tasks in personnel processing 
  • You have transparent costs that are easy for you to calculate
  • Your permanent staff is relieved

Employee leasing - pool of skilled workers:

Technical professions (m/f/d)

  • Engineering & Construction: e.g. product designers, technical draftsmen, engineers, aircraft technicians
  • Project & Change Management: a.o. Project managers, project administrators
  • Quality Management: a.o. Certifying Staff, technical writers, auditors, DT/NDT inspectors, FAI
  • Warehouse: among others warehouse logistics specialists, order pickers
  • Production & Maintenance: a.o. Industrial mechanic, industrial technician, electrician, mechatronics technician, machine operator, aircraft mechanic & electronics technician, process mechanic

Commercial professions (m/f/d)

  • Administration and Management: e.g. secretaries, office assistants, clerks, team assistants, management assistants 
  • Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain: including Purchasing, Logistics & Supply Chain Managers, Procurement Managers, Schedulers, Import/Export
  • Finance & HR: recruiters, personnel officers and clerks, accountants, payroll clerks, controllers
  • Sales & Marketing: Marketing Managers, Customer Service Managers, Social Media Managers, Sales Managers
  • IT: IT Supporter, Software Developer, IT Systems Electronics Technician
1 / 5


  • Available 2021/01/06
  • Salary 48.000
  • Apprenticeship Wholesale and foreign trade
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 31365
2 / 5

Electrical Engineer

  • Available 2021/01/06
  • Salary 47.000
  • Apprenticeship Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 32886
3 / 5

Project Manager

  • Available 2021/01/06
  • Salary 67.000
  • Apprenticeship Mechanical Engineer
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 29077
4 / 5

Quality Manager

  • Available 2021/01/06
  • Salary 85.000
  • Apprenticeship Flight Engineer
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 32456
5 / 5


  • Available 2021/01/07
  • Salary 56.000
  • Apprenticeship Controller (IHK)
  • Contract optional
  • Job-ID 1285

ARTS Special Flash

We have a very large talent pool. In addition, we are constantly recruiting new specialists to meet your needs. Sign up now for free to the ARTS Special Flash and receive top candidates from your selected occupational groups 1-2 times a month.

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Solutions as a temporary employment agency

Solutions as a temporary employment agency

#short-term solutions:

No matter if a parental leave replacement or if an expert is needed part-time or full-time. Our employee leasing contract can be designed flexibly.

#medium-term solutions:

Especially in times of home offices, remote work is more in demand than ever. Temporary work at ARTS can be completed remotely or on-site, if the job allows.

#long-term solutions:

With ARTS temporary staffing, you have the option of receiving temporary workers in a job-sharing model. This means that several project assignments are possible at the same time.

Strong partnership with Airbus in the field of employee leasing

In the past 20 years ARTS has established itself strongly in the European market in the field of temporary staffing. Through very close cooperation we got the opportunity to quickly present suitable profiles to the customer in standardized and trustful processes. Among others for the entire Airbus Group.


Approx. 15% of the total Airbus workforce are temporary workers or projects implemented in the form of contracts for work and services. 


One of the top temporary employment agencies from the entire Airbus Group is ARTS. We regularly borrow new colleagues and take care of employee support in our HR Shared Service Center.


We actively search for candidates for Airbus and, if necessary, coordinate new project assignments in an Airbus division, insofar as a project end is approaching. We take over the complete applicant communication, the organization of interviews and accompany our colleagues throughout the entire project assignment.


"With ARTS we have found a very good partner in the field of personnel placement and leasing. The cooperation is highly professional, uncomplicated and very fast. We can trust our contact person at any time and feel that our jobs are in good hands, which is also confirmed by our applicants."

Sabrina Fichter, Head of Human Resources, XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbHs

Frequently asked questions on the subject of Employee leasing at a glance

What is the difference between an interim solution or a staffing via employee leasing?

Staffing by an interim manager is carried out for specialist and management positions, i.e. primarily for important key positions. Staffing through employee leasing is mostly done in day-to-day operations.

Does ARTS also provide a LAK force for 3 weeks in the commercial sector?

No, ARTS sees itself as a long-term partner, both for the companies and for the applicants or employees.

hat does the current Temporary Employment Act say?

The Temporary Employment Act (April 2017) states:

  • The maximum period of temporary employment is 18 months.
  • It is prohibited to use temporary workers as strike breakers.
  • The equal pay requirement generally applies after 9 months.
  • The works council must agree to the hiring of a temporary worker.

Contract for work and services, service contract, employee leasing - which service is right for me?

Do you need an employee temporarily in your team or do you want to integrate a candidate permanently. Do you have time to take care of the entire personnel administration or would you rather concentrate on your core tasks or other exciting projects? Are you looking for a complete team and ready to hand over project or process responsibility? We will be happy to clarify these and many other questions in a short discussion with you and then present you with the most efficient solution for you.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

Our range of services in the field of employee leasing is always individual and we have your requirements firmly in mind. We will be happy to advise you without obligation in an initial meeting. Please also contact us if you have any unanswered questions about temporary employment.

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