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Machining mechanic in Hamburg at ARTS

Jobs as Machining Mechanic in Hamburg at ARTS

Hamburg is one of the most culturally diverse German cities. In addition to a high quality of life, the city also offers numerous jobs in industry, as numerous companies have settled in the city and the surrounding area and are always on the lookout for qualified employees. Are you looking for a new job as a cutting machine operator in Hamburg? ARTS offers numerous job opportunities for cutting machine operators in Hamburg. Apply now!

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Your new job as machining mechanic in Hamburg

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Start at ARTS as a cutting machine operator - Hamburg offers the best opportunities

A central economic factor in the city of Hamburg is the seaport, which is one of the most important ports in the world. The raw materials industry, shipbuilding and aviation companies as well as numerous other companies from the food industry, manufacturing or high-tech sectors such as medical technology have settled around this logistical hub, creating an attractive industrial landscape.

Job opportunities

Machinist is one of the recognised training occupations in Germany and has a training duration of three and a half years. There, trainees learn everything about machining production techniques, such as turning or milling, and how to operate modern CNC processing machines. Later, they handle production orders independently, including work preparation, monitoring of production processes as well as documentation and reworking. In addition to mathematical and technical skills, cutting machine operators in Hamburg as well as in other locations need sufficient dexterity and a careful way of working, as a high degree of precision is indispensable in manufacturing.


ARTS cutting machine operators in Hamburg work for us and our customers in the aerospace industry, port technology or in one of the many other metalworking industries.

The main tasks of ARTS cutting machine operators include the manufacture of a wide variety of components by turning and milling. Depending on the company and the product, a wide variety of metals are machined, such as bronze, aluminium and steel, whose material-specific properties must be taken into account in all work steps. In the run-up to the work, the orders and the corresponding technical drawings are first examined. After appropriate preparation based on the drawings, construction documents, samples and the work order, the machining is carried out, usually in single or small series production. After completion, Hamburg ARTS machinists carry out proper documentation of all work.


Are you interested in one of our job advertisements? You should have the following requirements for a job as a cutting machine operator in Hamburg with ARTS or one of our local customers:

  • Completed training as a cutting machine operator, alternatively in another metalworking occupational field with job-relevant experience.
  • Basic knowledge of turning and milling as well as machining in general
  • Good German and first English skills
  • Willingness to work shifts
  • Team player


years of education

7,4 bil.

Euros annual turnover in the metal industry in Hamburg


companies with minimum 20 employees in the Hamburg industry


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