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ARTS - Your Employer Branding Agency

As an employer branding agency, we support you in highlighting the uniqueness of your employer brand and thus apply the principles of branding to your employer brand as well. Employer branding (awareness and image) is an essential task in the hotly contested market for employees. You have the opportunity to influence the choice of your ideal candidate - start today! 

Good employer branding increases your recruiting success, your time-to-hire, the cultural fit of new talent and employee retention in your company. From brand analysis, employer branding strategy & positioning to creation & implementation, ARTS is your companion for employer branding with impact. Trust our more than 20 years of experience as an HR and employer branding agency!


Your Employer Branding Agency - ARTS

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Our services as
employer branding agency?

Our services as an employer branding agency

Employer Branding Strategy

As an employer branding agency, we support you in your employer branding strategy and identify the core and uniqueness of your employer brand.

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Employer Value Proposition

The Employer Value Proposition is the result of the strategic groundwork and the core of your employer brand. It is what sets you apart from your competitors.

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Employer Branding Measures

Your new strategy is implemented in employer branding measures, such as a career website, landing pages, job advertisements, recruiting videos and much more.

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Employer Branding Agency ARTS - Your advantages

  • More success in recruiting: Through a more attractive employer brand, you will receive more unsolicited applications and more suitable applications for your job advertisements.

  • Increase your brand awareness and likeability: Through creative employer branding concepts, you pave your way through the information overload into the minds and hearts of your target groups.

  • A more harmonious working atmosphere: By hiring talent that has the right cultural fit, you create the basis for good teamwork.

  • Stronger employee loyalty: Employer branding helps you build a common ground between employer and employee. Because only those who pursue the same goals will be successful together.

  • Increased productivity: Studies prove that strongly committed, loyal employees are more productive.

  • Reduction of fluctuation (costs): Employees who are loyal to the company and emotionally attached to it will remain loyal for longer. With an authentic employer brand, companies strengthen the emotional bond and thus reduce fluctuation costs.

  • Reduce your effort for managing service providers: At ARTS, you get the full HR service. From employer branding to personnel marketing and recruiting.

An employer brand for Seybold GmbH that creates brand awareness

Seybold GmbH operates in the field of facility management. It is the market leader in the segment of management for store real estate. The customers in this segment are chain stores such as C&A, Depot, Bonita, etc. Seybold GmbH was awarded as a top innovator company in 2021 and 2022.


ARTS was commissioned as an employer branding agency to elaborate the employer brand of Seybold GmbH and to implement it in suitable communication concepts for the career website and job advertisements. Due to the low awareness of the market segment and the employer brand, the task was to create an attention-grabbing communicative implementation of the new employer brand. The target groups of Seybold GmbH are primarily young career starters as well as talents with an experience horizon of about 3–5 years.


We conducted face-to-face in-depth interviews and an online survey with the relevant stakeholders of the company to elicit the current employer brand on the one hand, but also to find out the desired target state. We were particularly interested in the values lived by the company (corporate culture), the benefits and other general conditions. In the strategy phase, we developed the employer value proposition and corporate culture values for Seybold GmbH. And in the final phase, the employer branding measures were created.


The linchpin is Seybold's Purpose and Employer Value Proposition. The company's Purpose lies in the "daily fight for the interests of chain stores, so that the shopping streets remain alive and are not rationalized away by online retail". We translated this unique purpose of the company into a creative concept: "The Jedi Knight who fights for the higher purpose and for good". Our copy moves in the linguistic style of Chief Jedi Yoda (Star Wars). Among other things, we developed the career website and created a new job advertisement concept. The appearance at a recruiting event was a complete success: Seybold caught the eye of the students and became the topic of conversation at the event with the Jedi appearance.

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Since August 2020, ARTS has been actively supporting us in the recruitment of skilled workers in various fields of activity for the further development of our company. In doing so, ARTS is particularly convincing as a reliable and service-oriented partner. We would like to thank ARTS for the close and trusting cooperation so far and look forward to further joint successes.

Tobias Lück
Head of Recruitment & Employer Attractiveness at Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes

Within a minimal amount of time, the employer branding experts from ARTS helped us to give our employer brand a unique and creative profile. I not only felt perfectly understood, but also competently supported.

Marcus Seybold
Executive Partner of Seybold GmbH


Frequently asked questions about our work as an employer branding agency

Is employer brand the same as brand of an employer?

Yes, because employer brand is just the English term for employer brand.

What is the difference between the employer brand and the corporate brand?

The difference lies in the target group. The employer brand is aimed at existing and potential employees. The corporate brand addresses diverse target groups with very different needs: Suppliers, customers, associations, unions, public authorities, and many more.

What is the difference between employer brand and employer branding?

Employer brand is the employer brand itself. Employer branding refers to all communication measures in the direction of existing and potential employees.

What exactly is meant by Employer Value Proposition?

The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the employer's promise to employees. The EVP states what your company stands for. It communicates your values, your uniqueness, and your attractiveness to your target group.

What is a Candidate Persona?

The persona model is used in marketing to present targeted groups in a more comprehensible way and ultimately to reach them better with the right communication. A Candidate Persona describes a fictitious person who fits a specific job (e.g. IT administrator) based on his or her demographic characteristics, education, attitudes and needs.

Do you use employer branding for recruiting or for existing employees?

Both cases apply. The employer brand communicates internally as well as externally. Internally, for example, with the goal of employee retention or employee information, and externally with the goal of recruiting or image building.

I would like to have only employer branding measures. Is that possible?

Yes, ARTS adapts to the needs of its customers. If you already have a brand strategy and would like to implement it, for example, in communication measures to improve your recruiting success, please contact us! Or do you have an internal communication task? Then we are also the right contact persons for you!

Employer branding or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

Employer branding is just one of our specialist areas of HR services. We are a 360° HR agency and offer a range of services from employer branding, HR marketing, job multiposting, recruiting, onboarding, employee management and staff release. Sometimes the need to fill the position is so great that we take over sub-processes in the area of production, supply chain etc. with our ARTS Industrial Services. At this point, the outsourcing solution may be more effective.

All our services are interlinked and pay off in terms of your HR goals. If you are looking for a long-term solution that will increase your brand awareness, bind employees to you permanently and at the same time increase the reach for career content with the right target group, then the strategic positioning of your employer brand is exactly the right approach.


How may we support you as an employer branding agency?

You would like to do something for your employer brand right now to prepare for the war of talents? But you still have questions about the process and content? You are welcome to contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation:

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