arts extends the success of elbe flugzeugwerke

Success Story  - Elbe Flugzeugwerke

The company with a rich Saxon tradition, Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), has been one of the largest aviation companies in Saxony since 1955. Their main business areas include the production of composite components for structures and interiors of the Airbus aircraft family, the maintenance and repair of Airbus aircraft (for example A380) and the conversion of passenger aircraft to freight aircraft. Some 190 Airbus aircraft have already been converted to freight aircraft.

ARTS has been supporting EFW with aeronautical expertise in Dresden for over 10 years. Whether in the form of individual experts, along complex processes or by means of turnkey solutions, ARTS and EFW build sound business relations and work closely together especially in the following business areas:

Aviation-specific training

Based on special EFW project requests, ARTS has repeatedly developed sector-specific staff training programmes. With these measures, ARTS manages the application process of candidates support up to the start of the EFW project. Training is done by training partners across Germany.

Participants appreciate the exciting tasks offered during training and look forward to the new challenge in the later projects at EFW. "There were many highlights during training as an aircraft mechanic, such as the screws on a A300 aircraft fuselage in the training workshop, where we had to carry out various dismantling work on the ceiling panel," said Steve König, who participated in one of our qualifying measures for aircraft mechanics in 2015 and who is now part of the EFW production staff responsible for retrofitting A300-600 and A330-300 as part of an ARTS team.

"Unfortunately, skills shortages in the aviation industry is a common occurrence. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find employees with appropriate qualifications. It is therefore all the more important to collaborate with industry experts in the field of recruitment and project management. In this arena, ARTS is a very important partner for EFW to support our growth strategy with creative ideas," Diana Ludwig, purchasing manager of indirect purchases at Elbe Flugzeugwerke.

Currently, about  10% of ARTS employees work at Elbe Flugzeugwerke on different projects

A380 Door Modification

The ARTS Structure Repair Crew supports the aircraft company Elbe Fluzeugwerke with structural work related to the Airbus A380 passenger doors. With the 2014 Airworthiness Directive (Airworthiness Directive - AD), all A380 machines already in operation must have their 16 passenger doors modified. In accordance with all compliance regulations (Service Bulletin, SRM, AMM, IPC), the ARTS Structure Repair Crew remove the old structure of the doors, and by conducting Non-destructive testing, checks whether individual repairs are needed. If everything runs smoothly, we perform the cold deformation of structural components (flap peening/cold working) - the surfaces are hardened with the cold working process to prevent them from getting worn down. Finally, we temporarily attach the reinforcing parts, which are provided by Airbus, with collets and stitching until ultimately, all fasteners and reinforcing components are mounted. After approval from quality assurance, the ARTS Structure Repair Crew finally install the cover plates, the mechanics, the seals, the door components and the door insulation. "As project manager, I have a great deal of flexibility - I particularly enjoy the challenge of always having to meet high levels of responsibility, even in stressful situations, and working with people who bring the same passion for aviation to the job.", commented the ARTS Project manager for A380 Door Modification.


ARTS mechanical and business engineers are responsible for constructive troubleshooting on all aircraft components, such as fuselage, wings, control surface and engines at EFW. The engineers of ARTS are currently involved in several conversion and maintenance projects: "Among others, we repair corrosion and fatigue damage that occurs during the general life cycle of aircraft. The preparation involves the whole plane starting at the fuselage and wings ending at the control surfaces and engines. The tasks are always very varied and require a high degree of autonomy, organisation and communication. I always feel well looked after at ARTS, because problems and questions are always answered quickly and informatively," says Alexander Martin.

Work Preparation

Our planning engineers are the interface between engineering and manufacturing, and create design plans based on work packages for aircraft mechanics and and electricians. Not only do they undertake the scheduling of production staff, but also consider efficiency, quality and time. Currently, our planning engineers are working on an early conversion project for A330-300 / -200P2F. Within this project, ARTS also controls the project management of the entire production planning. "We are pleased to have found a competent service provider in the aviation industry with ARTS, which brings not only expertise in project management and extensive knowledge about the industry, but is a partner with whom we have been working for years in the most diverse challenges with confidence," said the project manager at EFW. 


Our aircraft mechanics are part of the production team, who convert passenger aircraft into freight aircraft. Currently, EFW is converting A300-600 aircraft into freight aircraft for a Chinese company. During the conversion, after removing the galleys, toilets and passenger cabin, the aircraft will be equipped with large cargo doors on the main deck and one in the cargo floor for loading containers.

Maintenance and (dis)assembly of materials, such as mattresses, carpets and curtains, are done with the support of of our outfitters.

Our warehouse logisticians provide timely estimates, provision and the safe delivery of material and load carriers.

Quality Management

Our employees in quality management analyse the quality situation in the different production and conversion areas. They deal with complaints and prepare a six-monthly quality report. One of our employees working in quality assurance for EFW, says: "The tasks at EFW are very interesting and varied. I feel well integrated and valued within the project team. Choosing to work for ARTS was the right decision for me, as their straightforward communication and personal service create a very pleasant working environment."