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ARTS - Your Change Management Consulting

The future success of organizations depends on how well companies manage to combine their own performance with appropriate structures, an enabling culture and innovative spirit, without neglecting people and giving space to new technologies. We support companies in the implementation of their sustainable change management by taking a holistic view of strategy, processes and culture. In every step, we focus on the empowerment and involvement of your employees as indispensable success factors. In times when more and more employees want flexibility, potential development and a sense of purpose in their work, they are the ones who stand for your successful future.

Nadia Döhler | Organisational & HR Consulting
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Success through change management consultants from ARTS

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How does our change management consultant accompany you?

The goal is to initiate and accompany exactly the change that your organization needs now. We offer best practices as learning impulses, but not as a solution for your path. Together, we develop a situation analysis, the need for change as well as the framework for initialization. For the remainder of the process, we maintain the flexibility to adjust things that contribute to making business change more permanent.

Our change architecture

  • Step 1: Getting to know your organization in a site assessment and analysis of corresponding questions: Who are we as an organization? What makes us tick and where do we stand now? What is the organizational structure(s)?
  • Step 2: Mapping the organization's network of potentials and strengths and appointing the change architect team.
  • Step 3: Definition of the fundamental change process and corresponding steps with flexible decision-making and adaptation options.
  • Step 4: Projecting concrete measures and sub-projects with corresponding responsibility structure


Change Management Consulting - Your advantages with us as a transformation companion

  • You integrate flexible structures, processes and ways of thinking with us in order to be successful in the currently very dynamic environment.
  • You ensure the competitiveness and future viability of your organization with this transformation.
  • You increase the identification and performance of your employees and managers.
  • You offer your employees and management teams the space for self-organization and potential development.
  • You take the increased demands of your customers seriously and proactively prepare your organization for this challenge.
  • With our combination of process support and internal knowledge transfer, we train individual members of the change architect team during the ongoing process to become change agents who continue to have an impact in the aftermath.

Qualified Trainers & Coaches

We are our own ideas and implementation workshop

  • ARTS transformed from a pure HR service provider to a professional service and outsourcing partner for HR, industry and business development & design.
  • We have digitized 98% of our processes, making our collaboration more collaborative. Only the coffee doesn't come out of the laptop yet.



Our solutions for

change management consulting

Our solutions for change management consulting

#short-term solutions:

With the help of our workshops (e.g. on change architecture, remote work champion) or 1:1 coaching sessions with executives accompanying the change, we support your change project in the short term.

#medium-term solutions:

Together we work out your individual starting situation and create a framework for action for your change needs.

#long-term solutions:

We help shape your change process from the very beginning and stand by you as a companion, coach and project support.


White paper: Remote Teamwork Guide

Download white paper

White paper: Remote Work Guide

Download white paper


With 300 employees to Fully Remote Change

An already online operating company in Berlin with about 300 employees would like to dissolve a large part of the previously used office space due to the current situation. In addition to the German colleagues, there are offices in various other countries, such as England, Russia or Australia. 


The goal is to transport both a communication strategy for the closure of further office floors and a kick-off for the way towards a remote-first organization in a company-wide online meeting. In addition, both mobile working is to be promoted, a new office use concept is to be created and cultural aspects are to be given attention across national borders.


Before we start communicating, we develop a picture of the organization as part of change management consulting. This works via 45-60 minute stakeholder discussions on orientation, goals and ideas. We then worked with a team of volunteer change ambassadors to develop a change management plan. Since the goal was also to improve the ability to work in the remote setting, our change management consultant combined further system and process analyses through surveys, dialogs and tools, e.g. a workload analysis, with the development of an initial value construct. With the help of kick-off workshops in relevant areas and a workshop to finalize the change management plan, we were able to lay the foundation for phase 2, i.e. the implementation phase. We designed these as concrete implementation workshops for managers and employees as well as demand-oriented workshops on the topics of effectiveness in the team, change and WE as a team or shaping cooperation and the future. In parallel, new dialog formats emerged from the workforce for exchanging ideas, transferring knowledge and networking across national borders. 


Through regular reflection on the plan as well as the implementation steps and the commitment of the change ambassadors, the dissolution of the office became thematically a minor matter. There was no exuberant turnover. Surveys among employees also revealed a sense of "WE", a genuine desire to help shape the company, and a value construct that provided a framework for remote work. At the same time, country-specific additions to the values emerged, which in turn promoted cross-border communication, as we used this to launch a World Café format that focused on one country with different topics once a quarter, so that employees could get a picture of how these values are implemented in other countries. We also provided individual coaching to support managers and individual employees in their own change process. After 6 months, our surveys revealed an increased sense of purpose at work (6% points), less psychological stress (e.g., due to fewer sick days compared to previous years), and an 8%-point increase in emotional commitment to the company. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Accompaniment and Consulting - Change Management

Why change at all?

Einstein already described madness as approaching a problem in the same way over and over again combined with the expectation that this will produce different results. We believe that we can only counter this with a change in work design. The following statistics also show that many companies need a change in order to retain employees in the long term:

Why do I need a change management consultant?

If you are aiming for the first major change process, then this may not only be a completely new situation for your employees, but also for you as a boss, executive or managing director. The dynamics in such a process are often not so easy to keep track of. With our experience, we bring exactly the levers you need to neither go into shock, nor let the rumor mill boil over, nor lose your top performers. As in any well-run project, you hand over the task to an expert who frees you up to do other things - always keeping in mind that the change will not work without you as an important element.

Change management consulting or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

We differentiate in complexity or intervention in your organization and the time frame your topic takes. This results in the three organizational consulting fields of organizational consulting, change management and organization of the future. In a non-binding initial meeting we clarify exactly these framework conditions and the possible or appropriate approach to your challenge.


Our three organizational consulting fields, Organizational Consulting, Change Management and Organization of the Future, pursue the following different approaches and project goals:

 Organisational consultingChange ManagementOrganisation of the future
Transformation understandingFirst specific starting pointEvolutionary change with a specific thematic focusHolistic evolutionary change of the organization
ScopePartial, delimitable subject areaOrganization-wide
Project implementationBoth classic and agile project management
Recommended to be carried out in the form of agile project management
TargetOptimization or redesign, e.g., in terms of efficiency or effectiveness in a specific area or process.Overarching change in a component of work design with a change in work cultureTransformation towards a future-oriented form of organization



Do you want to ask instead of reading?

We live in dynamic times. If you want to take the wheel and set the course, let's chart your itinerary together. We'll take your team every step of the way, so you pull together and swim ahead of the wave in the future.

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Nadia Döhler | Organisational & HR Consulting
Nadia Döhler Transformation Consultant +49 351 795 808 79 Add as LinkedIn contact Add as XING contact

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