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ARTS - Organizational Consulting

Just as dynamic as the markets, organizations today and in the future may react to the so-called VUKA world. The ability of an organization to change and innovate is one of the most important factors for entrepreneurial success today. We integrate individually tailored and therefore suitable systems of the new working world for your company. All measures are guided by your corporate goals and your employees. Our goal is to enable and promote a sustainable flexibilization at your company by continuously building up knowledge.

Success through organizational consulting with ARTS

Satisfied customers and partners


ARTS Organizational Consulting - Companies benefit from this project process:

Shaping future viability together - Our fast-moving, complex world demands a flexible willingness to change. With individual analyses and targeted communication, we enable new strategies, new working environments and sustainable transformation.

  • Step 1: Analysis phase and derivation of individual change requirements 
    Step 2: Formulation of goals and definition of a state of success
    Step 2a: For larger projects: Strategy development to map the situation-specific project architecture and a pilot project strand to initiate the change process 
    Step 3: Implementation of workshops, team coaching sessions or individual coaching sessions
    Step 3a: If necessary, start of a preparatory phase with pilot team or direct start in workshop and first implementation phase incl. individual training topics (e.g. non-violent communication or remote work champion)
    Step 3b: Upstream or parallel support of managers as important change multipliers and change advocates
    Step 4: Final evaluation and debriefing with all project participants

Organizational consulting with ARTS - Your advantages

  • We advise you on the most effective way to meet your needs in the recruiting process. 
  • We advise you on the different forms of contracts.
  • Through us you will find the most cost-effective solution for you. 
  • You can concentrate on your core tasks.

Coaching and systemic organizational consulting

  • Experienced coaches and systemic organizational consultants are at your side at all times.
  • We give impulses. The experts in your organization and in your industry are you.
  • Our consulting methods are based on your needs and implementation possibilities. So there is no one-size-fits-all approach.
  • We act both on-site and online at all times with the appropriate sensitivity.

Project and process management

  • Through our years of accompanying complex projects, we also map your change process with the help of agile project methods.
  • Structures and processes are just as much a part of our systemic approach as all acting or affected stakeholders.
  • With our goal-oriented strategy development, we shorten your path to a new work design towards the digitalization of your organization.

What solutions do we offer in the area of

organizational consulting?

What solutions do we offer in the area of organizational consulting?

#Short-term solutions:

With the help of our workshops, training or individual coaching we support your strategy development in topics such as self-organization, remote work or remote teamwork as well as leadership over distance.

#medium-term solutions:

By working out your need for change and deriving a situation-specific framework for action, we pave the way for your future.

#long-term solutions:

We combine various instruments in a holistic process, from coaching to process consulting to the development of your digitalization strategy and a new work design.


White paper: Remote Teamwork Guide

Download white paper

White paper: Remote Work Guide

Download white paper

Process consulting for Saxon automotive supplier

Our client managed various upheavals caused by changing owners and company forms. In the last reorganization, our customer became a GmbH (limited liability company) again and took over tasks that had been centrally outsourced to the group independently. A certification of this GmbH was pending, since in the automotive sector a corresponding audit is required. In order to process this requirement in a timely manner, existing process descriptions were used and in part taken over 1:1 from the group processes. Later, the customer discovered that the processes developed and lived in parallel were different. The resulting difficulties in the form of unclear responsibilities and process flows that could not be represented also led to other inefficiencies. Individual areas were given tasks that did not originally belong there. This resulted in overloaded structures and participants in individual places.


The analysis of the inefficiencies, the ambiguities in the process landscape, the interface errors was a first starting point. The goal was to regain clarity, sharpen responsibility and structure. 


Via the analysis of process documentation, interviews and the implementation of the RASIC method, the goals were achieved. 


Overall, all inefficiencies in the core processes could be clarified and provided with new responsibilities. The understanding of individual roles in the respective processes was established in the management circle and passed on to the teams.

Customer quotes

"As a management consultant, I chose coaching at ARTS to benefit from their many years of expertise in the areas of digitalization and change management. After all, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel yourself; you can simply learn from the best. What particularly impressed me was that you can sense the customer orientation, innovative strength and expertise of the ARTS employees from the very first moment. The coaching was not only of great benefit for the processes in my own company. I also got some important impulses for my own consulting performance towards my customers, which I implement every day in my work. Many thanks to the ARTS team"

Tina Bolduan, Management, strategy4future


Frequently asked questions about organizational consulting at a glance

Internal versus external organizational consulting - when and why do I consult outside experts?

Changes or adjustments in the organisation, no matter what size, have an effect on your employees, as the boss, the managers or the CEO. Internally, experiences exist regarding certain reactions. At the same time, blind spots develop over the years that are overlooked. External support is the way for you to uncover these things and not only encounter challenges again in the next phase. With our expertise, we bring to light exactly those things that are important for the success of the adaptation. In our strategy consultation on how to proceed, we show you the role we can play for you. Every well-functioning project needs a project manager who creates free space for you to do other things and at the same time keeps you involved in the process as a crucial component. 

What is systemic organizational consulting? And what benefits does it bring to my organization?

In systemic organisational counselling, it is assumed that challenges cannot be solved by working on a symptom or turning a set screw. It is an interplay of different elements that make up the system. Therefore, a holistic approach is taken in systemic organisational consulting. This approach looks at structures, processes, principles and the employees working within them as a system. Replacing an employee may not be the only solution to the challenge, but it may be a measure. The holistic approach has the advantage for you that we do not only examine one element more closely, but also reveal the possible connections, which additionally serve to develop a solution strategy.

How do the ARTS consulting projects Change Management, Organizational Consulting and Organization of the Future differ?

In our transformation projects, we make a distinction in complexity or intervention in your organization and the time frame your topic takes. With our non-binding initial meeting, we clarify these framework conditions and address the appropriate approach to your challenge. In organizational consulting projects, there is often overlap with a change project. This depends, as described, on the complexity. 

In our process steps we have mapped this constellation between organizational consulting, change management and organization of the future.

 Organisational consultingChange ManagementOrganisation of the future
Transformation understandingFirst specific starting pointEvolutionary change with a specific thematic focusHolistic evolutionary change of the organization
ScopePartial, delimitable subject areaOrganization-wide
Project implementationBoth classic and agile project management
Recommended to be carried out in the form of agile project management
TargetOptimization or redesign, e.g., in terms of efficiency or effectiveness in a specific area or process.Overarching change in a component of work design with a change in work cultureTransformation towards a future-oriented form of organization



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