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Disruptive change due to changing markets, innovations or modern, cost-effective manufacturing processes require an agile willingness to change. Let us work together to shape this flexibility for a strong performance and distinct innovative ability of your organization. Our holistic support at the level of structure, processes and working methods or in the area of culture and competencies enables a holistic transformation for your performance and future viability.

Organization of the future

New normality - what does this mean for your company? The external pressure is increasing all the time. For remaining competitive, an adaptable, agile interplay of service portfolio, mindset and structure is required. We accompany you from the analysis to the sustainable anchoring, because those who work continuously on the company have a 21 times higher probability of success.

  • Why / where to - Development of the corporate strategy, identity and culture to shape the future of sustainable change
  • How - Building the organization that fits your goals
  • Through what- Designing the working methods and framework conditions with different (agile) methods, e.g. self-organisation, Kanban, Design Thinking or through new working time models
  • Joint design and support of your employees throughout all phases of the change process in evolutionary solution models until the vision of the future is achieved
  • Complementaryoncept for transparent communication and training of your own change agents in your company

Competencies of the future

The lack of skilled workers, the dynamic development of skills and knowledge make us aware that other skills will be important in the future. Have you reflected these developments in your corporate strategy? Do you know which skills in your business unit will be relevant in the future? Together we will look at your orientation and the necessary competencies. Sustainable competence management binds performers and increases the performance of your entire organization.

  • Analysis of existing competencies and comparison with the future demands on the organization and its key positions
  • Integration of a digital strategy into competence development
  • Establishment of an integrated competence management system for sustainable employeedevelopment
  • Preparation for new ways of working through transparency of the strengths and competencies of each employee
  • Handling resistance from the emerging change process

Organizational and management culture

Work-life balance, no management responsibility, work on 4 instead of 6 days and even only within 5 hours - these issues of the new normality require an appropriate organizational and management culture. Employees demand meaningful work that is both sustainable and in line with their own values. We accompany you on the path of finding identity, defining values and getting past the identity crisis.

  • Development of a self and external perception of the organization
  • Accompanied definition of values and identity
  • Analysis of the prevailing culture, the desired culture and the necessary culture
  • Outline guidelines, rules of cooperation and framework conditions for implementing the desired culture

Risk Management

Many companies are economically affected by the crisis and must question strategies, structures and services. Decisions in the midst of this uncertain, unpredictable situation must not be delayed and should be made in a well-founded manner so that no negative effects on survival or liquidity are felt. 

  • Scenario creation for worst case, real case and best case as decision templates
  • Identification of key persons and substitution arrangements using an algorithm-based competence and team planning tool 
  • Competence-based team design for restructuring or reorganization projects
  • Support in the selection and application for funding programs, liquidity support and short-time working


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