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ARTS - Your Employer Branding Agency

In order to attract and to keep the best minds in the war of talents, branding around your own employer brand is a crucial success factor. As an employer branding agency, ARTS helps you position yourself as an attractive employer brand. What ist your corporate culture. Which values are important to you? What makes you stand out as an employer? Can you offer your employees a purpose? How is your vision? We can answer these and many other questions together with you.

Highlighting your uniqueness in the employer brand is the golden rule of employer branding and the basic framework for all subsequent personnel marketing and recruiting measures.


Your Employer Branding Agency - ARTS

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How does employer branding consulting work at ARTS?

The employer brand is derived from the corporate brand and the corporate culture. Once the employer brand has been positioned, the next step is to create long-term, tailor-made image campaigns. Creativity is required here, which we implement together with strong partners, for example in the area of graphics, video production & IT.

  • Upstream: Define corporate brand & values.
  • Step 1: We lay the foundation for successful employer branding with workshops and surveys. With stakeholders from your company and employee surveys, we determine the current situation and then go into the analysis for the topics of target group, competition and opinions on the web.
  • Step 2: We use the workshop, survey and analysis results to develop your employer value proposition. 
  • Step 3: Internal employer branding - we develop concepts on how employees become brand ambassadors.
  • Step 4: External employer branding - We design the measures that will create a long-term image for applicants.
  • This is followed by the definition of communication channels and design measures within the framework of personnel marketing.

Your advantages with ARTS - your employer branding agency

  • Increased productivity: Studies prove that highly engaged, loyal employees are more productive. Employer branding aims at strong employee retention and loyalty.
  • Engage employees emotionally: Employer branding helps you build common ground between employer and employee. Because only those who pursue the same goals will be successful together. Companies urgently need to do something to bind their employees more emotionally as well. If you want to convince people of your company, you have to act and communicate in an appreciative way. This has been proven to promote employee satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Inspire new talent: The values of the upcoming generation of employees are constantly changing and potential employees want to know what makes a company special and whether the values match. Employer branding helps you achieve a better fit between company and applicant.
  • Reduce fluctuation and save costs: Employees who are loyal to the company and emotionally attached remain loyal to the company longer. With an authentic employer brand, companies strengthen the emotional bond and thus reduce the risk of time-consuming and cost-intensive fluctuations. 


What solutions do we offer as an
employer branding agency?

What solutions do we offer as an employer branding agency?

#short-term solution
Employer Branding Workshops

We offer remote and in-house workshops:

  • What makes an employer a brand?
  • Employees become brand ambassadors

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#medium-term solution
Employer Branding Consulting

Your employer branding strategy is set, but the measures don't quite add up yet: We analyse the existing strategy plus implementation, and uncover optimisation potential.

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#long-term solution
Business Process Outsourcing

From the employer branding strategy to the conceptual design - no matter at which step of the process, ARTS can complete partial tasks for you. We are happy to take on the entire employer positioning project in the form of a contract for work.

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ARTS as your employer branding agency - Our expertise

Project Management Qualification

  • We are certified for GPM (German Association for Project Management) and IPMA (International Project Management Association). Accordingly, we realise our customer projects according to DIN 69901.
  • We use business tools for optimal, transparent project and cooperation with the client

Employer branding expertise

  • Employer branding strategy for your employer positioning
  • Development of employer value proposition
  • Graphic design (print| UX/UI) - implementation with partners
  • Project management video production - implementation with partners
  • Conception and realisation of career pages in cooperation with partners

Employer branding consulting for a medium-sized aviation supplier

Even medium-sized companies have the chance to stand out from the crowd with a very good employer brand. With us as an employer branding agency, operational blindness doesn't stand a chance. We have already been able to support a medium-sized aviation supplier in establishing a strong employer brand with our clear view from the outside.


To make the client even more visible as an attractive employer in the future, we developed an employer branding strategy.


Employees manage to convince applicants with their passion for their job: they present themselves as authentic and enthusiastic as they work. Clear language and lively insights into the company underline this appearance. 


In addition to the employer branding strategy, we developed a concept for the brand ambassadors and revised the HR ad concept and the HR social media strategy in this context. We empowered employees to create their own content (employee report, video creation) and thus authentically share their professional experiences. Since benefits play a major role in job selection, we also developed a variety of attractive benefits together with the client. In order to position the employer brand with the right target group, we also took over the job management, including multi-posting of the jobs in various communication channels.


Since August 2020, ARTS has been actively supporting us in the recruitment of skilled workers in various fields of activity for the further development of our company. In doing so, ARTS is particularly convincing as a reliable and service-oriented partner. We would like to thank ARTS for the close and trusting cooperation so far and look forward to further joint successes.

Tobias Lück
Head of Recruitment & Employer Attractiveness at Die Autobahn GmbH des Bundes

I would like to thank you for the friendly and, as always, uncomplicated cooperation.

Jenny Lehmann
Specialist Human Resources at Unitedprint.com SE 


Frequently asked questions about employer branding at a glance

How many medium-sized companies and SMEs rely on employer branding?

It is not atypical that small and medium-sized companies are market leaders in their field of expertise on the one hand, but have little or no brand awareness as employers on the other. The experts that these companies need need to be convinced of their worth and build brand awareness there, even if they are not currently looking for a job. Brand building and increasing awareness is a long-term process. This is where employer branding helps. For SMEs and mid-sized companies, the solution approach has arrived on average, but a study by XING from 2020 (n = 600) shows that companies of size 10 to 499 employees approach the topics of employer image and branding rather superficially and make use of individual measures. However, it is encouraging that every third company at least focuses on measures to increase employer attractiveness.

How do employer branding and personnel marketing differ?

Employer branding and personnel marketing are not synonyms, but together with recruiting they form a single unit. Together, these three specialist areas pave the way to employee recruitment. 

Employer branding means employer branding. The employer brand of a company shows the strengths and special features of the organisation and is responsible for employer attractiveness.

With personnel marketing, companies define measures to reach potential applicants. The approach Interest > Inspire > Retain is followed here.

Recruiting aims at filling vacancies of a company with suitable candidates. The "fit" of the applicants to the employer brand is decisive for success in filling the vacancy.

Employer branding or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

Employer branding is just one of our specialist areas of HR services. We are a 360° HR agency and offer a range of services from employer branding, HR marketing, job multiposting, recruiting, onboarding, employee management and staff release. Sometimes the need to fill the position is so great that we take over sub-processes in the area of production, supply chain etc. with our ARTS Industrial Services. At this point, the outsourcing solution may be more effective.

All our services are interlinked and pay off in terms of your (HR) goals. If you are looking for a long-term solution that will increase your brand awareness, bind employees to you permanently and at the same time increase the reach for career content with the right target group, then the strategic positioning of your employer brand is exactly the right approach.


Do you want to ask instead of reading?

We offer our expertise in employer branding (management consultancy) and are convinced that a strong employer brand pays off in the long run. Employer branding is an underestimated area of expertise in the process of employee recruitment. But at the same time it is the piece of the puzzle for retaining employees in the long term and attracting the attention of potential applicants. Contact us at any time for a no-obligation initial consultation:

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