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Cognitive Hygiene - The mental workout

02/03/2021 2021/02

The mental workout

Exploiting your abilities, working productively and reconciling mental well-being appears to be a Herculean task in view of the current challenges.

Often, however, even small things help us to stay mentally healthy.

Together with sports physiotherapist and CEO of SPRISE Daniel Nehring, health coach Tim Böttner - known from the Think Flow Growcastand - and our ARTS Transformation Consultant Nadia Döhler, you will learn how to overcome current challenges with simple tips and exercises. 

Mental health as an aspect of corporate health management not only strengthens your employees, but also improves the performance of your entire organization. Learn from our experts what you as a manager can contribute to this. Ask your questions on the topic directly during registration.


  • 02.03.2021 8.30 am


  • Where you feel most comfortable, we'll join digitally

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