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Innovations and disruptive change in the form of new products or modern manufacturing processes require a high willingness to change, flexibility and a distinct competitive and innovational ability of your organization. Our team for organizational and HR Consulting will accompany you systematically and systemically. Together with you, we develop strategies and processes to increase the performance of the entire organization. 

Organizational development

Your business objectives and your employees are the guiding principles for all measures, and we keep them at the centre of our consulting approach. Because their performance, identification and commitment make a significant contribution to achieving your goals. We provide support in these areas:

  • Organizational diagnosis of structures and analysis of action processes, considering the communication and behavioral patterns of employees 
  • Establishment of a communication strategy to accompany the development and transparent target definition for the employees
  • Environment analysis as systemic consulting or iterative consulting 
  • Investigation of your business potential regarding efficient processes
  • Development and increase of future scope for action and design for independent problem and conflict resolution
  • Application of the continuous improvement process for sustainable development

Change Management

Achieving future success or even an entrepreneurial lead is a task that is nowadays reached with speed, flexible action and creativity. To ensure this, companies need the right mindset, adequate working methods and the right technologies.  We will work with you to find the strategy that suits you, your competencies and your goals.

  • Analysis and adaptation of the corporate strategy to define the desired future picture
  • Active design and support throughout all phases of the change process in evolutionary solution models until the vision of the future is achieved
  • Business process, structure and stakeholder analysis for a holistic view and processing 
  • Development of self-conception, identity and culture for sustainable change 

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