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In order to meet the challenges of personnel recruitment and employee support, a great deal of sensitivity and, above all, an excellent store of knowledge are required. Communication with applicants, employees and customers is not always uncomplicated and simple: Good interfaces are required in order to achieve corresponding results. Are you looking for training in human resources with a wide range of subjects? "your place to work" Get to know us and your training better.

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Finding the right job is not an easy task. Nevertheless, this step is an important milestone in choosing a career. I myself am still in my formative years and have been training as a human resources services clerk at ARTS for the last 1½ years. In the coming year, ARTS is again looking for a trainee in the human resources management field. In my blog article, I would like to give to all newcomers and those interested some valuable knowledge as well as crucial information regarding the training as a human resources clerk.

The job profile for the human resources services clerk has only existed since 2008. This is a state-recognised vocational training according to the Vocational Training Act. Alternating between theory and practical phases, the trainees learn all about human resources work in a period of three years, such as

  • Personnel requirement assessment,
  • Recruitment.,
  • Staff placement,
  • Staff development and
  • Administrative, marketing and controlling tasks.

Each profession calls for different personal strengths and so too does the training as a human resources services clerk. But what do trainees need to bring to this area at ARTS?

1. Knowledge of human nature

Whether on the phone, via email or in the job application or employee interview - HR employees are in contact with people daily and therefore have to deal with different characters. A good knowledge of human nature can help here to always find the right candidates for the company and to manage satisfied employees. I very much like this aspect, since even as a trainee I was already able to join in on interviews at an early stage and thus get to know the "other side" during an interview.

2. Interest in aviation

ARTS is a service provider for the aerospace industry and works for companies in the sector, such as Airbus. During the training, the apprentice encounters all sorts of technical terms used in aviation. In the search for technical staff in particular, the trainee needs to know certain terms and initially do a great deal of inquiring and research. A technical interest does not hurt here in any case.

Airbus turbine

Technisches Interesse für die Ausbildung als Personaldienstleistungskauffrau/ mann bei ARTS ist von Vorteil © pixabay, WikimediaImages 

3. Positive charisma and communication is the lifeblood

At ARTS, I work in a young team and we always maintain a friendly relationship with colleagues. Of course, the pleasant working atmosphere also facilitates communication among colleagues. Good communication skills are nevertheless very important: open and friendly manners are essential for dealing with colleagues, customers and applicants.

4. Do you speak English?

ARTS is an international group of companies and operates throughout Europe. Employees from all over Europe work with us. Consequently, English is ubiquitous and well-established knowledge of English is a must at ARTS. Both at the vocational school and in daily work, trainees have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of English.

5. Notebook always at hand

As a trainee at ARTS, you get to know the entire company and obtain knowledge in the most varied of areas. The notebook is your constant companion and the company's internal Wikipedia will be your homepage. Independent reading on specific topics on your own initiative are welcome and the joy of discovery and good absorption are qualities that you shall bring as a budding human resources clerk.

Student is working with the PC.

Das Arbeiten mit dem PC ist als Personaldienstleistungskauffrau/mann unerlässlich © pixabay, StartupStockPhotos 

During the training, I especially like that I not only get an all-inclusive insight into human resources management, but I also get a taste of other departments such as marketing, accounting, legal, etc. It's clear that the trainee goes through an adjustment period initially. Employees say terms such as blue collar, white collar, welcome package and "pushing" the place and questions form in your head. But colleagues, the training instructors and teachers in vocational school are by your side and help to settle in quickly.

I am happy to answer questions about the apprenticeship training position for human resources services clerk. The application deadline is of 28 February 2017. Incidentally, this is also my first independent project. I have advertised the position, am viewing the application documents, am present during the interviews and may join in deciding who gets to start in 2017 as an apprentice at ARTS.

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