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The days of post & pray are long gone. In the competition for the best talent, companies today cannot afford to publish meaningless job ads and wait for applications. They have to choose new ways and methods in recruiting to be successful in the long run. Social Recruiting proactively contacts potential candidates even before they are discovered by other companies. This gives you the opportunity to find highly qualified professionals who may not even be actively looking for a job. This personal contact builds trust and enables you to establish a positive relationship with the candidate.

As part of our Social Recruiting services, we work with you to create target group-specific search profiles in order to optimally identify suitable candidates. In addition to direct approaches via social networks, we also search specific CV databases for you. Furthermore, we can place supporting social media advertising for you within our social media recruiting, which draws attention to your open vacancies or your employer brand in general.


Success by Social Recruiting und Active Sourcing

Satisfied Customers

Professional social recruiting

Social Recruiting

Identifying and approaching candidates requires a considerable amount of time and personnel. As business platforms, XING and LinkedIn are indispensable for social recruiting. ARTS is at your disposal with capacities, expertise and all necessary licenses for the social media channels. Furthermore, we place online advertisements for you on all relevant social media platforms.

Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting in CV databases

In addition to social networks, specialized resume databases offer access to detailed information from classic resumes. This allows you to get a comprehensive picture of a suitable candidate in advance. Our recruiters know the relevant CV databases and sift through numerous resumes on job platforms, CV databases and Google every day.

Social Recruiting in CV databases

Social Recruiting in ARTS Talentpools

Leverage the power of our existing ARTS talent pools and gain a strategic competitive advantage. In all relevant professional fields, we have contact to numerous interesting candidates who would strike at the right job offer, but are not actively looking for a job. We screen these talent pools for suitable talents and take over the complete communication.

Social Recruiting

Full Service HR Agency

More than social recruiting

As a 360° full service HR agency, we offer you a comprehensive range of recruiting services. In addition to active sourcing and classic HR services such as recruitment and temporary employment, we are happy to take over your recruitment process as your HR outsourcing partner – in part or in full. Our recruiters are available to you per vacancy or per hour.


Job-specific social media advertising

Social Media Recruiting

ARTS combines the targeted approach of suitable candidates with the campaign-specific placement of advertisements in social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

Social Media Recruiting

Programmatic Job Marketing

Performance Recruiting

In addition to social media advertising and active sourcing, we also enable you to place your job offers in the form of search engine advertising in Google and / or Bing - invidiuell or at a fixed price.

Performance Recruiting

Seminar Active Sourcing

Our active sourcing training for effective candidate search, targeted approach and optimal selection of talents, enables your HR experts to get started with social recruiting.

Social Recruiting

Career websites

Customized career pages

The basic prerequisite for successful recruiting is a meaningful career site that represents your employer brand in the best possible way. We support you in the development of your career site - strategically and operationally.

HR Marketing


You don't have the necessary capacity to manage all relevant social media channels?

Social Recruiting in Social Media

Social Recruiting at ARTS takes place via the classic social media channels LinkedIn, Xing or Facebook as well as in specialist groups of the respective social networks. The advantage: We pick up your target group exactly where they are at home - on the Internet.

Our Social Recruiting Services:

  • We develop individual search profiles for your candidate target groups
  • We search social media channels such as Linkedin and Xing using search algorithms and Boolean operators
  • We screen members of specialist groups and match their expertise with your requirements
  • We choose an individual and discreet approach, which at the same time arouses curiosity about your company
  • We take care of the communication with applicants and send you all relevant application documents
  • If you are interested, we can take care of the complete applicant management including the scheduling of interviews


Professional social recruiting


You do not have the necessary knowledge about search algorithms?

Using CV database search efficiently in active sourcing

Identifying the right resumes on job platforms, resume databases and Google requires in-depth knowledge of various search algorithms and filtering options. It is important to carefully define and refine the search criteria in order to narrow down the results to the desired candidates. In addition, search results must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Our recruiters can do all this for you. Alternatively, we can train your team in the area of social recruiting.

Our services for social recruiting in CV databases:

  • Selection of suitable CV databases that best meet your requirements
  • Determination of relevant search criteria
  • Analysis of search results
  • HR training on active sourcing

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Your applicant management system cannot map a talent pool function?

Long-term successful social recruiting through talent pools

A talent pool is a valuable tool for achieving long-term recruiting success and attracting the best talent for your company. Take advantage of the size and quality of our ARTS talent pools, in which we search for the right talent for you. We will be happy to contact the candidates and provide you with recommendations.

Using ARTS talent pools successfully:

  • Quality instead of quantity: We only select the talents that best fit your company.
  • Our talent pools cover different occupational groups and fields, as well as geographical regions.
  • Our recruiters are in regular contact with potential candidates so that our talent pools are constantly updated.



Effective social recruiting entirely without additional software

Job-specific social media advertising

Social Media Recruiting with ARTS

Take advantage of our many years of experience as a 360° full service HR agency. Our goal is not only to generate high reach and visibility for your job ads and employer brand, but also to enable you to recruit staff effectively and efficiently.

Our services in social media recruiting:

  • Comprehensive advice on suitable channels and targeting strategies to optimally address your target group.
  • Channel-specific content creation to present your messages in an appealing and effective way (image, text, sound, video).
  • Placement of target group-specific online ads on various platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Xing.
  • Direct approach of suitable candidates through active sourcing in relevant social media as well as candidate databases.
  • Monitoring and reporting to monitor the success of your social media recruiting campaigns and provide you with meaningful results.



Do you want to increase your reach and reach potential applicants via performance recruiting?

Performance Recruiting with ARTS

ARTS offers you the full spectrum of performance recruiting. In addition to social media ads and active sourcing, we go one step further and also handle the placement of online ads in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Performance Recruiting Services:

  • Search engine marketing (search engine advertising) in Google and Bing tailored to your budget
    fully automated and target group specific Programmatic Job Advertising at a fixed price


Programmatic Job Marketing

CASE STUDY: Active sourcing know-how for securing the trainee program of Amadeus Data Processing GmbH

As one of the 10 largest software companies in the world, with a total of 16,000 employees in over 190 countries, our client Amadeus Data Processing specializes in rethinking travel. This requires outstanding minds, which ARTS has tracked down as an HR expert.


The client had a goal of hiring 10 suitable graduates for its IT trainee program, but lacked the time for active sourcing in subject-specific groups.


ARTS drew attention to the trainee program in all relevant social media channels, contacted universities throughout Germany and internationally, and today provides long-term support to Amadeus Data Processing GmbH in the direct approach of students and graduates.


The customer's HR department can concentrate on its own core business and only gets to know the candidates that ARTS has already interviewed beforehand. Amadeus Data Processing has meanwhile been able to hire almost 30 trainees for several IT trainee programs with our help.

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Frequently asked questions about social recruiting and active sourcing at a glance

What is Social Recruiting?

Social Recruiting is a modern method of recruiting in which companies actively search for qualified candidates and approach them proactively instead of just waiting for incoming applications. Various measures are used, such as targeted searches in databases, the use of social media platforms such as Xing and Linkedin, or the development of a company's own talent pool. The aim of active sourcing is to identify potential candidates at an early stage and to contact them in order to recruit them for vacancies or future positions.

ARTS offers Social Recruiting for its clients on an hourly basis or as part of a Recruiting as a Service package per position.

What does Social Recruiting cost?

The cost of Social Recruiting can vary depending on the specific needs, the scope of activities and the approach chosen. The use of specialized tools and technologies to support Social Recruiting may incur additional costs. This includes, for example, access to databases and candidate search and targeting software.

ARTS has access to all common systems for social recruiting.

How does Social Recruiting work on Xing and LinkedIn?

Personal profiles form the basis for social recruiting in social networks. In addition, there are licenses for companies and recruiters that make active sourcing much easier. ARTS has all the necessary licenses and tools to enable professional social recruiting. With the help of different keywords, we combine several terms with a high search probability in the keyword search. In addition, we use Boolean operators to increase the hit rate and find only the relevant target contacts.

When does Social Recruiting make sense?

Basically, Social Recruiting always makes sense. If there is a shortage of qualified specialists in your industry or in certain professional fields, active sourcing can help you to search for suitable candidates and win them for your company. In addition, social recruiting also makes sense if you have specific requirements for your employees that may not be met by traditional applications.

What is your experience with Social Recruiting?

We have had positive experiences with Social Recruiting, especially in areas with an increased shortage of skilled workers. By proactively sourcing and reaching out to potential candidate, companies can attract highly skilled talent that may not be actively looking for a job. The effectiveness of active sourcing depends on several factors and can vary by company and industry. An individual strategy that is adapted to your requirements is crucial.


How may we support you in social recruiting?

We would be happy to put together an individual social recruiting solution for you or to discuss with you how you can reach your goal as quickly as possible. Please contact us at any time or describe your request here.

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