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ARTS - Your Recruiting Agency

Efficient recruiting processes can give you the decisive competitive edge and should convince applicants about you after the first points of contact. Due to our extensive recruiting experience, our experts can support you in all modern recruitment topics and in the various ways of employment.

As your recruiting agency, we see ourselves as a supporter of your recruitment process, regardless of whether we cover your order peaks within the framework of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or High Volume Recruiting, support you in the area of active sourcing or take on recruitment services within the framework of classic personnel placement, headhunting or temporary employment - with ARTS you will reach your goals faster.

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Your Recruiting Agency - ARTS

Satisfied Customers


How does recruiting consulting and support work at ARTS?

You tell us which recruiting process step you need support with, and we tell you how to get it. Our consulting and support is always clear, transparent and aligned with your requirement.

  • Step 1: You indicate to us where you need support in your recruiting process.
  • Step 2: We work out different approaches for you to achieve your goal.
  • Step 3: You decide on the most suitable offer for you.
  • Step 4: We implement it for you, analyse and report to you on progress, and adjust process steps as needed.
  • Step 5: We support you until you have reached your goal.

Recruiting Agency ARTS - Your advantages

  • We advise you on the most effective way to meet your needs in the recruiting process. 
  • We advise you on the different forms of contracts.
  • Through us, you will find the most sustainable, fastest and most cost-effective solution for you.
  • You can concentrate on your core tasks.




What solutions do we offer as a recruiting agency?

What solutions do we offer as a recruiting agency?

#short-term solutions:

We support you at short notice with the right people from our comprehensive pool of applicants. Depending on your requirements, we advise you or support you directly with the implementation.

#medium-term solutions:

We support you in the recruitment process with our experienced recruitment consultants. We support you from job posting, multiposting, active sourcing as well as interviews for the optimal filling of your positions.

#long-term solutions:

We support you in setting up high-performance recruiting processes. This starts with your employer brand, continues with market cultivation, job management and multiposting, and continues with the approach, interviews and the strength to convince candidates.  In this way, you build up a pool of potential candidates (high potentials).

Recruiting as a Service (RPO)

As a modern recruiting agency, we offer our services as part of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). We take over your recruiting tasks - in full or in part - transparently, remotely and at an attractive price.


Active Sourcing

Addressing passive candidates in social networks through active sourcing is now part of every recruiting strategy. This requires your own candidate network and the regular maintenance of each channel - ARTS can take care of this for you.

Active Sourcing

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing makes it possible to flexibly cover project-related peaks in demand and thus your short-term personnel requirements. We provide you with suitable employees.

Temporary Staffing

High Volume Recruiting

High Volume Recruiting with ARTS is your first choice if you want to successfully fill a very large number of positions within a very short period of time. Our experts develop a recruiting funnel tailored to your needs to increase the efficiency of your time-critical recruitment process.

High Volume Recruiting

Personnel Placement

We have been active as recruitment agency for clients from a wide range of industries for more than 20 years - we find the experts that suit you. 

Personnel Placement


Would you rather ask than read?

Do you have a specific question or are you facing a current challenge that you would like to tackle with a trustworthy, creative companion, partner and advisor? Then don't hesitate to arrange a non-binding initial meeting with us.

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Excerpt of our areas of expertise as a recruiting agency

Extract from our commercial services

  • Accountant / Controller
  • Personnel administrator
  • Assistance
  • Administrative assistant
  • Industrial clerk
  • Sales representative

Extract from our technical services

  • Electrician / Mechanic
  • Logistics technician
  • Service technician
  • Software Engineer / It Supporter 
  • Project Engineer
  • Quality Manager / Auditor
  • Production Planner


Recruiting Consulting & Support for our client Klüh Catering GmbH

We advise our clients on how to optimize their HR performance, use sound analysis methods for sustainable competence management and support them in their search for candidates. Klüh Catering GmbH is looking for the right way to successfully fill vacancies via social media or to actively approach potential candidates.


In the HR department, the knowledge on the topic of active sourcing and direct approach was to be established and the positions were to gain reach. In addition, the company's social media presence needed to be professionalized.


ARTS trained the HR staff in a 6-hour basic training on the topic of direct approach and active sourcing.
ARTS reworked positions that were particularly difficult to fill according to current SEO standards and keyword optimization. Subsequently, the job was published in the ARTS network, on appropriate social media channels as well as in relevant groups.


The inhibition threshold to the topic of direct approach was removed and the HR department was given basic tools to act in the area itself. Through the job optimization, the visibility was significantly increased and the number and quality of incoming applicants increased.

What our customers say

ARTS quickly recognizes the requirements of the respective recruiting process and then provides very professional support in the implementation. The cooperation is always collegial, with a lot of mutual understanding and flexibility in case of short-term requirements.
We are very satisfied with ARTS' support and would recommend the collaboration to anyone who needs help in their search for talent.

Silke Schöttler
Senior Talent Expert bei Amadeus Data Processing GmbH

"I would also like to thank you for the very pleasant cooperation.

It was always a pleasure to solve small and big problems with you in your friendly, humorous and very competent way."

Wilfried König
Head of Department Building Management, Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes


"ARTS trained us on active sourcing. We received good examples, great insights and everything explained in an understandable way."

Julia Dreßler
HR Recruiter, Klüh Catering GmbH

ARTS takes over a large part of the recruitment process for us. They advertise the jobs, actively search for candidates and filter out those who best fit the position. This allows us to continue to focus on the project business without neglecting recruitment.

Andreas Roth
Dev Lead & Trainer, esveo GmbH 

"With ARTS we have found a very good partner in the field of personnel placement and leasing. The cooperation is highly professional, uncomplicated and very fast. We can trust our contact person at any time and feel that our jobs are in good hands, which is also confirmed by our applicants."

Sabrina Fichter, Head of Human Resources, XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbHs


Frequently asked questions about recruiting and working with a recruiting agency at a glance

What makes for good recruiting?

The role of recruiting has changed significantly in recent years. The traditional ways no longer work as they used to. There is a need for a new mindset in recruiting, in that there is more intensive cross-departmental collaboration with marketing, specialist departments and management, and potential applicants are approached via all possible channels, (online) career fairs, but also the professional/private network. Recruiting agencies are also a good way to expand the network. Recruiters today are not only a sales talent of job offers, but also business savvy, who knows their target group inside and out, especially professionally, and where to find them. Our recruiters act as consultants for your company.

What is behind the terms active sourcing, social recruiting and social media recruiting?

As recruitment consisting of HR marketing, employer branding and recruiting is undergoing major changes, new methods are also developing in this area:

With active sourcing, you proactively identify potential employees on the labour market who are not currently actively looking for a job. With this method, you approach passive applicants directly and try to maintain personal contact until they are recruited. Your own talent pool can help here, but also social or career networks such as Xing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, Stepstone and many more.

Based on this, one finds terms such as social recruiting or social media recruiting.These describe the combination of active sourcing and other means of communication in social media. These include contact points through target group-specific ad advertising or the free distribution of content and job offers with a company profile in social networks or the display of paid advertisements in social media, so-called programmatic ads.

ARTS as a recruiting agency or another ARTS service? What do I really need?

Ultimately, it depends on your challenge and your time horizon. If one or more positions need to be filled quickly, we are able to fill positions fast and uncomplicated by means of recruitment process outsourcing or interim management, among others.

However, when it comes to the long-term conception of your HR processes, we analyse your actual challenges together with you within the framework of our HR consulting. We develop practical recommendations in the areas of HR marketing, employer branding and personnel development, among others.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

True to the motto "Offers only hurt those who don't have any", we are available to you at any time by phone, in person or by e-mail and will discuss with you what your individual solution might look like.

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Aileen Kreibich General Manager of ARTS Experts GmbH +49 172 24 81 43 8 Add as LinkedIn contact Add as XING contact

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