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HR Administrator or HR Officer in Berlin at ARTS

Job description HR Administrator or HR Officer in Berlin

Good people skills and empathy are an advantage in Berlin, with its mass of inhabitants and varied work and leisure opportunities in many areas. If you have these qualities, you already possess important core competencies for personnel officers. Find your job as a personnel officer in Berlin with us, whether as a personnel officer, HR manager or personnel officer in the upper echelons of the civil service. Apply now!

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Your new Job in Berlin as HR Administrator or HR Officer

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Start as a personnel administrator or personnel officer in Berlin

After German reunification, Berlin underwent a major transformation as a business location and now has one of the strongest city economies in Europe with a select service sector, highly specialised industry and a pronounced start-up scene. This makes the city one of the most attractive regions in Germany for employees, with high diversity in job offers and numerous opportunities for personal development.

Your new job as a HR officer in Berlin - job opportunities

Personnel administrators and personnel officers, often referred to as human resource managers or HR managers, take on a central task in a company with their job, because they are in daily contact with the employees. Their central tasks include, for example, maintaining personnel data, drawing up contracts and accounts, and participating in job interviews.


ARTS personnel administrators and ARTS personnel officers work for us and our Berlin partners in many technical industries, including the aerospace industry. They are the central contact persons for all administrative personnel matters within the human resources department of their companies. For example, they prepare the payroll report to the payroll department and maintain critical data such as holiday days, sick leave and other absences. In addition, HR managers in Berlin take on tasks typical of personnel administrators, such as processing personnel-related mail, including mail from health insurance companies and government offices.

HR administrators and personnel officers at ARTS are also involved in applicant management. Here they create and maintain master data and ensure a smooth onboarding process. Beforehand, they support applicant management and monitor compliance with deadlines and schedules. If the application is successful, they also take over the preparation of the required documents and certificates.

When capacities are free, Human Resources Managers in Berlin, just as in other cities, optionally support other departments, such as the switchboard or the company representative in the secretariat.


Are you interested in one of our job offers? You should have the following qualifications for a job as a Human Resources Manager in Berlin with ARTS or one of our clients:

  • Completed vocational training or further training as a personnel administrator or similar with several years of proven professional experience.
  • Sound experience in payroll reporting and personnel administration
  • Proficient in MS Office and a good technical understanding
  • Very good knowledge of German and English
  • Solution-oriented team player with a friendly and personable manner


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