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5 effective methods of active sourcing to attract top talents

20/07/2023 2023/07

Why is active sourcing so important?

Finding the best talents has become a key challenge for companies. In an increasingly competitive world of work, it is crucial to proactively search for qualified candidates instead of waiting for passive applications. Active sourcing offers a number of proven methods to target and attract talented professionals. This article presents five effective active sourcing methods that help companies identify and attract top talents.

A key factor is the increasing competition for the best talent. The labor market has changed, and companies need to seek qualified professionals who are often already employed and not actively looking for jobs. Passive candidates, make up a significant portion of the labor pool. Active Sourcing allows companies to find and attract these hidden talents.

Another advantage of active sourcing is the strengthening of the employer brand. By taking a proactive approach, companies signal their strong market position and commitment to success. This not only attracts potential candidates, but also helps to increase the general awareness and attractiveness of the company.

Effective use of databases and job portals: Search professional networks and online job exchanges specifically for suitable candidates.
Tailored direct approach: Attract the attention of potential candidates.

5 Social Rectuiting Methods

Profile mining on social networks

Profile mining is probably the best known and one of the most effective social recruiting methods. In this process, recruiters search user profiles in social media, such as Linkedin and Xing, for specific qualifications and experience. Platforms such as LinkedIn offer extensive search functions that can be used to filter for keywords, skills, work experience, educational qualifications and other relevant criteria. Profile mining allows recruiters to identify potential candidates who may not be actively looking for jobs but have the desired qualifications. This method makes it possible to target talent tailored to the company's needs and expand the pool of potential applicants. The information stored in the profiles provides HR managers with an insight into the professional background, skills and interests of potential candidates.

CV database search

At first glance, CV database search does not correspond to the classic direct approach that many people think of as active sourcing, but it is another method of it. CV database search allows HR professionals to search targeted resumes on job platforms, resume databases, and even through search engines like Google. By entering specific keywords, qualifications or industries, recruiters can identify potential candidates who may not be actively looking for jobs, but have the required skills and experience. The advantage of this method is that recruiters have access to a wide range of candidate profiles that have already documented their experience and qualifications. In addition, the CV database search allows for a thorough review of candidate profiles and helps to make an informed decision on how to contact and approach potential candidates.

Talent Pool

A talent pool is a valuable resource for social recruiting. Here, candidates who have already been in contact with the company are taken into account. These can be former interns, students or applicants who did not previously meet the requirements of a position. Social recruiting in the talent pool allows HR managers to draw on existing knowledge and information to find qualified candidates for current or future positions. The talent pool also offers the opportunity to build and maintain long-term relationships with promising candidates. According to a study, 86% of major German companies see the talent pool as the best method for social recruiting.

Referral Sourcing

Referral sourcing is based on the contacts and recommendations of a company's own employees. HR managers look at the networks of their employees in order to acquire highly qualified candidates for the company. Employee-recruit-employee programs can serve as an incentive for the workforce. The advantage of this method of social recruiting is the higher level of trust. Referral sourcing enables an efficient and cost-effective approach to potential candidates and at the same time contributes to strengthening the corporate culture and employee loyalty.

Channel-specific harvesting

This method of social recruiting focuses on recruiters using a specific channel to find candidates with specific qualifications. This channel can be, for example, a job platform, a professional network or a specialized community. This method is particularly effective when it comes to highly specialized or niche-oriented positions where the search for suitable candidates requires special expertise. Channel-specific harvesting makes it possible to focus on the relevant channel and search there for candidates who meet the specific requirements. This method allows companies to efficiently use their resources and time to find qualified candidates and target their recruitment strategy.

Which social recruiting method is the right one?

Choosing the right active sourcing method depends on several factors, including your company's individual needs and goals. There is no clear-cut "right" method, as each method has its own benefits and uses. It is important to use a combination of methods that best fit your specific needs and resources. 

Social recruiting is now a staple in recruiting to attract the best talent to your organization. Nevertheless, it ties up some resources and is not feasible in every company for capacity reasons. To harness the full power of social recruiting, you can also call on the expertise of HR agencies like ARTS. Our recruiting specialists support you by using various resources. These include our network, candidate pools, social media channels and CV databases. We thoroughly search these sources to identify potential candidate :in and then present you with the appropriate materials. In addition, we can help you build your own talent pool from which you can recruit in the long term. We take care of the pre-selection of candidates and provide you with recommendations to make the process more efficient. Our team continuously supports you in active sourcing by approaching candidates and constantly expanding your applicant pool. In addition, we provide training on search algorithms and Boolean operators to further develop your active sourcing skills.

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