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Office dog as added value - Good for employeese, companies & dogs

06/07/2023 2023/07

In recent years, the design of the workplace has changed dramatically. Companies are looking for ways to increase the productivity and well-being of their employees. One innovative solution that is gaining popularity is the introduction of dogs into the workplace. The fluffy four-legged friends not only bring joy and fun to the office, but also offer a number of benefits for the employees, the company and the dogs themselves.

What is an office dog?

An office dog is a consciously integrated part of a work team and, under suitable conditions, can be taken by the owner into the office or an office-like environment. In doing so, it exerts its positive effect and is automatically considered an office dog, regardless of the actual location of the office.

But how is the positive effect of dogs in the office for employees :inside, companies and four-legged friends in detail?

With an office dog, every workday becomes a special experience.
An office dog not only brings joy, but also an extra portion of motivation.

Advantages of an office dog for employees

First and foremost, the integration of dogs in the workplace offers multiple benefits for employees. These include, for example: 

Improvement of the working atmosphere

Stress in the workplace is a common problem that affects the productivity of employees. The presence of an office dog can help create a relaxed atmosphere and reduce stress levels. Petting and short walks with the dog help reduce stress and thus improve the mood in the office. The mere presence of a dog can lighten up the work environment and encourage employees :inside to feel more at ease.

Promoting health

Studies have shown that dogs have a calming effect on people. Petting a dog leads to the release of the hormone oxytocin, which helps lower blood pressure and reduces stress hormones. Having an office dog is a welcome change for employees and can help them relax when they are stressed or need a break. This leads to improved stress management and can promote the overall mental health of employees. In addition, to meet the dog's needs, break times invite employees to take short walks, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Advantages of an office dog for companies

But companies shouldn't underestimate the benefits of office dogs either. Allowing dogs to be brought into the workplace offers a variety of opportunities, such as: 

Increasing employee satisfaction and productivity

An office dog offers potential to increase overall employeesatisfaction. Knowing that an animal friend is present can make the work environment more pleasant and increase motivation. Employees who feel good about themselves and have a positive work environment have been shown to be more motivated and productive. Thus, the office dog can indirectly help improve the performance of the entire team.

Strengthening employee loyalty

An office dog can also signal a flexible and family-friendly work environment. For employees who have pets, the ability to bring their dog to work is an immense relief. They don't have to worry about taking care of their dog during work hours and feel supported and appreciated as a result. The Office Dog Index from the Bundesverband Bürohund e.V. confirms the strengthening effect on company loyalty, with a 41 percent lower willingness to change employers among companies with office dogs than those without. 

Promoting team dynamics

The presence of an office dog can also strengthen team dynamics and communication within a company. Dogs are known for their ability to bring people together and foster social interactions. Employees who have a dog in the office often have something in common to talk about, which breaks the ice and promotes trust among each other. The office dog creates a casual and friendly atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and can communicate openly with each other.

Improving the employer image

In addition to the positive effect on employees, an office dog can also help make the company more attractive to potential applicants. Companies that allow office dogs express openness, a modern work culture and an understanding of their employees' needs. The possibility to take one's own dog to work can thus be an important factor in the decision for an employer and thus contribute to the enhancement of the employer brand.

PS: Especially on social media, the four-legged friends are a sought-after content.

A happy office dog creates a good mood and a pleasant working atmosphere.
A happy office dog creates a good mood and a pleasant working atmosphere.

Benefits for dogs themselves

Of course, our four-legged friends also benefit from a day at the office with their master or mistress. For dogs, bringing them to the workplace primarily means increased well-being, improved health and can contribute to improved socialization. 


Here it is confirmed - dogs in the workplace offer a multitude of positive outcomes for companies, employees, and dogs as well. So, as an employee, don't be afraid to point out the benefits of office dogs to your boss, opening the door for your four-legged friends to enter their company and take in their calming nature. We, at ARTS, have dared the office dog experiment and are fully convinced of its added value!

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