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Organizational Consulting

Our services in Organizational Consulting

Disruptive change due to changing markets, innovations or modern, cost-effective manufacturing processes require an agile willingness to change. Let us work together to shape this flexibility for a strong performance and distinct innovative ability of your organization. Our holistic support at the level of structure, processes and working methods or in the area of culture and competencies enables a holistic transformation for your performance and future viability.

Organization of the future

New normality - what does this mean for your company? The external pressure is increasing all the time. For remaining competitive, an adaptable, agile interplay of service portfolio, mindset and structure is required. We accompany you from the analysis to the sustainable anchoring, because those who work continuously on the company have a 21 times higher probability of success.

  • Why / where to - Development of the corporate strategy, identity and culture to shape the future of sustainable change
  • How - Building the organization that fits your goals
  • Through what- Designing the working methods and framework conditions with different (agile) methods, e.g. self-organisation, Kanban, Design Thinking or through new working time models
  • Joint design and support of your employees throughout all phases of the change process in evolutionary solution models until the vision of the future is achieved
  • Complementaryoncept for transparent communication and training of your own change agents in your company

Corporate Health Management

A healthy organization needs healthy employees. This is the only way to positively influence the company's success in the long term. We support you in implementing the various tasks of occupational health management as a well-founded, structured and systematic overall concept in your organization on a sustainable basis. 

  • Support in the implementation or further development of corporate health management 

  • Corporate health promotion tailored to the individual situation of the organization, teams or team members

  • Consulting and coaching on conflict management, communication optimization and nutrition in the company 

  • Integration of holistic methods for healthy leadership, work-life balance and health promotion in the home office

  • Enabling the development of potential through holistic sports- and health-oriented coaching

  • Training and sports events in cooperation with our partner Sprise

  • Impulse lectures, intensive workshops, mental health coaching 

Organizational and management culture

Work-life balance, no management responsibility, work on 4 instead of 6 days and even only within 5 hours - these issues of the new normality require an appropriate organizational and management culture. Employees demand meaningful work that is both sustainable and in line with their own values. We accompany you on the path of finding identity, defining values and getting past the identity crisis.

  • Development of a self and external perception of the organization
  • Accompanied definition of values and identity
  • Analysis of the prevailing culture, the desired culture and the necessary culture
  • Outline guidelines, rules of cooperation and framework conditions for implementing the desired culture

(digital) Competence of the future

We accompany you on your way into a dynamic future. In addition to professional competence, skills will be needed in the future with which to react quickly to changes. Lifelong learning and the ability to reflect will determine sustainable success.

  • Potential development - recognising the potential of employees for adequate promotion and development as well as for the design of appropriate framework conditions for development.
  • Self-development for leaders - learning self-leadership, emotional intelligence and one's own leadership style
  • Transformation competence - strengthening resilience in dealing with change, developing the ability to help shape change and the corresponding cultural change and to realise it through implementation strength
  • Digital competence - developing an understanding of the digital possibilities in one's own field of work, for teams, media competence, communication skills and corresponding application-oriented IT know-how.



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