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Project details at a glance

  • Sector: Aerospace
  • Jobtitle: Recruitment Consultant
  • Location: Mönchengladbach
  • Service:

Our personnel placement service as a success factor

Germany plays a central role in the international aerospace industry. After France, the most people are employed in the industry in this country. Hardly any other industry has comparable standards in quality and safety. Finding top trained employees who meet these standards is not always easy.

As a service provider, we at ARTS have been solving the technical, organizational and personnel challenges of our customers for over 20 years - worldwide and in a wide variety of industries. We are particularly distinguished by our many years of expertise in the aviation industry. Our recruitment service relieves the burden on your HR department, as we take over the direct approach to candidates, make the appropriate pre-selection and send you a recruitment recommendation.

It became clear that especially for such niche positions, as in this case, active sourcing is essential.

Our task

Our client, who provides aerospace and engineering services in the areas of aerial target design, modification of special aircraft and products, and embedded systems, approached us with a special assignment. For the Mönchengladbach location, they were looking for an aviation expert as soon as possible, who also has special knowledge in avionics and electrical engineering, several years of experience in aeronautical development companies and also has know-how in electrical engineering design as well as very good German language skills. In addition, the candidate should also have at least 3 years of professional experience in aircraft maintenance. 

These requirements describe a true specialist in his field. The particular challenge of the position was for me to find a suitable candidate who matched this niche description and to present him to the customer.

The path from active sourcing to hiring

After I had thoroughly dealt with all the requirements of the job posting, I first asked myself where I could locate a suitable candidate for our client. Which portals does such a specialist use? In which worlds does he travel when he is looking for a job, or where can I find such experts in general?

The first step in the process was therefore to advertise the position in relevant job portals in the aerospace sector, among others, in a way that was tailored to the target group. In addition, we spread the word about the position on our social media channels. Thanks to my many years as a recruitment consultant at ARTS, I was able to build up a broad network, especially on the social media platforms XING and LinkedIn, which should help me in my current search. A decisive factor here was the group work in the corresponding channels. In these groups, members are among like-minded people and can exchange views on current topics, hold discussions or use them for job searches. I use these aviation-related groups to get into conversation with potential candidates. I then networked with potential candidates and recommended the job to them if interest was indicated, or sent them the job directly.

It became clear that active sourcing is essential, especially for such niche positions as this one. In total, I contacted 18 candidates in addition to spreading the word about the position on various relevant job portals. It turned out that different search queries were decisive for a match. In total, I was able to introduce 4 candidates to the customer during the three-month process. After the initial contact and the clarification of the availability and other factors relevant to the hiring process, I conducted a preliminary telephone interview with the relevant candidates, during which I was able to ask a few questions submitted by the customer to check their professional suitability.

In the end, we were able to successfully place a candidate with the client, whom I was able to recruit through a targeted direct approach on LinkedIn. Beforehand, he completed a training course to get to know the processes. We were able to deliver a good candidate very quickly for a position with this level of remuneration.

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