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Jobs as Controller in Munich at ARTS

Job description of Controller in Munich

Munich is not only a city with a highly rated quality of life, but the greater Munich area is also one of the strongest economic regions in Germany. Find an attractive job as a controller in Munich and the surrounding area. Numerous ARTS clients offer a Controller:in job in Munich. Apply now!

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Controller jobs: Munich offers perfect opportunities

The economic structure in Munich is often described as almost unique in Germany because, from tech giants to traditional medium-sized companies to ambitious start-ups, companies of the most diverse types and sizes have settled here and not only coexist but even benefit from each other. This stability and variety makes the region around Munich an extremely attractive place to work.

Possible applications

By definition, controllers deal with the planning, management and control of corporate processes, with a clear focus on profitability and efficiency. A distinction is made between two types of controlling: operational, with a focus on processes and everyday work, and strategic, i.e. the positioning of the company on the market, taking into account current and future developments.  


ARTS controllers work for us and our customers in Munich in exciting, locally strong industries such as aerospace or the processing and packaging food industry. Among other things, they are responsible for the sub-areas of planning, forecasting and monthly and annual financial statements assigned to them.

ARTS controller jobs in Munich also offer numerous other tasks: For example, controllers are responsible for preparing margin analyses at customer, product group or location level. They also work in the area of pricing, defining and documenting prices in close coordination with the finance department or serving as a sparring partner for the sales department and evaluating business cases. Another important task is to ensure transparency about the activities of the sales divisions, for example through standard reports or meaningful ad hoc analyses. Finally, they are also involved when existing controlling processes are redesigned to improve the company's own processes.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for a controller job in Munich with ARTS or one of our clients:

  • Completed studies in business administration (ideally with a focus on controlling) or a comparable field of study
  • Several years of professional experience in controlling
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Power BI and ERP systems
  • Experience with macs software as well as with MS Dynamics Navision would be an advantage
  • Structured and analytical way of working


topics covered by the further training to become a controller

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