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HR Consulting with ARTS

We offer you tailor-made HR consulting through various analysis procedures and methods for sustainable human resources management. In this way, our HR consulting stays close to people in every respect and supports employees, managers and companies in their further development. The individual challenges for companies and their employees continue to increase due to organisational and structural change in the world of work as well as increasing demands on professional and social competence. This means that in the future, skilled workers in all areas of work will need targeted support for their skills, will also have to acquire completely new skills and companies will have to recognise and define them. This presents companies with new challenges in HR topics such as future-proof talent management, the design of personnel processes and modern recruitment.

We offer you tailor-made HR consulting through various analysis procedures such as our SWOT analysis human resources and other professional methods for sustainable human resources management.



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How does HR consulting work at ARTS?

In order to develop a holistic and custom-fit solution for you, we work with HR departments step by step through the change process:

  • Step 1: Joint exchange on the counselling topic. We ask about the background and connections in order to be able to take a holistic view.
  • Step 2: Development of a concept for the further development, optimisation or implementation of HR services.
  • Step 3: Professional internal communication, familiarisation of the persons involved and, if necessary, training in the company.
  • Step 4: Let's go: The increase of your employee satisfaction starts now!
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Your advantages with HR management consultancy from ARTS

  • You have a strategic advantage through professional support from HR consultants with broad and long-standing expertise.
  • With us, you get long-term optimisation of HR processes through our support.
  • We reduce your efforts in human resources management while improving results.
  • With us you get cost transparency through a fixed project volume.
  • We increase employee loyalty by improving the quality of HR work.
  • With our help, we enable you to concentrate on your core business and thereby increase your own productivity.

HR Consulting with ARTS - Our qualifications

360° HR Consulting for

  • Personnel Development & Talent Management
  • Personnel Planning & Recruitment

360°HR Consulting for



Our Solutions in the field of HR Consulting

Our Solutions in the field of HR Consulting

#short-term solutions:

We simply take your challenge off your hands. Within the framework of HR outsourcing, we take over your personnel processes - even at short notice!

HR Outsourcing

#medium term solutions:

We analyse the current challenges of your HR work, identify potentials and implement improvement measures together with you.

SWOT Analysis Human Resources

#long-term solutions:

We look at the overall environment, culture and embedding of the issue to develop a comprehensive solution with high potential.

HR Consulting for our client Autobahn GmbH of the Federal Government

Autobahn GmbH of the Federal Government is one of the largest operators of infrastructure in Germany. As a federally owned limited liability company, it is located at the interface between the private sector and public administration, which brings specific challenges when it comes to personnel recruitment. In order to shed light on these with an outside perspective, they decided to engage an HR consultancy, also due to their successful collaboration with ARTS in the area of High Volume Recruiting.

The recruitment process at Autobahn GmbH of the Federal Government should meet all regulatory and legal requirements as well as contribute to attracting top candidates from the private sector.

In the first step, ARTS set up a metrics system of KPIs in recruiting, tailored to the internal circumstances, and established reporting as part of HR consulting. Subsequently, we set up a survey to record the satisfaction of candidates with the entire recruiting process. To provide direct support for all participants in the recruitment process, we created a handout on quality standards for handling job applications. Subsequently, in a cross-team workshop, we showed the possibilities of how the candidate experience can also be improved within the existing processes with small changes and thus increase the satisfaction of the applicants.

Thanks to HR consulting, the personnel recruitment department of Autobahn GmbH of the Federal Government has various tools available to record and improve the quality of the application process within a stable system.

Frequently asked questions about Human Resources Consulting at a glance

What does ARTS offer on the topic of personnel development & talent management?

In order to position you for the future in the face of constant change, it is important that your employees are also supported in their individual competences in order to be prepared for change. We support you in the further development of your strategy for education and training, in the establishment and expansion of an internal knowledge management system, in the introduction of feedback processes that suit your company and in talent management for the long-term promotion of young talent. Through an effective combination of knowledge management and talent development, we are able to help companies establish appropriate succession planning when filling key positions at an early stage. In our view, executive development is one of the most important building blocks for the success of a company. Here we are happy to advise you on the further development of your leadership culture and offer professional business coaching for managers.

To what extent does ARTS advise on recruitment?

Due to our extensive recruiting experience, our experts can support you in all modern recruitment topics. In addition to our outsourcing services, we advise our clients on developing their own recruitment strategy tailored to the industry, target group and company and model the associated process for you. Furthermore, we offer training for your HR and leadership teams, in which we pass on our know-how in recruiting, active sourcing and interview design.
To create an attractive employer brand and the associated performance tools, we offer you advice on brand-building and performance-enhancing advertising measures and are happy to set these up for your company. For the operational implementation of your HR marketing, we offer you an HR BPO service, so you get your complete HR marketing from a single source.

HR Consulting or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

ARTS offers a wide range of HR consulting services. Feel free to contact us and together we will look at the current challenges your company is facing.

What is behind human resources process consulting?

HR work is characterised by countless repetitive processes. Through our experience with HR processes as a provider of an HR Shared Service, we know countless potentials through which processes can be streamlined and optimised. We would be happy to offer you a comprehensive analysis of your processes or even transfer them to our HR Shared Service Centre.

How exactly can advice be given on the subject of staff redundancy?

Companies that have to deal with staff redundancies usually do so unwillingly and look for a solution that is as socially acceptable as possible. The separation process can be made particularly fair and appreciative through outplacement

Which HR areas exist?

Depending on the size of a company, human resources or the human resources (HR) department may consist of several areas. Generally, the HR department focuses on the three main functions of recruitment, personnel administration and personnel management. These functional areas can be further subdivided, with the extent of the subdivision depending on the size of the company.

The HR area of personnel recruitment includes, among other things, recruiting and applicant management, as well as employer branding and hr marketing.

The area of HR administration usually includes particularly administrative tasks, such as drawing up employment contracts, processing vacation requests, sickness notifications, and applications for training and continuing education, or managing the (digital) personnel file.

In the area of personnel management, the HR department is responsible for taking personnel-related measures that contribute to the growth of the company and promote change processes.

HR Consulting what is it?

HR Consulting refers to services provided by external consultants (HR Consultants) in the field of Human Resources. HR Consulting service providers help organizations address various HR challenges and provide advice, expertise and solutions to HR related issues.

HR Consulting can vary depending on the specific needs of the client. Here are some examples of typical areas where HR consulting is used:

Strategic HR Consulting: HR Consulting helps companies develop and implement an effective HR strategy that is aligned with business objectives. Thus, it helps to develop HR strategies that promote the company's growth and performance.

Organizational Development: HR consultants assist in designing and optimizing organizational structures, processes, and workflows. They help companies create more efficient work environments and improve collaboration and communication within the company.

Change Management: In change processes, HR consultants support companies in managing change successfully. They help with communication, employee engagement, and implementation of new processes to ensure a smooth transition.

Talent management: HR consultants offer support in developing and implementing talent management strategies to ensure that the company has the right people with the required skills and competencies. This includes recruitment, selection, development, succession planning and performance management.

HR Technology and Systems: HR consultants help companies select, implement, and optimize HR technology and HR information systems. They assist in integrating HR software solutions to enable more efficient HR processes and improved data management.

HR Consulting offers companies the opportunity to draw on the expertise and experience of external experts to improve their HR practices, address challenges, and ensure effective and strategic HR alignment.


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Are you facing a strategic or process-related challenge in HR and need an outside opinion? We would be happy to discuss potential solutions with you in a non-binding initial meeting. 

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