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HR Shared Service Center with ARTS

Combining company processes into shared service centers is a common process model on the market and the trend has also arrived in HR departments to break down the individual process areas into small task packages. We at ARTS also follow this approach of centralization and open our internal HR Service Center structures to our client companies. In this way, you can benefit from our experience in handling administrative HR processes and ensure that your employees' concerns are dealt with as quickly and professionally as possible.


Success through HR Shared Service Centers 

Satisfied Customers


How does HR Shared Service Center work at ARTS?

The ARTS HR Shared Service Center operates out of Dresden and the employee support process is fully digitized at our company. Each of our HR Service Center Consultants has extensive technical and process knowledge.

  • Step 1: Based on your business needs, we create a process analysis of your HR processes with an exemplary process landscape after integration into our HR SSC.
  • Step 2: We match our processes with your procedures and define any additional individual processes required.
  • Step 3: The software is integrated and self-service access for your managers and employees is provided.
  • Step 4: You receive your own hotline and the important information for your corporate communication.
  • Step 4: Go live: The processing of HR requests is now in our hands. 
  • Step 5: We track all requests from employees and managers and provide you with a key performance indicator system that you can use to track activities.


HR Shared Service Center at ARTS - Your advantages

  • Through uniform process standards, we ensure fast processing and increase your employee satisfaction through the efficient handling of requests. 
  • We reduce your process and IT costs in the HR area.
  • We assure you of high quality performance through the professionalism and routine of our HR specialists.
  • We guarantee you full cost transparency of our service.
  • We can guarantee you legally compliant human resources management.
  • You do not need to relocate HR tasks abroad, because our HR Shared Service Center operates exclusively at the Dresden location.

HR Shared Service Center - Our service scope

HR processes standardized for

  • Absenteeism management 
  • Time recording via Self Service
  • Time account maintenance
  • Payroll
  • Equal Pay 
  • Company pension scheme 
  • Testimonials
  • Certificates

HR processes standardized for

  • Contract management 
  • Offboarding 
  • Onboarding 
  • Maintenance/establishment of digital personnel file
  • Processing of anniversaries, births, weddings, etc.
  • Processing of parental leave, maternity leave, etc.
  • Travel expense management
  • Short-time work


What solutions do we offer in the area of HR Shared Service Center?

What solutions do we offer in the area of HR Shared Service Center?

#Short-term solutions:

We take over the process analysis of your HR processes for you.

#medium-term solutions:

Fast integration of your standard processes in our HR Shared Service Center system.

#long-term solutions:

Transfer of customer-specific HR processes, which we map and process in our process map.


ARTS HR Shared Service Center for FPA Services GmbH

For our customer FPA we take over task modules during the different phases of the employee cycle. 


During onboarding, we convey values and cultural characteristics of FPA Services GmbH, take over general initial briefings, keep up with occupational health check-ups, take care of software as well as user registrations, and ensure the provision of occupational safety clothing. During this process, close networking with the specialist superiors is always required so that the focus is on the successful execution of the employee's future task. 

As part of operational employee support, we answer assignment-related questions about absenteeism management. This means that time sheets, short-time work issues, sick bills, deduction of overtime and other components of "non-attendance times" are recorded by us and transferred to the system for further payroll processing, to which the manager also has access. Our ERP system, Odoo, is the digital interface between the FPA and the assignment and employee-related data. We track deadlines for renewals, expiring certificates or preventive medical checkups and seek close exchange with the team leader on site here as well.

During offboarding, we take care of issues such as issuing timely notices of termination, vacation certificates, job references and are responsible for the return of work equipment or clothing. 


By combining face-to-face interaction with the employee, reporting for the manager and documentation in the ERP system, we create an efficient digital yet personal level to deal with all concerns and challenges throughout the employee cycle.


Close support and good HR service create high employee retention through a positive empolyee experience when working with HR contacts. All employees can contact the team with issues related to the HR Shared Service Center's predefined range of tasks and receive feedback on their concerns quickly as well as in a legally compliant manner. In this way, we create fast and efficient processes for FPA Services GmbH, catch team members in case of ambiguities and create time for managers to focus on value-adding topics.


Customer quotes


"We appreciate the added value of focusing on its core business and bringing in process experts. With ARTS' HR Shared Service Center, we quickly integrated a digital process without sourcing our own infrastructure and hiring staff."

Ronald Scharf, CEO, FPA Services GmbH


Frequently asked questions about HR Shared Service Centers at a glance

What is an HR Shared Service Center?

In our HR Shared Service Center, we have combined operational HR services into a single unit. Through ideal process design, a high level of expertise and routine in our team and an optimal HR management system, we succeed in taking over our customers' HR processes and offering them good value for money. From employment contracts to digital personnel files, certificates and credentials to time management, our team provides comprehensive HR services in a competent, friendly and professional manner.

What are the requirements for running a service center?

All service center consultants must work with the same system and all employee information plus histories must be stored there for all to access. Every employee in the HR Shared Service Center must be trained in labor law requirements and always have the most up-to-date information on all company-relevant information. Processes must be defined in advance. These must then be continuously optimized in day-to-day operations.

Doesn't a standardized, centralized process weaken employee loyalty?

It is precisely a standardized procedure that guarantees that all employees are treated equally. Our HR Service Center consultants are trained in their individual processes and are always able to provide meaningful feedback. We are convinced that if process efficiency and quality orientation, i.e. an individual view of the employee, are given high priority, personal support is not out of the question. Transparent, goal-oriented and appreciative communication is the key and this can also be integrated in an HR Shared Service Center.

HR Shared Service Centre or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

If you want to completely outsource your HR administration and employee inquiry response, we offer the ideal solution with our HR Shared Service Center. Alternatively, with HR as a Service, we offer you a permanent contact person who takes over your HR administration on an hourly basis at fixed times. This service package is a quick help, especially for small and medium-sized companies or as a temporary solution for peak workloads.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

Do you have any questions about our HR Shared Service Center offer or would you like to discuss your current challenge with us without obligation in an initial meeting. Then please do not hesitate to contact us!

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