arts extends the success of Premium aerotec

Success Story Premium AEROTEC: 

More powerful thanks to ARTS experts

ARTS has been supporting Premium AEROTEC with its aviation experts from the beginning. ARTS maintains a professional and long standing business relationship with Premium AEROTEC in the field of Experts (recruitment).  

Premium AEROTEC GmbH (PAG), the world’s leading “Tier 1 supplier” for civil and military aircraft structures, was founded in 2009. The company was formed from the former Airbus plants in Nordenham and Varel as well as the former EADS plant in Augsburg. The 100% subsidiary of the Airbus Group employs around 9,400 people at its sites in Augsburg, Nordenham, Varel, Bremen, and Braşov.

The development and production of large aircraft components made of aluminium, titanium, and carbon fibre composite materials (CFRP) represents the core business of Premium AEROTEC. Premium AREOTEC supplies Airbus with its products. Components are also manufactured also for the Boeing B787 “Dreamliner”.

ARTS supports Premium AEROTEC in the following fields:


In the area of production, our aircraft mechanics and structural mechanics work on the Airbus A350. The assembly of structural components and the manufacture of riveted joints are the main tasks of our employees.

Process planning

  • ARTS production engineers are responsible for describing the production processes and developing production plans. Other tasks of our employees include calculating material input.
  • Our experts in process planning are responsible for the planning and control of test article production. They also coordinate external services for the generation of test components. The ARTS work planners assist with enquiries and support Premium AEROTEC with their specialised knowledge.

Purchasing and acquisition

Our ARTS employees are also involved in the purchasing and acquisition of Premium AEROTEC. Our experts take care of procuring materials and work closely with the supply chain management. Disruptions in the delivery processes are recorded and resolved by our employees.

Supply chain management

Our supply chain managers ensure a smooth flow in the area of supplier management. Our employees are mainly involved in monitoring deliveries and evaluating supplier performance. With their organisational skills, they oversee the enterprise-wide coordination of logistics.

Distribution/ logistics

The ARTS employees in distribution and logistics are responsible for material planning, complaint management, and quality notification. They are in constant contact with the other departments and are essential for the smooth operation of the company.

Quality management

Our employees in quality management check the plane modules. They are aware of the specifications and notify quality assurance of any deviations. Our quality inspectors work on the Airbus A350. They test and document production orders as well as create and process quality messages. Our quality inspectors also implement the final checks.

Sales management

ARTS sales manager act as intermediaries between PAG and their clients. With their communication skills, they ensure the key accounts of Premium AEROTEC and maintain a stable exchange.