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Efficient and cost-effective recruiting channels

28/02/2019 HR Services

Recruiting budgets are under pressure

Cost per applicant or cost per hiring: These are common indicators that can be used to question the efficiency of your own recruiting processes. Managers increasingly base their decisions on personnel controlling, which objectively measures the performance of the recruiting department by reporting such KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Only on the basis of this, the use of the recruiting budget can be optimized. However, the goals are always the same: increasing numbers of applicants while simultaneously reducing the costs per applicant.

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Recruiting 4.0

Only those who are able to use the numerous recruiting channels in a targeted manner can resolve this conflict. The media mix is shifting more and more away from classic channels and towards online campaigns. Recruiters who are responsible for specialists and executives in particular are observing this change. The internet offers numerous inexpensive and effective opportunities for personnel marketing. Performance-based accounting methods according to the cost-per-click model are becoming more and more popular.

Optimal use of recruiting channels on the internet

The post-and-pray method, i.e. publishing job advertisements in your own job exchange and then hoping for incoming applications, is often no longer achieving the desired results. The following steps in the applicant selection process also involve a technological transformation.

Your own online job market becomes just one of several contact points with applicants, but remains indispensable. Because free job postings in corresponding groups in social media are as much a part of your own homepage as mostly paid advertisements in job exchanges and career networks do. If the own homepage sets the obstacle too high, e.g. by an insufficient user-friendliness, then candidates often break off the application already with the registration.

When you choose a recruiting channel, you should consider whether the quality of the applicants available there is in line with the effort required to use the channel. Thus free job exchanges represent an alternative to the usually high-priced established providers such as Absolventa or Indeed. With the free advertisements you reach smaller numbers of applicants of a limited target group - an interesting option, if you look for appropriate specialists. Also some larger platforms offer free basic functionalities for recruiters. Filter functions for the candidate pool, as they are necessary for the direct approach of applicants in the context of Active Sourcing, or the more prominent placement of your own advertisement, however, they are usually well paid. A more subtle way to strengthen the bond between your company and potential candidates is content marketing. By posting informative or entertaining content to blogs or social networks, you can increase brand awareness and attract potential candidates to your business.

Cost-per-click models prevail

In addition to flat-rate billing, as it is known from the publication of advertisements in the print sector, more and more performance-related billing models are appearing on the internet according to the cost-per-click method. This means that you pay a fixed or demand-based dynamic amount for each person who clicks on your ad and thereby accesses the deposited landing page.

You can publish paid advertisements not only on job portals, but also on social networks and with search engine providers. In particular, smaller companies have very little chance of making it through search engine optimization on page 1 of Google search results alone. However, by placing ads for a fee it is possible: The link to your own career page will then appear in one of the ad spaces. In addition you determine, with which keywords your announcement should be seen. You can also limit the visibility of your ad to certain regions or end devices, which is particularly interesting for smaller companies.

Attracting young talents at an early stage

Although recruiting is increasingly taking place online, another channel should not be forgotten in the search for young talent: Cooperation with educational institutions. Small and medium-sized companies in particular have the opportunity to make contact with potential future employees. In the academic field, university cooperations can be established in various fields. From presence at internal trade fairs to practical lectures in the lecture hall, the organization of study projects or internships to the supervision of dissertations, recruiters have a wide range of instruments at their disposal to establish a relationship with interested young people at an early stage.

Keep in touch

Internal recruiting and employee recommendations are well-known and cost-effective tools for personnel recruitment. In these cases it is even possible to shorten the hiring process. The trend towards boomerang applications is similar: If you give former employees the chance to re-enter the company, you can secure similar advantages as with internal refilling.

These colleagues are already familiar with the company culture and know exactly what they are getting into. But whether it makes sense to rehire a so-called boomerang applicant depends above all on one important factor: the reason for the employee's departure. For a consulting company, the re-employment of a former management consultant who has gained valuable industry experience in the meantime can be a success. However, if the change was due to a lack of career opportunities in the company, then reemployment only makes sense if the problem has been resolved in the meantime.

But how do you keep in touch with former employees? Larger companies maintain their own online platforms where former employees can exchange information and stay up to date about their former employer. Companies of all sizes can use the mailing of the company newspaper by post or e-mail and the invitation to company events as a method of maintaining relations. If the contact is broken off, you can resume it mainly via the career portals Xing and LinkedIn.

External support in the recruiting process

In response to tight budgets and declining numbers of applicants, managers are increasingly measuring their HR departments by quantitative criteria. These in turn, in order to increase efficiency, access the know-how of external experts.

At ARTS, for example, we implement tailor-made cross-channel campaigns for our customers in the aerospace, automotive and mechanical engineering industries to address potential employees. Read here how our HR Services experts support the Lilium startup directly on site in its search for applicants, so that its rapidly increasing personnel requirements can be met at all levels. A particular focus here is on the match between corporate and personal culture; after all, we know from our own experience how important this is when filling responsible positions internationally.

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