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ARTS - Your Executive Search Agency

With our 360° HR portfolio, we offer all the advantages of an executive search agency and additionally provide you with a view outside traditional headhunting.

Efficient recruitment processes give you the decisive competitive edge. Due to our extensive recruiting experience, our experts can support you in your personnel search. In this way, we as executive search agency ensure that you can fill your key positions quickly.


Success through executive searching

Satisfied Customers

How does ARTS work as an executive searcher?

You tell us which candidate you need and we, as an executive search agency operating on the market for more than 20 years, show you where and how we will find your future employee. Our advice is always trustworthy, transparent and aligned with your expectations.

  • Step 1: If required, we work for you in secret to maintain stability in your company, i.e. not in a public way. 
  • Step 2: We create your target group-specific job requisition and publish it on all suitable platforms. 
  • Step 3: We actively enter the candidate market and approach your potential employee directly.
  • Step 4: We select application documents, take over all administrative steps and conduct pre-interviews to find out the basic fit with your organization.
  • Step 5: As your executive searchers, we accompany the interview, make hiring recommendations and prepare all contractual documents.
  • Step 6: We accompany you and the employee until onboarding.


Our areas of expertise

Career Levels:

  • Professional / Experienced
  • Manager:s
  • Executive
  • Senior Executive


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Aviation
  • Automotive industry
  • IT industry
  • Infrastructure

Executive Search Agency ARTS – Your Benefits

  • We create the specific requirement profile for your vacancy.
  • Through developed search algorithms, we find the needle in the haystack for you. 
  • We take over the professional selection of the applicants and check the personal fit to your company.
  • By asking the right questions during the interview, we find the perfect employee for you.
  • We plan and design a professional assessment center so that you can get to know your candidates properly.
  • We ensure that all those not hired receive an appreciative rejection and keep your positive employer brand upright.




What solutions do we offer for executive search?

What solutions do we offer for executive search?

#Short-term solutions:

Do you already have a fully defined job specification or do you know the right candidate? We will use this information to start the search immediately.

Contact us


#medium-term solutions:

Together with you, we design the job requirement and work out its benefits. After that, we go on the search for your future employee.

Contact us

#long-term solutions:

Together with you, we analyse your personnel structure, create a competence matrix and design the required job advertisement(s). Then we search for your perfect match.

Contact us

We support esveo GmbH as an executive search agency

We often find with our clients that vacancies are advertised on their career pages for months without success. Even if these vacancies are not a top priority, it makes sense to bring an executive search agency on board to take over the search by means of job optimisation and headhuntig in the target group. After all, unfilled positions can be a critical cost factor. Together with esveo GmbH, we work together as headhunters in the IT sector on a basis of trust in order to avoid precisely these costs.


We were looking for a (junior) full-stack developer in Dresden, who is or would like to work mainly with new technologies like react, angular, Node.js, GraphQL and TypeScript. Since it is a relatively small team, they were looking for someone who knows and loves the start-up character and working in small structures with flat hierarchies. The technical expertise was not at all decisive, but rather esveo was looking for a technically very enthusiastic employee who fits the employer image and who has a good understanding of IT.


We optimized the customer's job posting with regard to search engine-relevant aspects and advertised it via multiposting on selected channels in line with the target group. For IT jobs, it has become indispensable to address candidates directly by means of active sourcing. To do this, we used candidate networks that matched the target group. We had a very close and cooperative exchange with esveo. After an intensive discussion about the profile, as well as a pre-interview by telephone with the applicants, we went into the jointly conducted interviews with esveo.


Due to the cooperative and very transparent collaboration, the team constellations and the employer image of esveo were quickly clear to us. This knowledge enabled us to find the perfect employee for the company after only a short time.


What our customers say

ARTS takes over a large part of the recruitment process for us. They advertise the jobs, actively search for candidates and filter out those who best fit the position. This allows us to continue to focus on the project business without neglecting recruitment.

Andreas Roth
Dev Lead & Trainer, esveo GmbH


Frequently asked questions about headhunting and executive search at a glance

How does executive searching differ from other forms of recruiting?

In terms of qualitative work, we make no distinctions. As an executive searcher, however, we like to work inconspicuously and go directly into the candidate market even without a published job advertisement in order to attract suitable applicants for you. 

What is the difference between headhunting and executive search?

Within the framework of our executive search for specialists and managers, you have exclusive rights to the candidates presented.

How is it ensured that competitors do not become aware of my recruitment?

On the one hand, we publish your job without naming your company, and on the other hand, we do not inform potential candidates about the company until an interview has taken place.

Headhunting or another service from ARTS? What do I really need?

We should clarify the following questions together to make this decision together:

  • Do you covertly want better candidate access to other industries?
  • Do you lack access to a specialist and intermediary market?
  • What expertise or process step were you lacking in your recruitment that is holding you back?


Do you have questions about executive search with ARTS?

Do you have questions about executive search in general or about our work as an executive search agency? Contact us for a non-binding conversation or a detailed offer.

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