Transformation of our aviation expertise into other high-tech sectors

ARTS was founded at the turn of the millennium and since then we can look back on an impressive success story. Initially our focus was on aviation. With Lufthansa Technik, Elbe Flugzeugwerke, Airbus and many other industry giants in the industry we were able to successfully implement projects in the HR and Engineering sector. Our extensive and detailed aviation-specific knowledge is still unique and an advantage from which high-tech companies in other industries benefit. Now we have customers from the aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, energy and IT industries and we also put these customers in the role of pioneers with our expertise.


Aerospace is our industry of origin. We have been able to implement exciting projects here for years. We are a first-choice industrial service provider for the Airbus Group - we were able to staff around 20 percent of the vacancies with our experts in 2019. In recent years, we have also achieved great things in Engineering and supported the industry in exciting new developments and prototypes.

Automotive Industry

Technologically speaking, the automotive industry is undergoing its greatest structural change since its inception. Digitization is changing production lines and, with regard to sustainability, there is a great need for development in the field of electromobility. These developments are a major challenge not only for manufacturers but also for suppliers. We support above all the medium-sized companies in the automotive industry and advise them with our expertise in the area of organizational development and are their contact for change management.

Mechanical Engineering

Some manufacturing companies still lack an idea of what Industry 4.0 and digital networking mean for them. So it is hardly surprising that they are reluctant to get involved. We support industrial companies in these challenges with our experts for Industry 4.0, whether in the form of individual new colleagues, entire teams or consulting services.


The energy industry is more than just electricity; it is a trend industry. The energy turnaround also puts Engineering science and its job profiles on a completely new level. After all, every high-tech industry has now taken sustainability as its flag. We have Engineering experts in our team who use their knowledge to advance companies in a sustainable manner, i.e. in a way that conserves energy, resources and the environment.

IT and Communication Technology

In the IT sector, we are a first choice partner, especially for HR. With our excellent recruiting expertise, we provide our customers such as Datagroup or Dresden Airport with IT project managers, IT supporters, IT development engineers, system administrators, software architects & developers and many other interesting IT experts.

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