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SWOT analysis human resources - for future-proof HR work

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By conducting an ARTS SWOT analysis of your HR department, you can increase your company's professionalism and compliance. Regardless of whether you are just in the process of building up your HR department and growing from a start-up to a scale-up, are already a medium-sized company with an established HR department or HR manager, or whether your department alone deals with HR issues - our HR Health Check is the optimal solution for you. It enables you to future-proof your HR work and thus the entire company.

Just as you regularly go for medical check-ups and have your own health checked, it makes sense to put your company and your HR system to the test. Our "SWOT Analysis Human Resources - ARTS Check Up", which we offer as part of our HR consulting services, gives you the opportunity to easily review the orientation and processes of your HR department. By answering an individually adapted online questionnaire, the analysis of your HR documents by our HR consultants and at least one joint appointment, we can delve into your HR world to varying depths, depending on the specific package, and carry out an HR check-up.

In doing so, we examine whether your company maintains compliance in all relevant points, where there is potential for further professionalisation, and which further possible steps will make your HR work even more future-proof. By identifying opportunities for improvement at an early stage, we can prevent critical conditions and promote the success of your company in the long term.

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Possible results of our ARTS SWOT analysis Human Resources

Achieve Compliance

Using best practices, we evaluate your compliance of legal requirements, identify possible gaps, review personnel documents, and provide you with HR templates.

Analysis Human Resources

Increase of professionalism

Depending on organizational maturity, HR must professionalize accordingly. We assess whether your personnel processes and structures need to be raised to the next level.

SWOT Analysis HR

Securing the future

Do the company's goals fit with your current HR system? We identify unresolved issues that will prevent your current HR department from ensuring your company's success in the future.

SWOT HR Analysis

Our Service Packages



3.900 €

plus VAT



plus VAT



plus VAT

Reviewing all HR documents for completeness (contracts, documents, guidelines, etc.)
Provision of standard letters and templates for forms, certificates etc.
Checking for compliance with legal provisions such as AGG, labour law legislation, BEM etc.
Findings report in 3 steps from the document analysis
Preparation and presentation of the results
Analysis of HR process economy 
Reviewing HR tools for practicability 
Comprehensive SWOT report with recommendations for action 
Identifying longer-term and immediate needs for action 
Analysis of current HR strategy for fit with corporate goals and recommendations for a sustainable HR strategy  
HR organisational model: structures and distribution of activities within the HR department  
Check existing competences of the HR team and identify qualification needs  
Analysis of a possible existing competence model for your company  
Add on: Implementation support (e.g. revision of your contracts and policies based on best practices, process optimisations, joint development of the HR strategy)upon requestupon requestupon request
Add on: comprehensive recommendations for action with regard to company-wide human resources or competence development.upon requestupon requestupon request
Add on: Creation of employee handbookupon requestupon requestupon request

Benefits of our SWOT Analysis Human Resources

Full Service HR Agency

General overview

Even with a generalist approach, HR functions do not give equal attention to all matters. We systematically check where hidden weaknesses lie.

Time Saving

Little work required

The SWOT analysis Human Resources is carried out by our experts, you only have to provide the information and answer our questions in a short question and answer session.

HR Compliance

After our SWOT analysis Human Resources, you know your homework to achieve HR Compliance or have the certainty that you already fulfil it - even as a non-HR expert.

Analysis & implementation

As a 360° full service HR agency, we can also tackle all the recommended actions we suggest together with you. We are happy to let you benefit from our numerous best practices.

Employer Branding

Employee satisfaction

Uniform HR processes, regulations and strategies lead to increased employee satisfaction in the long term, because employees feel well advised and represented by internal HR.

Achieving goals

Well-structured and, above all, future-proof human resources enable your company to fully exploit its own potential and to achieve its corporate goals on time.


You are doing human resources "on the side" and would like to know if you are doing everything right?

SWOT Analysis Human Resources Compliance

With our SWOT Analysis Human Resources Compliance package, we provide you with guidance on which processes are already running cleanly and where you can upgrade with little effort in order to be well positioned. 

  • Audit of personnel documents
  • Checking compliance with legal requirements
  • Provision of templates
  • Findings report
  • Presentation of results

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Are you wondering how professional your HR structures and processes are?

SWOT Analysis Human Resources Professionalism

With the help of our SWOT Analysis Human Resources Professionalism, you will know how much HR you really need today and during your next entrepreneurial steps. You will receive answers to the following points, among others:

  • Adaptation of employee-oriented HR work to the current size of the company
  • Starting points for more routine and efficiency in the HR area
  • Review of the candidate and employee journey
  • List of processes in HR with regard to their viability for further organisational upscaling
  • Overview of helpful and superfluous tools in HR

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Are you wondering if your HR work is building a healthy foundation for future success?

SWOT Analysis Human Resources Future

Our SWOT Analysis Human Resources Future package enables companies to independently evaluate their own personnel work.

We check whether your structures and processes in staff recruitment, staff support and staff development are in line with your corporate values and goals. In this way, you can offer your employees the benefits of a mature company without having to sacrifice lean and service-oriented HR work. 

  • Review of previous HR strategy versus corporate goals
  • Check of the entire HR organisation with regard to structures and distribution of activities
  • Check of your HR team with regard to competences and qualification needs
  • Analysis of your competence model

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CASE STUDY: ARTS SWOT Analysis Human Resources for Clearlight Infrarotkabinen

The medium-sized company Clearlight Infrarotkabinen has grown rapidly in recent years, and the company structures needed to adapt to this new situation.
The employee management as well as the operational and strategic HR work were carried out by the general management.


In order to be able to guarantee security and stability for the management as well as for the employees regarding HR, Clearlight wanted an external partner to check whether the company was compliant and healthy in its HR activities.


ARTS was able to support Clearlight's management with the necessary detailed HR expertise. With our SWOT analysis Human Resources Compliance, we analysed the current situation. Subsequently, a detailed reporting was prepared, which contained suitable recommendations for action including their prioritisation to achieve the objectives.


Clearlight commissioned us with the implementation of selected topics. Upon request, we also created an employee handbook for the client.

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Frequently asked questions about the ARTS SWOT Analysis Human Resources

How much work is a SWOT analysis human resources for me and my staff?

You answer an online questionnaire individually adapted to your analysis focus and provide us with the necessary HR sample documents. Afterwards, a short meeting takes place to clarify any details or open questions, otherwise your time is limited to the approx. 3-hour evaluation meeting with us.

How is the SWOT analysis conducted at ARTS?

  1. As part of our HR SWOT analysis, we send out an online questionnaire on HR processes, content and strategic orientation. This serves as the basis for the kick-off.
  2. The next step is our kick-off (half-day remote with two consultants), in which detailed questions from the questionnaire are discussed and an initial overview of the documents to be reviewed is provided. Topics can be prioritised for the next steps.
  3. This is followed by an analysis of the documents, processes, tools etc. provided.
  4. As a result of the analysis, we produce a comprehensive report containing the SWOT analysis for HR and recommendations for future HR work.
  5. We present these results in detail in a presentation.
  6. Following the analysis, we are happy to support you in prioritising the identified risks and fields of action and solving them as a 360° HR service provider.

What can I expect from the result of the SWOT analysis Human Resources?

Each of our SWOT analysis human resources packages contains a detailed elaboration of the recorded and requested information as well as recommendations for action. In addition, the results can be processed and used in your company's intranet or in an employee handbook for further use.

For which organization is the SWOT analysis personnel suitable?

Our SWOT analysis personnel is a tool that can be extremely useful for companies of any size from large to small, including start-ups, mid-sized companies and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

How do I know what level of SWOT analysis human resources I need?

Depending on your company's situation and your specific HR challenges, we offer various solutions. Those who first want to make sure that their own HR work is "watertight" will get a good overview with the Compliance package. Those who have the impression that their current processes could run better or more elegantly can benefit from the Professionalism package. The basis for a close integration of personnel processes with the corporate strategy is laid by the Future Package. We are happy to learn more about your individual starting position in a non-binding discussion and to support you in choosing the right package!


What can be done after the SWOT analysis of Human Resources?

Various recommendations for action may be derived from the results obtained. As a 360° HR agency, we can accompany you in all topics of the employee life cycle as well as the strategic and process-related challenges. Be it in employer branding, HR marketing, recruiting, HR services or HR development. We accompany you through the HR jungle or can also provide you with experts as interim support or capacity expansion.

What is not included in the SWOT Analysis Human Resources?

The SWOT Analysis Human Resources is not a full-scale transformation and redesign of your HR work or legal advice, but serves as an initial stocktaking for the HR area. The recommendations for action it contains enable you to decide on your next steps towards more compliance, professionalisation or securing your future. A detailed elaboration of individual solutions can then be carried out by your HR team or by our experts.


Would you like to discover the full potential of your HR work with our HR SWOT analysis?

Our SWOT Analysis HR packages give you valuable insights into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your HR work. Our HR consultants analyse your existing processes and documents so that you can make the right decisions. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer or an initial consultation.

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