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Recruiting outsourcing for a more relaxed HR department

21/10/2022 2022/10

Recruiting outsourcing can be a solution for HR departments and their managers for ongoing challenges. These include managing permanent change for existing employees, building competencies and finding new employees. As if that were not enough, applicants are becoming more and more demanding and the time to hire is getting shorter. No recruiting is done without the support of competencies from marketing, IT as well as the business departments. 

Are the recruiting goals still achievable today?

The structure of the recruiting process

Over the last few years, recruiting and its requirements have changed fundamentally - not only due to technological change and the new opportunities it has created, but also due to generational change and the shortage of skilled workers. Recruiting is an important part of every HR department and requires various competencies from several departments for the entire process. The subtasks are more complex than ever: from managing the employer brand, job management, SEO strategy, the right channel or platform, to personal approach and timely excitement and retention of the applicant(s) to the company. No step should be left out to attract new professionals in these frameworks.

A professional and effective recruiting strategy is the basis for companies to remain competitive. Successful recruiting therefore means working with the tools and people to achieve the best possible results and aligning them optimally with your own needs. 

Recruiting outsourcing is a successful solution path and brings many not immediately obvious solutions for the overburdened HR managers. Provided they find the right contractor for the entire recruiting process or for parts of it, such as active sourcing.

Outsourcing recruitment processes

What are the advantages of outsourcing the recruiting process compared to handling it internally? Apart from the benefits generally associated with the outsourcing model, there are some specific advantages of recruiting outsourcing.

Advantages of Recruiting Outsourcing (RPO)

A successful outsourcing model is based on a variety of benefits that any company can take advantage of. 
The benefits include:

Time savings 

With recruiting outsourcing, the company saves time because the partner handles the entire process or parts of the recruiting process. Consequently, the company has more capacity for the core business or the HR department for the other important tasks.

Cost savings

Depending on the model, recruiting outsourcing can help companies reduce recruitment costs. On the one hand, this is achieved by reducing internal personnel costs. On the other hand, outsourcing in the recruitment process is significantly cheaper than a classic recruitment agency. Vacancy costs can also be reduced thanks to faster filling of positions.

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Every application process needs IT expertise and budget: job posting, job platform, social networks, applicant management.
Every application process needs IT expertise and budget: job posting, job platform, social networks, applicant management.

Resources and infrastructure

Every step of the process requires IT and technical expertise as well as budget: whether job advertisement, job platform, social media network, applicant management system. A recruiting agency knows the best way and has all the necessary requirements in place for you. This way you only have the costs for the process itself, but not for the entire setup of a performant recruiting department.

Therefore, recruiting outsourcing is especially suitable for companies that have no or only few resources for recruiting. 

Risk mitigation

Outsourcing recruiting processes can also reduce the risk of undesirable developments. The hiring of in-house personnel is often subjectively influenced. This can lead to mistakes and dependencies. An objective hiring process requires trustworthy partners who are able to analyze the process and correct it if necessary. In addition, recruiting agencies can independently assess the market based on their market knowledge and derive recommendations, for example, on common salaries or attractive benefits.


Recruiting outsourcing is very flexible, allowing companies to adjust the engagement and collaboration with the partner as needed. This is especially beneficial in a volatile environment, as third-party providers can adapt to changes more quickly.


An agency will focus on sourcing and make a hiring recommendation to the business and HR departments to select the optimal candidate(s). Placement commissions or relationships do not play an overriding role. In this way, the company creates as objective a candidate selection as possible. In addition, the client naturally receives all applicant information in order to suggest candidates for other departments.

Much does not help much

Companies often work with multiple staffing providers to get as many options or candidate profiles as possible. The result is a high administrative and coordination effort for the company and the suppliers. Not to mention the costs incurred when multiple service providers are involved in the recruiting outsourcing process. With a defined recruitment process, both sides save unnecessary effort. It is simply more target-oriented. 

Recruiting competencies

The skills required for recruitment are different from those required for traditional HR activities. Above all, knowledge from marketing, sales and relationship management is required. With the help of these, it is possible to prevail over the competition. Exactly these competences are possessed by recruiting agencies, which have specialized personnel in this area. 

This allows to develop further advantages over the competition, thanks to the additional knowledge of future competencies. 

Who needs recruiting outsourcing?

As mentioned above, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled workers, especially if the HR department is already working to capacity. Due to demographic change, this situation will become even more acute in the coming years. In addition to the various requirements and skills, the cost factor is particularly crucial. Both unfilled positions and the neglect of other HR activities lead to additional expenses. The time factor is crucial: the longer a position is unfilled, the more costs are incurred because tasks remain undone. The effectiveness of the entire company thus suffers. Hiring third-party recruiters through recruiting outsourcing can effectively counteract this dilemma. On the one hand through the neutral view on the applicant market, on the other hand through the increased reach and the additional vision of recruiting agencies. Accordingly, recruiting outsourcing is suitable for companies in all industries. 


HR departments are at the limits of their capacity due to the current framework conditions and the increasing complexity of tasks. Reason enough to analyze which processes still belong to classic HR work and for which you can claim recruiting outsourcing. Above all, the requirements of successful recruitment have increased drastically in recent years. The solution is a strong partner like ARTS Experts GmbH, which combines competencies from brand management, job management, SEO strategy and recruiting. A staffing rate of 90% and satisfied medium-sized and large companies as well as public clients prove that this approach works. 

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