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Extending your success

We are an industrial service provider and solve our clients’ technical and staff challenges. We always combine our technical and process expertise with technical advances. In each of our projects, we see ourselves as a long-term, creative partner, consultant and companion.

Our destination is a successful future

The fact that cars, aeroplanes, and trains are taken for granted today as normal means of transport makes them a success in the history of technology. It is hard to predict where this history is heading. Technical achievements such as autonomous driving or electric flying can only become reality if outstanding personalities work together with creativity and concentrated expertise, never losing sight of the goal and taking several steps forward.

We at ARTS are such personalities with a passion for the profession and technology. We want to actively shape the future with our high-performance services. For this reason we work every day with our Engineering, Consulting and HR Services to make technical innovations achievable for our customers.

We are ARTS!

  • We are co-creators!
  • We are a factory of ideas!
  • We are only strong when we stand together!
  • We are determined!


Extending your success

With outstanding personalities, we strive to shape a successful future with passion and high performance.


The vision of our partners is our mission.

  • We are an essential component for our partners.
  • As a first-choice partner, we serve high-tech sectors worldwide.
  • We successfully conceive & manage projects.

Our roots - 20 years of success

ARTS (Aircraft Related Technical Services) was founded in the year 2000 by Gerald Unger, who spent some of business’s early years getting his hands dirty by working on aircraft. He can still remember the first assignment: As a trained aircraft mechanic with team leader experience, he and his team were responsible for installing the cargo door as part of a freighter conversion of an Airbus A310 MRT for Lufthansa Technik. Thanks to the implementation of many ideas, the team spirit, the creativity and above all a clear goal in mind, the project was a complete success.

Inspired by this success, over the next few years, ARTS conquered the automotive, railway, aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing sectors as well as the IT and communications technology.


Better. Faster. Ahead.

Our expertise for Engineering and HR is what gives our customers the competitive advantage they need to achieve their goals: whether it takes the form of better, more sustainable, or safer products, or lowercost, faster, more modern services. As process experts along the whole industrial supply chain with over 500 employees, we support businesses from high-technology sectors all over the world.


We are ARTS

All ARTS team member ...

  • keeps the customer focus and always remains in partnership
  • acts solution-oriented and binding
  • is an expert in his field
  • works goal-oriented, efficient and transparent in a team
  • knows how to implement projects methodically correct and thinks process-oriented

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