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Free Quick HR Fit Check

Our simple survey allows you to quickly and effectively evaluate your HR operations. By answering just 5 questions, you will receive brief written feedback on the current status quo of your HR department. This feedback provides you with valuable insight and guidance to optimize your HR practices and meet the needs of your employees. Use this opportunity to review your HR strategy and identify potential improvements.

If you want to know more about our detailed check-up, you can find the info here: comprehensive HR check-up.

When was the last revision of your HR processes?

There are many different tasks involved in HR work. Is HR the point of contact for everything at your company?

How often have you looked up something quickly in a document in the HR department lately? And how often did you still need another document for the answer?

What is your approach to ensuring a satisfied, competent and diverse workforce in times of skills shortages and labor market upheaval?

Describe your HR work with 3 hashtags!

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