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Why the employer brand in particular needs social media

22/03/2023 2023/04

You have just worked out a wonderful strategy for your employer brand? With a unique employer value proposition and great values? Congratulations! Unfortunately, we also have to give you some bad news: Because this is exactly where your ongoing brand work begins! Many companies think that with the adoption of the employer brand strategy, their brand will now work for itself and attract job seekers like a magnet. Unfortunately, due to the market situation we all know, this does not work in most cases. In this blog post, we would like to show you how you can transform your brand strategy into a living employer brand with an active social media work and how your HR work will benefit from it. And we would like to give you our 6 best implementation tips as well as a presentation of the most important social media channels in employer branding.

The role of social media in creating an effective employer brand

Social media is now an essential tool for companies to build and maintain their employer brand in the war for talent. By using platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter or Instagram, companies can present themselves and showcase their positioning, work culture and attitude. Authentic insights behind the (work) scenes give potential applicants a feeling of what it would be like to work for you. For example, you can also present insights into your benefits and working conditions or share employee statements and success stories. And social media offers you the opportunity to engage in dialogue with potential applicants. Social media offers a wide range of possibilities for interaction. Quick and uncomplicated.  If you present yourself authentically, you will be successful in two ways: your employee loyalty and the visibility and attractiveness of your employer brand will increase.

How to strengthen your employer brand through social media: Our best tips for you

You can no longer avoid social media if you want to make your employer brand known or keep it present and top-of-mind. Social media channels are an excellent platform for strengthening your employer brand. Because you meet your target groups where they regularly spend time. On social media, companies can also present themselves in an emotional way at a low cost. Here are some tips on how to use social media recruitment to actively build your employer brand:

1. Regularly publish posts on your social media channels that reflect your culture, values, vision and mission. These posts should address the needs of your potential applicants inside and show them the benefits of your company.

2. Use video content: Videos are a great way to emotionally showcase your employer brand on social media. You can show employee interviews, office tours, team building events and other activities that depict life at your company. Well-produced videos are not only engaging and entertaining, but they also give a credible insight into your company.

3. Share success stories of employees who work at your company. These stories can show how your employees inside your organisation can grow and make a career. They can also show how your company recognises and rewards the work of your employees.

4. Create a careers page on your company website and share it on your social media channels. This page should include information on job vacancies, career opportunities, work culture and other relevant topics. In short, present your employer brand in full.
5 Social media ads can be an effective way to target potential applicants. You can run ads that showcase your employer brand and target them to suitable people who might be interested in specific vacancies in your company.

6. Actively interact with your target group on social media. Answer questions, comment on posts and share content that might interest your target audience. Ask questions. Post surveys and their results. This shows that your company is open and accessible and interested in the opinion of its employees.

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Social media is indispensable for strengthening the employer brand, as it allows companies to reach their target groups in an emotional way at low cost.
Social media is indispensable for strengthening the employer brand, as it allows companies to reach their target groups in an emotional way at low cost.

Employer branding on various platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing and Instagram.

In social media, various channels are suitable for strengthening your employer brand. Business platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing are particularly suitable for targeting potential applicants and presenting the company as an attractive employer. Here, companies can regularly share content that reflects the employer brand, post job ads and interact with followers. But visual platforms such as Instagram or YouTube can also be used to present the corporate culture and everyday working life in an authentic and creative way. However, it is important to choose the right channel for the target group and adapt the content accordingly.

LinkedIn is the largest business platform in the world and offers companies the opportunity to present themselves as an attractive employer. To strengthen the employer brand on LinkedIn, companies should regularly share content that reflects the employer brand. For example, employee portraits, experience reports or insights into everyday working life can be used for this purpose. Job advertisements should also be published on LinkedIn to reach potential applicants :inside.

Xing is the largest German-language business platform and is also ideal for employer branding. Companies can book a professional company profile here that comprehensively presents their employer brand - with texts, photos and videos. In addition, Xing offers the possibility to post job advertisements and target potential applicants. Here, too, it is important to regularly share relevant content and interact with followers.

Instagram is a visual platform and is particularly well suited to presenting the employer brand in a creative way. Companies can share pictures and videos here that give an insight into everyday working life or reflect the corporate culture. Influencer collaborations can also help to strengthen the employer brand. However, it is important that the content is authentic and relevant and does not appear too promotional.


The path to a strong employer brand: strategic integration of social media

In order to strategically integrate social media into employer branding, it is important to first set goals. To do this, you as a company should precisely analyse your target groups and their needs and tailor the content accordingly. The selection of social media channels should also be based on the target group. Regular and consistent content planning as well as interaction with followers and applicants contribute to strengthening the employer brand. The top priority is authentic and credible content that reflects the many facets of your corporate culture. Through targeted monitoring and evaluation of activities on social media channels, companies can track and optimise the impact of their postings.

There are various possibilities for controlling the success of social media activities. An important KPI is the reach of one's own posts on the various platforms. The number of followers and the interaction rate are also important indicators of the success of your social media activities. To analyse even more precisely how the content is received by the target group, companies can also evaluate feedback in the form of comments and direct messages. The use of special analysis tools that, for example, map the mood around the company on social media can also help to measure the effectiveness of the activities and optimise them in a targeted manner. We recommend a regular evaluation of social media activities in order to strengthen employer branding in the long term and to adapt it to the needs of the target group.

Employer branding made easy: How ARTS supports your company in designing your social media activities

As an experienced employer branding agency, our service does not end with the development of your employer brand strategy. We develop employer branding concepts together with our clients. For example, for the social media presence of your employer brand. We select the social media channels that fit your target groups and objectives. We define messages and create attractive content in the form of texts, photos and videos. Our social media support is 360° and ends with controlling and optimisation. 
Our conclusion: Go where your target groups are and allow your employer brand to make its presence felt. Let it come alive and inspire people!

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