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Job as machine operator or machinist at ARTS

Job as machine operator or machinist with ARTS

Whether it's a car, a household appliance or a high-tech custom-made product - as qualified specialists, machine operators and machine operators ensure that all processes in the production halls run smoothly. Are you looking for a new job as a machine operator? ARTS offers numerous job opportunities as a machine operator or machine operator.

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Your new job as as machine operator or machinist

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Start as a machine guide or machine operator at ARTS

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Wherever industrial machines are used, machine operators take responsibility for their proper operation. They accompany the machines throughout their entire life cycle - from commissioning and day-to-day operation to set-up, changeover and decommissioning. They plan operations, ensure proper implementation of production planning, and take charge of maintenance and repair as well as quality control.

The occupation of machine operator is a recognized training occupation. The term machine operator is used both as a synonymous term and as a job title for an assistant to the machine operator. Due to the high diversity of industries and the associated number of different machines, machine operators already choose a technical specialization during the two-year basic training, for example metal and plastics technology. After successful completion, the training can optionally be extended by one or two additional years with a further specialization.

In their jobs, machine operators are responsible for one or more complex production machines and should accordingly have a high level of attention, skill and great care. An affinity for mathematical-physical topics and an interest in technology are also advantageous. 


Machine operators and machinists with ARTS work in production departments in the manufacturing industry, aerospace technology and metalworking companies. 

A central task of ARTS machine operators is to monitor and operate the machinery and equipment. This includes setting up the machines and equipment, operating them during operation, regular maintenance, and documenting all process-relevant data. They also ensure compliance with quality requirements for the parts produced. In the event of a malfunction, they perform the initial diagnosis, and they rectify minor malfunctions independently. 

In addition, machine operators and operators are actively involved in the further development of existing production processes.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for a job as a machine operator or machine operator at ARTS or one of our customers:

  • Successfully completed technical or manual vocational training, e.g. as a plant operator or mechanic.
  • First work experience in the industrial sector as well as a good technical understanding
  • Good knowledge of German
  • Open-mindedness towards technical innovations
  • Commitment and willingness to work shifts


 companies in industry 2019.

5.7 mio.

employees in industry in 2019.

2.2 mio.

members of the IG Metall trade union.


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