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Optimization of your job offers

Request comfortably online an optimization of your job advertisements 

We support and consult you with our job services to find the perfect candidates for your vacancies. With our service package, we guarantee you a precisely tailored target group approach and an increase in the reach of your jobs.

Added value of booking
Service Packages

  • Fixed, calculable costs
  • Transparent service provision
  • Regulated duration
  • Flexible rebooking at the end of the month
Service Vacancy

Vacancy Service

Your added value: 100 % hit rate your target group

  • Consulting for the optimal approach to your new employees 
  • Job and search engine optimization
  • Advertisement of your position on relevant job exchanges, applicant portals & social media (Google Jobs, Xing, LinkedIn, indeed, Facebook and many more)
  • Reach maximization through our international network  
  • You will receive all incoming application documents
  • Monthly status report on performance


per vacancy

plus VAT

Additional Boost of your vacancy: +450 €


HR-Services customer testimonials

Since August 2020, ARTS has been actively supporting us in the recruitment of skilled workers in various fields of activity for the further development of our company. In doing so, ARTS is particularly convincing as a reliable and service-oriented partner. We would like to thank ARTS for the close and trusting cooperation so far and look forward to further joint successes.

Tobias Lück
Head of Recruitment & Employer Attractiveness at Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes

I would like to thank you for the friendly and, as always, uncomplicated cooperation.

Jenny Lehmann
Specialist Human Resources at Unitedprint.com SE 


Your contact person

Tom Schneider | Account Manager Central
Tom Schneider Account Manager Central +49 (0)351 795 808 78 Add as LinkedIn contact Add as XING contact



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